Thursday, 31 December 2009


Omg, omg, OMG!

New years is here, people of world! It's still New years eve for me, still have another half an hour left till the fireworks start. I feel rather hmm-ish about the new years. While everyone is out PARTYING till the new day starts, my family at home cleaning. We renovating? To have a toilet bowl down stairs, so my house is super the dusty.

Personally, I thought 09' is/was an awesome year. I couldn't change it even if I could. I wanted to say, one of the BEST I had but I won't. Every year will be awesome. :D The power of positivity is just purely crazy. Every year, I'm sure to do something embarrassing lah, nothing to stop stupidity. I will remain positive.

I don't really want to welcome 2010 actually.. I read my horoscope and it said like the start of the year is hard? I was like 'NOOOOO!' Then there's the part where I have to officially start my year as a Form 4! It's gonna be a bloody crazy year ahead. It's gonna be hectic, to say the least. 09' was so laid back, especially the end of PMR. So many people ponteng school.

Anyways, I am gonna write New Years resolution!
  1. I'll be a better person.
  2. I'll study better and ACTUALLY maintain my grades.
  3. I will LOSE WEIGHT! [I will battle those damn urges.]
  4. I won't be so mean to my sister. Lol. =X
  5. Stop being soooo bitchy at times.
I will add more when I see nice ones. ;p

2010 is the start of a new decade! New decade = New unimaginable possibilities!

To all the people out there, SEIZE the chance! Don't waiitt! Normally most chances go and never come back. It isn't wrong to be calculative at this point. Everyone knows this lah. Have an awesome year everyone and many more to come! <3 Wish me luck. ;p


Wednesday, 30 December 2009


- You -

First Name :ONG
Nickname : ERRRRR, charlie? Cy?
Name you wish you had : I'm quite happy with my name, so never really thought about it.
What do people normally mistake your name for : People only mistaken my Chinese name.
Birthday : 14/12/1994
Birthplace : There's some restaurants named after my home town. :)
Time of Birth : HAH! 11 something, close to midnight.
Single or taken : What do you think? Lol.
Zodiac sign : sagittarius

- Your Appearance -

How tall are you : 165?
Wish you were taller : YESSSH! I not tall enough. ==
Eye colour : Dark brown/black
Eye colour you want : Light brown or greeeen!
Natural Hair color : black/brown
Current Hair color : black /brown
Short or long hair : Long?
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color : I never had the chance.
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair : Too lazy to.
Glasses or contacts : Glasses, aren't allowed contacts. ==
Do you wear make-up : Oh, when I was 10 and playing with my friend's mom make up
Ever had hair extensions : Jeanne scared me, so no. Lol.
Paint your nails : Of course.

- In the Opposite Gender -

What color eyes : Brown?
What color hair : black
Shy or Outgoing : ?
Looks or personality : PERSONALITY! Looks better than average can already. ;p
Sexy or Cute : You shouldn't use those words for men! Lol.
Serious or Fun : Both. :)
Older or Younger than you : Older? Not too much difference can already.
A turn on : Can ride roller coaster/rides with me!! Lol. Tons of nice t-shirt and awesome guy. :D
A turn off : Dirty? Lol.

- This or That -

Flowers or Chocolates : Both would be nice. :)
Pepsi or Coke : Kickapoo
Rap or Rock : Rock?
Relationship or One-night stand : relationship lah
School or Work : school
Love or Money : money? Lol. Both is important no?
Movies or Music : MOVIES! Hands down!
Country or City : CITY.
Sunny or Rainy days : Rain would be nice if it didn't make my dogs stinky.
Friends or Family : Both lah...

- Have You Ever -

Lied : I ain't no saint.
Stole something : I don't think I have, if I did then it would be when I was young?
smoked : Nope, tend not to fall into the hands of temptation. Food is an exception.
Hurt someone close to you : Probably just my parents. :(
Broke someone's heart : HAHAHA. Me? Cute question. No lah.
Had your heart broken : Nope.
Wondered what was wrong with you : I am who I am.
Wish you were a prince / princess : Don't princesses lead a sucky life?
Liked someone who was taken : Nope.
Shaved your head : I'm not confident enough to.
Used chopsticks : I eat a lot of noodles in my life.
Sang in the mirror to yourself : I'm not a narcissist lah.

- Favourites -

Flower : I don't know much about flowers.
Candy : Tons.
Movie : Lord of the ringss!
Singer : Tons.
Junk food : Tons.
Website : I go blog hopping
Location : Cities.
Animal : Dunno.
Ever cried over someone : What kind of situations do you mean?
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself : My fat fat lower body.
Do you think you're attractive : You're blind if you think I was. Lol.
If you had to choose a fairy tale as your life what would you choose : Everyone uses Cinderella.
Do you play any sports : I walk. :D

- The Rules -

Link to your taggers and post these rules.
List eight random facts about yourself.

- Eight Random Facts -

1) I'm fat.
2) I fight with my hunger pangs but normally lose. Lol.
3) I finally understood what studying really mean when we were in PMR week.
4) I want a FREAKING scholarship!
5) I have back problems, my spineee!
6) I wanna traveeel the WORLDDD!
7) I have to improve my behavior.
8) I wanna be successful, but who doesn't? ;D
9) I dunno what I want to do in life. :( But BUT! I will SUCCEED! Must think positive. Lol.

