Monday, 30 November 2009

crossing Tibet

Hooohah! I got a new book from my mommy! It's called 'Crossing Tibet'. It's one of those thick picture filled books with plenty of information. I think I'll be paying more attention to the pictures than the words though. :D Damn, I sound like an airhead. Lol. It's quite thick, the width is 3cm and it's hard cover.

The cover.

One of the pages.
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Left out?

How should I explain this feeling? Do I feel content or am I just pretending? Do I feel left out? Maybe just maybe. I think this is just a phrase where everyone has to grow out from. The world is revolving, people are changing but I'm still the same. Everyone is getting more mature and more sure of themselves, they know what they want in life. They know how many digits they want in their salary and what course to take in life. Sometimes I ask myself, is the smile I put on my face sincere? I noticed that only children smile from the heart. Is it because they have no worries in the world? Or probably because they are so pure at heart? I pick the later, of course their pure! Only when you step out to the real world are you 'impure'. [sounds funny.] If you are not, how do you expect to survive? How can you survive in this cruel world when you are all naive? You will only get yourself betrayed and lost. I have to admit..

I'm scared, I truly am.

I'm not going to pretend that I'm not. What is wrong to say you are scared? I see nothing wrong. People who laugh at people's fear are arses. I'm scared for the future and what possible route I will take in life. Rather to be an idiot and act all mighty and go 'Ohhh, I'm soo not scared', when you're shivering your arse off. That's only what an idiot would do but I'm not saying you should go 'I'm sooooo scared!' at every half second, that would only be annoying and inconsiderate.

After all those bull crap about how terrified I'm about my future...
I supposed the only thing I can do now is to accept that I am getting older as time ticks away. Time waits for no men. Have a idiotically positive input on life which isn't necessarily bad. I'm enjoying life. Truly, I appreciate the life I have been given. Life is so short even though there's reincarnation. I suppose we have different lives while we reincarnate over and over again. Who knows? Maybe I was a cruelly murdered princess in my past life? 0.0 That's a scary thought. BE GONE SCARY THOUGHT! It turns out I was never a writer, I can't write. I love the life I'm living now, I'm still in hibernation mode. Folks, the fun hasn't even begun yet!

The human mind is a powerful thing. Think positive and your life will grow. I don't think anyone has the world against them lah. If you are all negative and go 'BOOHOOO, the world is against me and all these evil people bully me!'. Your all negative thoughts so you're life is negative too right? So vice versa lah. Believe in karma, it makes you a better person. My opinion. Lol.

Should humans be reserved or more open? weight the flaws.

The thinking face?
I have to be more independent. hmmm. EHEH, I'm such an idiot. ;p

Friday, 27 November 2009


Aiyohh. My mother so Sparta lah! She got me a project to do. She planning to make me go and cover the whole garden with rocks! Die die die already. Never cross a mother's word, I tell you. The one who suffers the most is only you. Lol.

She planning to make me cover the garden walls with rocks, because our garden have too many rocks. She wants me to do something productive with my holidays. How nice of her. It should be fun though, just scared my dogs bark like crap only. Lol.

Thursday, 26 November 2009


"Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another."

-Marquis de condorect

So well put. I think humans are awfully difficult creatures to please. In a way, it's a good thing too. We don't stay put, we advance and improve, but it's not necessarily a bad thing to sit back and smell the roses lah. There's nothing wrong with wanting to advance but some times you have to enjoy what you have and don't complain so much about what you don't have [which you don't need].

Kiam siap [stingy] people should learn how to use their money some times. This applies to people with god-knows-how-much-money in their bank accounts. What's the use if you have many zeroes you have in your bank account if you everyday just eat maggie mee to save money. == Truth be told, I very kiam siap myself, but I would use my money on food. ;p That's why my mom always says I very potential to be obese. ;p Hussssh! I is trying to control my makan urges lah!

"You are the only one I see to the point that it saddens me."

-asa mo, hiru mo, yoru mo

So the touching the first time I read it. I noticed that all those shoujo manga have very nice quotes. Some of them will instantly make you go 'AWWWWWWW'. Those quotes are THAT powerful.
I noticed that people with hidden potential always gets the least attention when their young. Until they grow up, looking all glam and stuff, only then people pay attention. == How uncool. Good looking people have it easier than commoners like me. T.T Curve you good looking talented people!! Lol.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Oh yeah, I forgot to post.