Tag is from Li yen's blog.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009


I'm more of a comfort before beauty kind of girl.

So, I don't exactly look awesome. Lol.

I'm currently wearing baggy clothes from top to bottom. Big loose red shirt and sky blue sweatpants? Lol. My normal everyday attire. ;p

Monday, 28 December 2009

I don't know what to blog about decided to blog about Daisy. She is one helluva smart dog I tell you, an escape artist. It runs in her blood line, her mom could escape from her cage. Then there was once, where we had them wear the normal collar? She bit them off and went on a running spree. =.=


She's doing 'PAW'

She's so fat.

Unfortunately, we're giving her away. We're still unable to find a taker. One of the many reasons for her adoption is, our house compound isn't so large. So, she deserves better. Second, they bark like mad when I take just one for a walk. Third, I'm a sucky owner lah. She damn scary when she's high. NO JOKE. She all jumpy and siao. Lol.

School is starting next weeeeek. :( How time passes.

save mee!

I show you a normal daily routine for my sister's dog, Teena.

Don't be deceived by her cute looks! She very piggish.

Ello? Anyone there?

The life of a tiny dog. My sister loves her a wee bit too much some times. Normally, anyone of the family except my sister will rescue her. Teena is super blur I tell you, you throw the food on the floor, she won't even know until you point it out. Too excited. Secret trick is to put her on your lap and she'll just naturally freeze. ;p

Saturday, 26 December 2009

seriously 2

Then the parents will turn of the Ultraman programme. They will also claim that Ultraman needs sleep and the child should sleep too. The child will nonetheless continue crying because the parents turned off the tv and carried the child up to bed.

I just bought this Ultraman for my sister for RM5 at Ampang Point.

Please do excuse the ugly Chia yee and focus on Ultraman. Of all things, she go and pick Ultraman. See a child's devotion. Lol.


Seriously, why are kids so fascinated by Ultraman? I really don't understand. It's just this dude running around with the costume and jumping/ falling and standing up again, fighting monsters. Then the thing is, he keeps winning! I mean the villains should win too mah, so won't be so predictable. I have to give the actors a thumbs up though, the suit must have been flippin' hot. 0__0

But..If you ever insult Pokemon, I whack you up. =)

If you dunno this pose, then you're just weird.

Ps, school is starting soon but I haven't bought my books or passed the fees yet. Then am I gonna be a prefect? 0__0

Merry Christmas!

I know I'm slightly late on the wishing but it's the thought that counts!

Chia yeeee!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

My PMR results

Well. I just got back my PMR results.

Mood? Bored, suicidal and crap.

I bet you're staring at the word suicidal and going 'wth?' No? Nah, not really suicidal, just thinking about the philosophy of life and such. What am I saying? I have completely no idea actually. I just very not my self now. Some times, I really hate myself. Seriously. Why was I born? What the Fcuk am I suppose to do with my life? Good people normally meet up with misfortune. That's rather unfortunate in my opinion. Now I'm pissed off with myself for being so childish, I get influenced so easily.

Anyways, you guys must be wondering how I did with my PMR right?

I got 5As and 2Bs.

I dunno if that is consider good or bad. I could have gotten better grades...but I didn't. I should have put in more effort but I was lazying around. So, this is called regret ey? How bitter it tastes. It actually motivates me even more now. My next goal is gonna be SPM now. I'm far too spoil and have to seriously step up my game if I want to be recognized.

On a lighter note.
I need to get myself a pair of sneakers lah. I don't have sneakers! I need shoes! Noooo, this is not one of those women/shopaholics urges. I don't have sneakers, so don't you think I should get a pair?


As all you kan cheong students and parents know. Today at 10am, PMR results will be officially open to the public. The moment of truth! The passage to your future all lies within this little sheet. This is just a temporary slip, the official one will be out the middle of next year.

I hope, hope and HOPE.

I think I kena a bad omen or something though. =.= I just made my mom pissed just now and she giving me the silent treatment. Of course and of course, it's always the child's fault. Never the parents. What to do? Just bare with it loh. They have more power over you anyway and your only source of income. But, don't mind me, I'm just the good-for-nothing spoil little biatch. =.= Probably my fault also lah.
Blahhhhhhhh. You're so hopeless Chia yee.

Tomorrow is the big dayyy! The anticipation half killing me liao lohhhh, but you can't tell can you? :D My superior poker face hides all my emotions. HAH! TAKE THAT!

I can actually imagine all those mothers more kan cheong than the children. God knows, they probably shove the other people to see their children results. Then got 7As, sure happy one. Can brag to all the other aunties like 'Oh! My son ah? 7As only loh. In his whole school only got 3rd place!' *disappointed face* Then waits for other aunties to reply,'AIYOOOOH! SO GOOD AH??? My son Tommy ah, only got 3As you know! How you teach your son one??'

Something along those lines lah. Good luck people! Hope you get what you anticipate for! :D

Monday, 21 December 2009



I is feeling pretty random now. My life lately has been nothing but tv, food, sleep and internet. My life revolves more on the food and internet part. I haven't been reading much. Couldn't summon enough interest to read lah. School is starting in 2 more weeks! Time passes too quickly lah, should slow down a bit if it could.

Btw, I was picked to be a prefect! How odd, I was,"WHAT?? They serious ah?" The notice arrived in a letter. I went for the prefect interview this year but wasn't picked loh. I wonder how I would be as a prefect, hopefully a good one. I don't mean like those bitchy bitchy until want to slap people type of prefect lah.

Do you think I should be a prefect?

I think I photoshop this picture.
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Thursday, 17 December 2009

A quickie

I still have the sunway trip to blog about. It'll be plenty draggy but bare with it. Lol.

I'm insanely infatuated with the Olympus E-P2. It's TOO insanely adorable in my opinion. It's so retro-ly cute and takes nice pictures. *smiles dumbly*

Doesn't it look cute? ?:D I think I sound really superficial now, but don't mind me. Lol. I need a new compact camera because my current one is kinda old already. The pictures it takes also very 'hmmm' only. My current camera is a Sony DSC- T10

I decided that I will get a compact camera 1st before I advance to a dslr. You must walk before you run. I think I'm not worthy of a dslr at the moment, so I'll improve my photography skills first. :D

Ps, I watch finish to The Little Nyonya already. It's awesomely awesome. I recommend you to watch. I slept at 5am today and the day before, so I kinda blur now. Lol.

Listening to Bach.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Sunway pyramid

Yesterday, I went to Sunway Pyramid with a bunch of cool people. THANK YOU! Lol. We went to celebrate my coming birthday which is on the 14th of December, next monday! *cough*present*cough* *wink wink*

I went to fetch Jeanne from Subang, then we straight away went to Pyramid. Jiem, Yv and Pj reached there before us and was wondering around Starbucks area. Then we met up and went to buy tickets for 'The princess and the frog'! Unfortunately we could only get couples sit. So, RM 13 for a chair.


The official poster. I give the movie a 7/10.
The movie and animation is good but the information is kinda blur. Like, why was Prince Naveen was cut off? Did he get his fortune back from his parents? Since he is the heir to the throne.

Prince Naveen. Doesn't he look prince like? :D

They were tangled.

Raymond, the hopeless romantic! He is so cute. Lol.

Tiana : Just one kiss?
Prince Naveen
: Just one, unless you beg for more. [licks lips]

Awwww! So sweet. Leave it to Disney to even beautify frogs.
The movie is good, so I totally recommend you to watch it if you haven't. Since it's been around 5 years snce Disney made another 2D hand drawn animation. They have a new princess too! So why not? It's gonna remain in history anyway. Naveen! I thought he was so adorable! Especially at the way he looks at Tiana, like when he was looking at her reflection on the pear. That was very cute. Too bad he couldn't propose to her when they were on the boat. I honestly thought Lottie was evil, since she kinda looked evil on the poster? But who knew she was so nice? Lol.

After the movie, we went to Full House and eattt! I had the 3rd set, it was seriously yummy. Jeanne had korean maggi mee. Lol. Everyone terrorized me, I need BETTER SKIN!! I wonder when I can take off my braces lah.

Jeanne : I don't think I can finish this.
Cy : HUH? Sesame streets???
Jeanne : *Wth face* I don't think I can finish this!
Cy : Huh? Japanese what????
Cy : Oh.. you can't finish it? Lol.

Third times the charm, I think I have to check my ears. Lol.

After the food and some walking. We split up and went separate ways. Me and Jeanne go walking while Jiem, Yv and Pj went ice skating. I malas so didn't go lah. Then I came to the dilemma of getting this plaids bag. In the end, I didn't get it.

At 7.30pm, we all went to Night Park, but minus the Yv. Me and Jeanne went out at 10pm. I plenty proud you know. She can ride roller coasters already!! I wanted to go to Scream Park but nooo one wanted to join me! It was like only RM10! Still, understandable lah, the promoters also very scary already.

The scariest ride of the whole night?
The snake head one. Scared the sheeshhh out of me. Only me and Jeanne sitting on it, no one else. It was dark and all you can hear is the creaking of the rails pulling us up. 0__0 I very chicken when it comes to stuff like this, but I get damn excited over roller coasters. I think it's the adrenalin rush. I kesian Jeanne, she was listening to me whine the whole ride, 'OMG!! JEANNE, THIS IS FREAKIN' SCARY!!!'

Then we reach back at 11pm. Curse the jam. I had funnn on that day! I wanna thank all the people who came to celebrate with me, you guys are AWESOME! <3

Ip man

I was bored in the afternoon, so I decided to watch Ip man. I've been wanting to watch it for quite some time already but was far too lazy to find the dvd. As you all know, it's a 2008 movie. I'm slightly far behind. Nevertheless, I will blog about it because it was so bloooddddy AWESOME!

It's been such awhile since I watched good fight scenes. War flicks are awesome, especially the Chinese movies. They are so good at those kind of things. War flicks are cool but actual wars suck. Keep that in mind, come, say 'PEACEEE!' with me! Lol.