Congrats on getting your dslr! I'm very jealous yet happy for you. Cheers to happy times ahead on sharing your cool camera. *winks* ;p

Ok lah ok lah, I don't hate you just jealous a bit. ;p Lol.

The nice girl. ;D

Enjoy all the happy moments you shall have with your new darling. :D

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

I baked?

Like I said. Pictures. Pictures. PICTURES! I took some pictures! Lol.

I 'baked' a cake today. I would lovee to say I BAKED! Unfortunately, I didn't, I got pushed to kitchen washing duties. T.T How sad is that? Lol. I could have been helping auntie Evonne with baking but I kinda messed up. I mixed cream of tartar, flour and icing sugar together when I shouldn't. Lol. [I didn't read the steps. ;p]

: 'Chia yee! You don't touch anything!'
Chia yee: 'Ok ok! I will just look! *Laughs*'

She was terrified with me touching anything else, I kinda dirtied her cupboard by the way. Hee~ When I was breaking the 2nd egg, it kinda 'flew' and smashed the cupboard which was underneath the table I was breaking eggs with. Now she telling everyone I can't crack eggs! I can just rather bad at it. ;p We made 2 batches but only the second batch succeeded!

The end product of 45 minutes. Heavenly angel food cake is its name.

After everyone took a slice.


The blueberry muffins we made, tasted quite good.

Our heavenly angel food cake could have tasted awesome, IF we had put in less or none almond extract. Hoo Haa! I is so fat and full. :( It was a good experience and I absolutely adore auntie Evonne [I think that's how you spell, I call her by her Chinese name. Lol.] even though she used me as free child labour. lol. ;p

MUFFIN TIME! :DDD [I love this pic]

Sunday, 22 November 2009

why me?

Today, I did something only an extremely blur person would do. I went to my violin class when there was no violin class. == I decided not to use idiot as, no matter how unsure the person is, he or she would definitely not go to a non class. ==

Either I am very blur or I completely forgot about it. I completely forgot that I didn't have any violin class today. COMPLETELY! My teacher told me that she inform me but I completely can't recall the conversation at all! I'm CHIA YEE! How could I have forgotten a holiday?? 0.0

The idiotic part of this whole scenario is, I waited for 20 minutes before the auntie told me. == Seriously. 20 minutes of my life was gone like that! Lol. I dunno if I should feel embarrassed or mad about myself. Lol. while the auntie was telling me, I felt numb like no reaction anymore, I think I was laughing. The lost of the 20 minutes felt like nothing, I was yawning like crazy lah.

Chia yee, why are you such a dumb arse? Lol. I bet the auntie was laughing like a mad woman now. == Hopefully, this won't happen to me again. If it does, better not be alone, must-drag-someone-along! Lol.

Ps, Chia Yee is gonna bake some cakes morrow! I still haven't though about what cakes to bake yet though but I definitely can't take cheese cake. Lol. I'll try to take pictures. :DD Hopefully, the cakes will be a success!

This is why.

This is why Barajou no kiss [Kiss of rose princess] can be an awesome an anime.

I adore what they did! Look at the graphic! So awesome. :D Different designs have different colouring styles. This matches the whole concept. :D It really does depend on the designs, SERIOUSLY. Sometimes the artist draw the manga too complicatedly [which is nice, mind you.] but anime is so simple. So, I prefer manga more. Anyways, CONCLUSION is! The manga artwork looks awesome but the anime animation will suck[for some series].

If this became an anime, it will be cool because the artwork is basically quite simple already so the anime will look exactly like it. Like the Ouran High School Host Club.

And and! My favourite of the Rhode knights!

Kaede Higa! I loveee how he looks like.

Shaddap lah, let me enjoy being a kid lah! I like animations that look some what like him, he looks more human than the other characters. Lol. He's technique is attack. And and AND he is the red rose! :DDD


Today I went to The Mines. My family and I are were planning to go to the Chinese book fair.

Before we went to the book fare we went walking lah. Had dinner at the Malaysian Cuisine thingy around McDonalds. Lol. The curry chicken there was quite good. After we ate, I suppose we went to Toy City? I was kinda bored there, so instead I went to stare at the camera shop. It took them soooo long to buy stuff my sister man. I was yawning like crazy. Then when my dad came out, I tried to target him lah to get a Dslr. Fail lah, then I became damn beh shiok [wasn't my intention]. I think I want to do Photography butttt noooo... I can't. =.= I mean I OBVIOUSLY know it's freaking expensive lah but in the long run I AM gonna use it so wouldn't it be worth it? Of course I wasn't planning to get the supperrr expensive one. Just take the normal one. I know money doesn't freaking bloom out of no where lah, you have to earn them. FCUK. FCUK. FCUK.