My rating is 8/10!

I just adore the movie till I want to watch again. And and AND good news! Ip man 2 is coming out May 2010! The movie is gonna focus more on Ip man teaching his students and of course got Bruce Lee lah!

This fight was kinda cruel. The Japanese dude is cool, quite good at Judo.

Isn't the wife just so pretty? :DDD Even though she was a nag in the movie but so pretty lah. China has so many pretty ladies, like every movie, the girls are all jaw-droopingly-beautiful. Men are so lucky they have so many choices to choose from lah.

As everyone knows, Bruce Lee is his most celebrated student. I was curious so I went to youtube a fight scene from Bruce Lee. Ok only lah, anyone has his movies? I never watch before. 0_0

Too bad he died young though. R.I.P :(

Saturday, 12 December 2009


To Naruto readers,

An arm full of sharingans?????? Yuck yuck yuck. Looks so freaky! Lol.

I had soooo much fun today at Sunway Pyramid! It was so cool. Thank you Jeanne, Jiem, Pei Jing, Dani and Yv for coming today! I heart you guys until like no tomorrow. ;p Lol. I will blog about it soon. They all terrorized me with their phones. =.= And I have crap skin so imagine my pain. Lol.

Thursday, 10 December 2009


I read a lot of blogs..

So, sometimes.. I get lost. Har har. I read until dunno whose blog it is, but if I like a certain blog, I'll remember the address lah.

The other time I read this fashion blog. I think the blogger was like a blond model or something. She blogs about the night life.. maybe? Lol. The blog was cool but but I forgot the address. I just remember I went through a lot of fashion blogs before I reached hers. Lol.

Just went to Ikano and now is at homeee! Don't worry. The only thing I bought from the whole trip was a green apple candle. =.= Lol.

Hello Mr. Buggy. How are you today?

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

been through.

We all have been through this stage. At the tender age of 5 years old, it's common for kids to loose their teeth. Be it front, back or side. If you have never lost a tooth and you're already an adult, then... You're weird. Lol.

Yesterday, my sister went to dentist to pluck her own teeth. Both the front. Now she is officially in the boh geh [No teeth] gang. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm a sadist or something because yesterday when I saw my sister with the bloody cotton and she was in tears. I was laughing. == She cried because in shock and there was a lot of uncles. I think she cried a bit more for show lah. Lol.

I was a gross kid. Seriously. I used to let my tongue go through my own teeth gap. 0__0 I dunno why I did that. Lol. Like damn no life. Fortunately my gap closed and I have braces because the teeth line thingy wasn't in the middle. Lol.

Toothless kid.

Kid contently watching tv.

Monday, 7 December 2009

I want him BLOND!

I want I want I want, Usui Takumi to be BLOND!!!

The dude there is Usui. He is sangat sangat awesome. :D
That hair colour isn't blond right??

The manga is called Kaichou wa Maid-sama! [Captain is a maid! / Maid-sama] It's a fairly good shoujo manga. It's gonna be an anime next year, I think the graphic is gonna be like Ouran High School Host Club. The anime is gonna be really light and funny, my guess.

I love love Love! How they drew Usui. He's pretty damn cool. :D I like the details in the manga.Is that picture's hair colour blond? It kinda looks orange-ish to me. All well, he is awesome anyway. :DD

This is research people!! I read manga to broaden my horizon of knowledge! Don't give me that look lah! =X Lol.

Last picture before I leave.

Don't look down on the girl weih. She is violent.

Ps, it's damn hard to find Mickey Mouse posters weih. I mean the huge LARGE type. I couldn't find anything. Lol. Even if I did found some, all of them were too small.

Sunday, 6 December 2009


I'm feeling pink!

Some of you might and might not know that I went to IoI mall last friday. Yes yes, if you want to stalk me you probably can find me there. I'm the girl with a hairband and messy hair, plus the oversize t-shirt. :D If you have no life lah of course. Lol.

Anyways anyways, I reached there and went up to the cinema area to find Jiem and Yv. They were there checking out the movies. Lol. It was like around 12pm when we went in to watch...


The vampire, the werewolf and human.
I give it a 7/10 rating.

They improved tremendously from twilight. Seriously! Now their acting isn't so wooden like but still their acting is. Hmmmm. =.= You will expect this movie to earn money but never to earn an Oscar.

Taylor Lautner.
Doesn't this poster just makes you stop and go 'Woooooww!', if you're a girl lah. Those muscles he put on was seriously worth it. He looks better than before. I don't really like his face though but he looks good overall. Doesn't he feel embarrassed posing like that though? I think he's one of the main attraction.

Robert Pattison.
If it's based on the book, I would be a full-throne Edward Cullen fan but in the movie. Errr, I don't quite know whose side I am on. It's not like I don't like Edward in the movie. He just seems like he on dadah [drugs] or something, maybe his skin [he is a vampire after all. Lol.] or his whole behavior. I don't quite know. This dude is definitely the attraction and fan base for girl fans.

This is picture is just ODD.

Chia yee's reaction - PHST, wth?? HAHA.

I didn't expect them to frolic through the woods. Their future. I don't remember this part though. About Alice seeing their future.

Watch out for Eclipse next year. The cast says it's gonna be a visually EPIC movie. So, we'll just wait and see.

After the movie, we went out to meet Li yen, Ben sen and Yao Hsing. We got LY her birthday gift from Mini Toons. It was a milk bottle cow. Lol. As long as she likes it, I'll be happy. Lol. Anyway, for the whole day, me, BS and YH were only chasing after the other three. They walk stupefyingly fast for no reason. They were finding shoes. Me and BS got side track at the anime section.

Ps, whenever you're going to popular. Remember to get rid of the bar code before you head in. I brought my 'the girl next door' book in [It was in my bag] and the sensor rang. == I forgot it still had the bar code.

Saturday, 5 December 2009


I noticed from the picture above that I have an awfully gigantic nose. 0.0 My nose is too huge for my own good. Har har. Laugh lah laugh lah people who don't have problems like a big nose. Lol. I don't mind though, what to do? God gave me this nose. Lol. As long as I can smell and such I don't really mind. ;P I just noticed that my nose looks like a parrots's. 0.0

Ps, I know that cameras put 10 pounds more on you and stuff but why nose? Lol. xDD

Thursday, 3 December 2009


This is a really awesome video. It sounds absolutely incredible. Sounds slightly dark though.

Please listen. It's played by Vanessa Mae the violinist. :DD

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


jingle jingle,
Shake shake,
jingle jingle.

[Remember to use bells when performing the song. :D ]

Christmas is almost here! [Hoorah! Even though I don't celebrate it.]

My birthday? [EVEN MORE HOOORAH!!!]

Pmr results? [Can I not know? Pleasse? Lol.]

Now I will present you a real life 'Pig dog'. I bet you never heard that before. :DD

Waa lah! The infamous glutton, Teena the Yorkshire Terrier! I left little gap between my door and she was outside, stalking me for food. =.= I was eating something but that's all I remember. Lol. Definitely before PMR. Lol. She is known to follow anyone as long as they have food. =.= She is very easily kidnapped but please don't have any ideas. Lol. Just kidding. ;D

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


I didn't wash my hair today. Don't give me that look lah! I was pressed for time. Eheh. I really was.
At 1.15 pm, my mom suddenly rushed to my room and was, "Quickly wake up! We have to go already, quickly bath!"
Chia yee - "Ohh." *slow reaction* *Numbly climbs to the toilet*

So wasn't really rushing, went down stairs at 1.30pm.
mom to chia yee -

In the end you didn't bath is it?

Got ah! Why?

Your face so blur like just woke up.

Because I did just wake up!

Sorry for the lame post, didn't know what to post. Eheh.

Ps, my mom decided not to make me stick rocks on the garden wall in the end. It's a new toy so I can't interfere. Lol.

Monday, 30 November 2009

crossing Tibet

Hooohah! I got a new book from my mommy! It's called 'Crossing Tibet'. It's one of those thick picture filled books with plenty of information. I think I'll be paying more attention to the pictures than the words though. :D Damn, I sound like an airhead. Lol. It's quite thick, the width is 3cm and it's hard cover.

The cover.

One of the pages.
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Left out?

How should I explain this feeling? Do I feel content or am I just pretending? Do I feel left out? Maybe just maybe. I think this is just a phrase where everyone has to grow out from. The world is revolving, people are changing but I'm still the same. Everyone is getting more mature and more sure of themselves, they know what they want in life. They know how many digits they want in their salary and what course to take in life. Sometimes I ask myself, is the smile I put on my face sincere? I noticed that only children smile from the heart. Is it because they have no worries in the world? Or probably because they are so pure at heart? I pick the later, of course their pure! Only when you step out to the real world are you 'impure'. [sounds funny.] If you are not, how do you expect to survive? How can you survive in this cruel world when you are all naive? You will only get yourself betrayed and lost. I have to admit..

I'm scared, I truly am.

I'm not going to pretend that I'm not. What is wrong to say you are scared? I see nothing wrong. People who laugh at people's fear are arses. I'm scared for the future and what possible route I will take in life. Rather to be an idiot and act all mighty and go 'Ohhh, I'm soo not scared', when you're shivering your arse off. That's only what an idiot would do but I'm not saying you should go 'I'm sooooo scared!' at every half second, that would only be annoying and inconsiderate.

After all those bull crap about how terrified I'm about my future...
I supposed the only thing I can do now is to accept that I am getting older as time ticks away. Time waits for no men. Have a idiotically positive input on life which isn't necessarily bad. I'm enjoying life. Truly, I appreciate the life I have been given. Life is so short even though there's reincarnation. I suppose we have different lives while we reincarnate over and over again. Who knows? Maybe I was a cruelly murdered princess in my past life? 0.0 That's a scary thought. BE GONE SCARY THOUGHT! It turns out I was never a writer, I can't write. I love the life I'm living now, I'm still in hibernation mode. Folks, the fun hasn't even begun yet!