Then, went to FOS, got myself a RM39 stripe jacket. While they were still in FOS, I went to Radioactive. It was odd, to say the least. The promoters there were following me and I thought they were trying to chase me out. =.= Turns out, [I think] they were just trying to tell me there was tape under my slippers? 0-0 I have no idea. Seriously. Lol.

The fair was MASSIVE weih. All books, stationary and Chinese stuff. Lol. I got 3 books! I need to use the dictionary though. =.=

Ps, the Malaysian Year End Sales are on! Go crazy but spend wisely! Lol.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

The end of 09'

As you all know, today or yesterday [2am now] is or was the last day of school for Sedayans. Soon, a year will pass by us soon enough and it'll be 2010! We're getting older each year. It feels kinda sad, we're not Form 3s anymore, it's gonna be Form 4s! BAM! 3 years just pass by like that that. [I still remember like in Form 1 you kinda don't understand the chapters and have hard time, but during the PMR period, you're like I ALREADY KNOW THAT! *Panics* *Flips pages*] I damn takut about my results lah. I'm scareeed Shitlessss. :( Buttt, no pressure lah.

Am I excited or scared of the future? I dunno what's coming up and I have no career paths in mind. Shite. I have to find one soon eh? Lol. I think I think I know how to study now. Lol.

Challenges come and go, get intrigue and intrigue OTHERS! Share and love to balance the cruel world.

The video was short after school. Me and Jiem were waking back from a&w [Our last trip of the year!] The idea and camera woman is Jiem, I'm just the... 'walker'! We took around 61 pictures for this or yesterdays' whole day. Lazy to upload but Jiem uploaded them on Facebook! Not a lot of people come today. Even though it is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL, PMR students have been last-day-schooling since after PMR. Lol.


Thursday, 19 November 2009

2nd last day of school.

School was school today. Lol. Our class was quite empty, not a lot of form 3s came to school. Their common reason is probably 'Lazy'. Lazy-bums!! Lol.

School was like usual lah. Went to school and wait for my fellow buddies to come while admiring a person's iPhone 3G3. The phone's pretty cute but OBVIOUSLY cost a bomb to own. Lol.

I spend the whole day with DANIELLE and no, I'm not bored with you yet dear and hopefully you won't be bored with me either! Lol. When she reached to school, we went outside to buy nasi lemak, wayyy better than our school's but hush! Lol.

Then, we went to gather up at the basketball court. We were supposed to play netball but dunno what happened. Lol. We already prepared to get whacked up by the form 1s already, believe me. Lol. While they were off to find a netball, both of us were watching the boys play basketball in FEAR! On my half lah, I takut of basketball, I have no idea why either. Lol. The teacher in charge eventually forgot about us and we continued to watch in peace. :D

In conclusion, we spend the whole day talking to each other lah. She beat me TWICE in congkak. 0.0 I was in a daze and we didn't get to play pictionary! :(

Tomorrow, we have gotong-royong. Can I file for child-abuse? Lol.

I hate,

I hate. Hate. HATE crying the most. :( It makes me feel weak and inferior. That is probably my weakest moment. I hate. Hate. HATE to cry. :(

I don't cry from watching movies, normally, I tear but I don't cry. As you know I'm slightly 'Ice Queen'. Not. Lol. Honestly, I only cry on two occasions. That is when I'm in shock or when I'm being scolded especially by parents. Even worse, sometimes I tear when I'm embarrassed. Very dumb. Yes, I know. I have to do something about it. Sigh. :( I don't have anything against happy crying though, I mean sometimes words can't seem to describe your feelings. :)

There's nothing wrong with having a poker face. It just makes you seem more guarded and normally blur people won't even notice the difference. Seriously. I mean, anyone has their own personal poker face. Be it emotionless or blur.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

is it time?

Oh bugger. I think I should get my Tetanus and cervical cancer shots soon. Soon consult to my parents soon. I'm not sure if I got my Tetanus shot before and definitely didn't get the cervical cancer shot. I'm just scared I will cry? Lol.

Prevention is better than cure.

I fell.