The human mind is a powerful thing. Think positive and your life will grow. I don't think anyone has the world against them lah. If you are all negative and go 'BOOHOOO, the world is against me and all these evil people bully me!'. Your all negative thoughts so you're life is negative too right? So vice versa lah. Believe in karma, it makes you a better person. My opinion. Lol.

Should humans be reserved or more open? weight the flaws.

The thinking face?
I have to be more independent. hmmm. EHEH, I'm such an idiot. ;p

Friday, 27 November 2009


Aiyohh. My mother so Sparta lah! She got me a project to do. She planning to make me go and cover the whole garden with rocks! Die die die already. Never cross a mother's word, I tell you. The one who suffers the most is only you. Lol.

She planning to make me cover the garden walls with rocks, because our garden have too many rocks. She wants me to do something productive with my holidays. How nice of her. It should be fun though, just scared my dogs bark like crap only. Lol.

Thursday, 26 November 2009


"Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another."

-Marquis de condorect

So well put. I think humans are awfully difficult creatures to please. In a way, it's a good thing too. We don't stay put, we advance and improve, but it's not necessarily a bad thing to sit back and smell the roses lah. There's nothing wrong with wanting to advance but some times you have to enjoy what you have and don't complain so much about what you don't have [which you don't need].

Kiam siap [stingy] people should learn how to use their money some times. This applies to people with god-knows-how-much-money in their bank accounts. What's the use if you have many zeroes you have in your bank account if you everyday just eat maggie mee to save money. == Truth be told, I very kiam siap myself, but I would use my money on food. ;p That's why my mom always says I very potential to be obese. ;p Hussssh! I is trying to control my makan urges lah!

"You are the only one I see to the point that it saddens me."

-asa mo, hiru mo, yoru mo

So the touching the first time I read it. I noticed that all those shoujo manga have very nice quotes. Some of them will instantly make you go 'AWWWWWWW'. Those quotes are THAT powerful.
I noticed that people with hidden potential always gets the least attention when their young. Until they grow up, looking all glam and stuff, only then people pay attention. == How uncool. Good looking people have it easier than commoners like me. T.T Curve you good looking talented people!! Lol.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Oh yeah, I forgot to post.


Congrats on getting your dslr! I'm very jealous yet happy for you. Cheers to happy times ahead on sharing your cool camera. *winks* ;p

Ok lah ok lah, I don't hate you just jealous a bit. ;p Lol.

The nice girl. ;D

Enjoy all the happy moments you shall have with your new darling. :D

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

I baked?

Like I said. Pictures. Pictures. PICTURES! I took some pictures! Lol.

I 'baked' a cake today. I would lovee to say I BAKED! Unfortunately, I didn't, I got pushed to kitchen washing duties. T.T How sad is that? Lol. I could have been helping auntie Evonne with baking but I kinda messed up. I mixed cream of tartar, flour and icing sugar together when I shouldn't. Lol. [I didn't read the steps. ;p]

: 'Chia yee! You don't touch anything!'
Chia yee: 'Ok ok! I will just look! *Laughs*'

She was terrified with me touching anything else, I kinda dirtied her cupboard by the way. Hee~ When I was breaking the 2nd egg, it kinda 'flew' and smashed the cupboard which was underneath the table I was breaking eggs with. Now she telling everyone I can't crack eggs! I can just rather bad at it. ;p We made 2 batches but only the second batch succeeded!

The end product of 45 minutes. Heavenly angel food cake is its name.

After everyone took a slice.


The blueberry muffins we made, tasted quite good.

Our heavenly angel food cake could have tasted awesome, IF we had put in less or none almond extract. Hoo Haa! I is so fat and full. :( It was a good experience and I absolutely adore auntie Evonne [I think that's how you spell, I call her by her Chinese name. Lol.] even though she used me as free child labour. lol. ;p

MUFFIN TIME! :DDD [I love this pic]

Sunday, 22 November 2009

why me?

Today, I did something only an extremely blur person would do. I went to my violin class when there was no violin class. == I decided not to use idiot as, no matter how unsure the person is, he or she would definitely not go to a non class. ==

Either I am very blur or I completely forgot about it. I completely forgot that I didn't have any violin class today. COMPLETELY! My teacher told me that she inform me but I completely can't recall the conversation at all! I'm CHIA YEE! How could I have forgotten a holiday?? 0.0

The idiotic part of this whole scenario is, I waited for 20 minutes before the auntie told me. == Seriously. 20 minutes of my life was gone like that! Lol. I dunno if I should feel embarrassed or mad about myself. Lol. while the auntie was telling me, I felt numb like no reaction anymore, I think I was laughing. The lost of the 20 minutes felt like nothing, I was yawning like crazy lah.

Chia yee, why are you such a dumb arse? Lol. I bet the auntie was laughing like a mad woman now. == Hopefully, this won't happen to me again. If it does, better not be alone, must-drag-someone-along! Lol.

Ps, Chia Yee is gonna bake some cakes morrow! I still haven't though about what cakes to bake yet though but I definitely can't take cheese cake. Lol. I'll try to take pictures. :DD Hopefully, the cakes will be a success!

This is why.

This is why Barajou no kiss [Kiss of rose princess] can be an awesome an anime.

I adore what they did! Look at the graphic! So awesome. :D Different designs have different colouring styles. This matches the whole concept. :D It really does depend on the designs, SERIOUSLY. Sometimes the artist draw the manga too complicatedly [which is nice, mind you.] but anime is so simple. So, I prefer manga more. Anyways, CONCLUSION is! The manga artwork looks awesome but the anime animation will suck[for some series].

If this became an anime, it will be cool because the artwork is basically quite simple already so the anime will look exactly like it. Like the Ouran High School Host Club.

And and! My favourite of the Rhode knights!

Kaede Higa! I loveee how he looks like.

Shaddap lah, let me enjoy being a kid lah! I like animations that look some what like him, he looks more human than the other characters. Lol. He's technique is attack. And and AND he is the red rose! :DDD


Today I went to The Mines. My family and I are were planning to go to the Chinese book fair.

Before we went to the book fare we went walking lah. Had dinner at the Malaysian Cuisine thingy around McDonalds. Lol. The curry chicken there was quite good. After we ate, I suppose we went to Toy City? I was kinda bored there, so instead I went to stare at the camera shop. It took them soooo long to buy stuff my sister man. I was yawning like crazy. Then when my dad came out, I tried to target him lah to get a Dslr. Fail lah, then I became damn beh shiok [wasn't my intention]. I think I want to do Photography butttt noooo... I can't. =.= I mean I OBVIOUSLY know it's freaking expensive lah but in the long run I AM gonna use it so wouldn't it be worth it? Of course I wasn't planning to get the supperrr expensive one. Just take the normal one. I know money doesn't freaking bloom out of no where lah, you have to earn them. FCUK. FCUK. FCUK.

Then, went to FOS, got myself a RM39 stripe jacket. While they were still in FOS, I went to Radioactive. It was odd, to say the least. The promoters there were following me and I thought they were trying to chase me out. =.= Turns out, [I think] they were just trying to tell me there was tape under my slippers? 0-0 I have no idea. Seriously. Lol.

The fair was MASSIVE weih. All books, stationary and Chinese stuff. Lol. I got 3 books! I need to use the dictionary though. =.=

Ps, the Malaysian Year End Sales are on! Go crazy but spend wisely! Lol.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

The end of 09'

As you all know, today or yesterday [2am now] is or was the last day of school for Sedayans. Soon, a year will pass by us soon enough and it'll be 2010! We're getting older each year. It feels kinda sad, we're not Form 3s anymore, it's gonna be Form 4s! BAM! 3 years just pass by like that that. [I still remember like in Form 1 you kinda don't understand the chapters and have hard time, but during the PMR period, you're like I ALREADY KNOW THAT! *Panics* *Flips pages*] I damn takut about my results lah. I'm scareeed Shitlessss. :( Buttt, no pressure lah.

Am I excited or scared of the future? I dunno what's coming up and I have no career paths in mind. Shite. I have to find one soon eh? Lol. I think I think I know how to study now. Lol.

Challenges come and go, get intrigue and intrigue OTHERS! Share and love to balance the cruel world.

The video was short after school. Me and Jiem were waking back from a&w [Our last trip of the year!] The idea and camera woman is Jiem, I'm just the... 'walker'! We took around 61 pictures for this or yesterdays' whole day. Lazy to upload but Jiem uploaded them on Facebook! Not a lot of people come today. Even though it is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL, PMR students have been last-day-schooling since after PMR. Lol.


Thursday, 19 November 2009

2nd last day of school.

School was school today. Lol. Our class was quite empty, not a lot of form 3s came to school. Their common reason is probably 'Lazy'. Lazy-bums!! Lol.

School was like usual lah. Went to school and wait for my fellow buddies to come while admiring a person's iPhone 3G3. The phone's pretty cute but OBVIOUSLY cost a bomb to own. Lol.

I spend the whole day with DANIELLE and no, I'm not bored with you yet dear and hopefully you won't be bored with me either! Lol. When she reached to school, we went outside to buy nasi lemak, wayyy better than our school's but hush! Lol.

Then, we went to gather up at the basketball court. We were supposed to play netball but dunno what happened. Lol. We already prepared to get whacked up by the form 1s already, believe me. Lol. While they were off to find a netball, both of us were watching the boys play basketball in FEAR! On my half lah, I takut of basketball, I have no idea why either. Lol. The teacher in charge eventually forgot about us and we continued to watch in peace. :D

In conclusion, we spend the whole day talking to each other lah. She beat me TWICE in congkak. 0.0 I was in a daze and we didn't get to play pictionary! :(

Tomorrow, we have gotong-royong. Can I file for child-abuse? Lol.

I hate,

I hate. Hate. HATE crying the most. :( It makes me feel weak and inferior. That is probably my weakest moment. I hate. Hate. HATE to cry. :(

I don't cry from watching movies, normally, I tear but I don't cry. As you know I'm slightly 'Ice Queen'. Not. Lol. Honestly, I only cry on two occasions. That is when I'm in shock or when I'm being scolded especially by parents. Even worse, sometimes I tear when I'm embarrassed. Very dumb. Yes, I know. I have to do something about it. Sigh. :( I don't have anything against happy crying though, I mean sometimes words can't seem to describe your feelings. :)

There's nothing wrong with having a poker face. It just makes you seem more guarded and normally blur people won't even notice the difference. Seriously. I mean, anyone has their own personal poker face. Be it emotionless or blur.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

is it time?