Today, I fell, I mean I literally fell down lah. I fell down in a sitting position [like how you're trying to stretch your toes] and luckily just by with minor wounds. Now I damn takut I hurt my spine only. 0.0 The spine is very important! No joke. I fell on my left bum and the shock kinda shook me to the head.
The place I fell wasn't very nice. Lol. It like those places with concrete covers to cover the drain and there's like plants and grass there. When I saw the cuts they had green stuff on it. reaction : Errrr. No worries though, I put antiseptic cream on it already. :D

My dog, Daisy kinda just stood next to me and was staring at me. Lol. She must have been used to me falling because for some strange reason [and she didn't cause it lah], I always fall down when I walk her! Lol.

This fall was my fault though, because I consciously knew I was gonna fall soon but just kept walking on. Then BOOM! The concrete was slippery and Daisy was pulling me so I ran a bit. =.= Why do I get stupider every single day? =.=

Sad note:
I'm giving Daisy away. Yes, it is rather sad but it's for a good cause. Two 3 year old Golden Retrievers are kinda too big for my house compound. Our compound isn't so big lah. Now they normally stay in their house because we're afraid they'll run amok and destroy stuff. So, we're deciding to give Daisy to an uncle with a corner lot house with a HUGE compound. I hope she'll be delighted with her new home and the uncle has sons. So, she should be very happy. She will be given more attention. If Daisy is gone Danny will have the whole house to himself. =.= I'm gonna miss Daisy like crazy lah. T.T I just had the talk with her and she seemed okay with it. [Don't call me crazy lah!] She's freaking intelligent I tell you, she is an escape artist, knows how to open doors and everything but she is very gentle. I swear she can qualify to be a those blind helpers.

I love you, Daisy.

Monday, 16 November 2009


I went to school today. It was just like any school day just the exception of people in class. We were supposed to be having sports related activities but you know as lazy form 3s. Only 2 people wore the attire, the rest were in normal uniform. Lol.

We went to play Pictionary! It was really fun! :D But I couldn't do one card though, 'fix'. I couldn't do that. Then, I dunno which 'nonviolent' girl was so 'nonviolent' at Pictionary. You should have seen her eyes! She was damn intense, kesian the girl sitting next to her. ;p Unfortunately, I don't have pictures. Lol. Don't worry, the urge of winning isn't a bad thing just scary. Lol.

Internet is soooo slow today.

I went to Pavilion just now. The display is awesome. :DD To buy a certain girl's birthday present.. and the girl is.. Jeanne! Lol. I got a nice and very useful gift. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the gift so you may wait for to post the picture. Lol.

I think I like Pull and Bear + Forever 21 more than topshop and Kitschen. I very bankrupt at the moment, I think I should put on my hermit mode on. I tend not to spend money on the mode. Lol.

Ps, I loveee Plaids now! It's cool that it's back in style again. Lol.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

So far.

So far, I have learned plenty of things from manwha by Hwang Mi Ri.

Her stories are really silly and it's about Jjang and gangs and all those kind of things. I like her story lines, extremely creative. Very very silly the way she makes her characters react, but some time it's so gross you beh tahan. Literally beh tahan, all you can say is 'errrrr??? Omg, so grosss lah.'

So far I only read Hot blooded woman [Seriously hilarious], He's dedicated to roses [The start is reallllyyy boring and I was errrr at some chapters.] and Cutie Boy [Damn cute!].

Did you know that He's dedicated to roses is #1 in Mangafox?! 0-0 I know right? My jaw almost fell open, it's been ages since a manga or manwha beat NARUTO! I mean Naruto! Who beats Naruto?? 0-0 It's like a miracle to have something beat Naruto but I don't check the rankings so often. Lol. I swear if the Boarding house of hunks beats it, I will faint.

Ps, An advices to boys out there. It's common for little boys to bully their crushes. It's cute and all but don't do that too much, the girl might hate you for it for life. I is not joking! 0.0

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Like a bow

Lately, I have got the sewing bug again. I seem to get them once in awhile, but my craftsmanship still sucks. ;p I'm still learning! :DD

My newest project.

It will probably and hopefully look like those big wacky bow and yes it's made out of ribbons. I don't have other material lah. I'm still working on the other half, but I can't seem to sew it back like before. Lol. I want black, white and red ribbons but I dunno where to get. T.T

Let's paint the town PURPLE.