Oh bugger. I think I should get my Tetanus and cervical cancer shots soon. Soon consult to my parents soon. I'm not sure if I got my Tetanus shot before and definitely didn't get the cervical cancer shot. I'm just scared I will cry? Lol.

Prevention is better than cure.

I fell.

Today, I fell, I mean I literally fell down lah. I fell down in a sitting position [like how you're trying to stretch your toes] and luckily just by with minor wounds. Now I damn takut I hurt my spine only. 0.0 The spine is very important! No joke. I fell on my left bum and the shock kinda shook me to the head.
The place I fell wasn't very nice. Lol. It like those places with concrete covers to cover the drain and there's like plants and grass there. When I saw the cuts they had green stuff on it. reaction : Errrr. No worries though, I put antiseptic cream on it already. :D

My dog, Daisy kinda just stood next to me and was staring at me. Lol. She must have been used to me falling because for some strange reason [and she didn't cause it lah], I always fall down when I walk her! Lol.

This fall was my fault though, because I consciously knew I was gonna fall soon but just kept walking on. Then BOOM! The concrete was slippery and Daisy was pulling me so I ran a bit. =.= Why do I get stupider every single day? =.=

Sad note:
I'm giving Daisy away. Yes, it is rather sad but it's for a good cause. Two 3 year old Golden Retrievers are kinda too big for my house compound. Our compound isn't so big lah. Now they normally stay in their house because we're afraid they'll run amok and destroy stuff. So, we're deciding to give Daisy to an uncle with a corner lot house with a HUGE compound. I hope she'll be delighted with her new home and the uncle has sons. So, she should be very happy. She will be given more attention. If Daisy is gone Danny will have the whole house to himself. =.= I'm gonna miss Daisy like crazy lah. T.T I just had the talk with her and she seemed okay with it. [Don't call me crazy lah!] She's freaking intelligent I tell you, she is an escape artist, knows how to open doors and everything but she is very gentle. I swear she can qualify to be a those blind helpers.

I love you, Daisy.

Monday, 16 November 2009


I went to school today. It was just like any school day just the exception of people in class. We were supposed to be having sports related activities but you know as lazy form 3s. Only 2 people wore the attire, the rest were in normal uniform. Lol.

We went to play Pictionary! It was really fun! :D But I couldn't do one card though, 'fix'. I couldn't do that. Then, I dunno which 'nonviolent' girl was so 'nonviolent' at Pictionary. You should have seen her eyes! She was damn intense, kesian the girl sitting next to her. ;p Unfortunately, I don't have pictures. Lol. Don't worry, the urge of winning isn't a bad thing just scary. Lol.

Internet is soooo slow today.

I went to Pavilion just now. The display is awesome. :DD To buy a certain girl's birthday present.. and the girl is.. Jeanne! Lol. I got a nice and very useful gift. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the gift so you may wait for to post the picture. Lol.

I think I like Pull and Bear + Forever 21 more than topshop and Kitschen. I very bankrupt at the moment, I think I should put on my hermit mode on. I tend not to spend money on the mode. Lol.

Ps, I loveee Plaids now! It's cool that it's back in style again. Lol.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

So far.

So far, I have learned plenty of things from manwha by Hwang Mi Ri.

Her stories are really silly and it's about Jjang and gangs and all those kind of things. I like her story lines, extremely creative. Very very silly the way she makes her characters react, but some time it's so gross you beh tahan. Literally beh tahan, all you can say is 'errrrr??? Omg, so grosss lah.'

So far I only read Hot blooded woman [Seriously hilarious], He's dedicated to roses [The start is reallllyyy boring and I was errrr at some chapters.] and Cutie Boy [Damn cute!].

Did you know that He's dedicated to roses is #1 in Mangafox?! 0-0 I know right? My jaw almost fell open, it's been ages since a manga or manwha beat NARUTO! I mean Naruto! Who beats Naruto?? 0-0 It's like a miracle to have something beat Naruto but I don't check the rankings so often. Lol. I swear if the Boarding house of hunks beats it, I will faint.

Ps, An advices to boys out there. It's common for little boys to bully their crushes. It's cute and all but don't do that too much, the girl might hate you for it for life. I is not joking! 0.0

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Like a bow

Lately, I have got the sewing bug again. I seem to get them once in awhile, but my craftsmanship still sucks. ;p I'm still learning! :DD

My newest project.

It will probably and hopefully look like those big wacky bow and yes it's made out of ribbons. I don't have other material lah. I'm still working on the other half, but I can't seem to sew it back like before. Lol. I want black, white and red ribbons but I dunno where to get. T.T

Let's paint the town PURPLE.

Ps, one problem. How do you entertain a 10 year old kid whose Mandarin is WAAYYY better than yours. I is not joking, her level is above a common standard 6 Malaysian kid.