Ps, one problem. How do you entertain a 10 year old kid whose Mandarin is WAAYYY better than yours. I is not joking, her level is above a common standard 6 Malaysian kid.

Friday, 13 November 2009

I said I would and I did.

I told you guys that I would post my FAILED 'posing' pictures and I did like a woman! Sooo If you're having a bad day today don't hesitate and LAUGH! :D Be thankful that I'm so kind. ;p

I shall present you the 4 pictures. Laugh lah laugh lah. I won't be insulted don't worry. Thank god the webcam is blurry. :)

#1 - faker.

#2 - I tried the gold fish thingy and failed. =.=

#3 - I tilted my head to the side and got that effect. Like damn hantu. 0.0 Lol.

#4 - Like an idiot. :D That's my current profile picture.

Normally I wouldn't look like that. As I said, I had a hair cut and the hairdresser gave me a fringe. I hope you had a good laugh. Lol. I really dunno how you people are so confident and PHOTOGENIC in front of the camera! I is jealous. ;p Don't worry, I think I look better real life. Lol.

death wish

I have a death wish. I have a death wish. I have a DEATH WISH!

Omg. I should be feeling so bad now but I don't. =.= Damn. You know what I did? I'm eating I repeat eating BUTTER COOKIES at this hour! I should just die from my fats now and get reincarnated to be a thin tall intelligent model this instant.


Nothing happened... Sigh. Never mind, I still have a hope. You know I ate Pucca strawberry biscuit and milk Loaker too?!? T.T I really have a death wish lah. Just shoot me now or sew my mouth to prevent me from eating such foods. T.T

Ps, I shall blog about a post where I talk abt my attempt at cam-whoring. FAILED. == I wasn't or was never born to be a poser. sigh.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Odd 2

I'm naturally a very messy person, but I like things to be coordinated. Odd. Lol.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


ONE of the things GAHHH! about having a little sister is they tend to take your stuff A LOT! Not just take your stuff, they mess with it too. For example, I had this Turkish bookmark from Auntie Mary. Originally it was in this plastic thingy to protect it because it's cloth. Then, SOMEONE, went and open it and dunno what she did with it. *twitch* Eventually, I found it with her. =.= Lol.

It looks like the above.

Then, you can't bully the little sisters one. You absolutely cannot make them cry. Your parents will give you one helluva scolding if you did. What to do lah. One of the cute things about younger sisters is they hung you no matter you stink or not. Lol. I get very very stinky after I walk my dogs. Truthfully, ever since I was young, all I ever wanted was only an older brother. So, I was close with my guy cousins when I was younger. I was very very tomboy when I was a kid, witness is Jeanne. Lol. ;p

I had pizza just now and I'm heavy again. Damn. =.= I have to continue cleaning my room. planning to sweep and mop the place or something. Lol.

Monday, 9 November 2009


"A man who lies is called a bastard."

"This man, he is not stupid."

I have no idea why but I found those quotes funny. You have to read the whole thingy to understand them.

I think I will peng san if another manwha will take over Naruto. That day when I saw that 'He's dedicated to roses' overtook Naruto, my jaw almost fell. All time champion Naruto kena taken over by some unknown manwha. =.=

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Midget fetish

Midget fetish. Lol. I dunno why but I find it really cute, actually I quite like the line. Don't worry, I won't suddenly go target or stalk people all of a sudden. I feel bad some times when I'm with RIDICULOUSLY tall guys. You're like, "what is wrong with you?? I bet you drank milk like crap when you were a kid", I did! In the end, it all depends on the genre though. :(

I remember I used to bang into my cousins hips or something, the bony parts, damn solid, I know very weird.Lol.

Friday, 6 November 2009


I is back! I just ate the bbq-ed food. Err, we had lala, fish and prawns. Nope, no fried chicken wings or any of those stuff. Too bad lah, truthfully I wanted to eat the pasar malam food because it's a FRIDAY! Unfortunately or fortunately, I was stuck with bbq food.

While the adults are down stairs laughing their arses off! I'm up stairs blogging. I just decided to kick myself up stairs because of reasons lah. Lol. I will try to curi go down though.

Crap, please don't tell me I'm drunk. If I am then I am the WORSE drinker there ever was. I only had like a tiny sip of tiger beer. I was and still am drinking 'sparkling juice'! Lol. Before I left, they were talking about horse shoe crabs and how horrid they taste? Lol.


Gosh. I dunno what to do with my life man.This may sound awful but I think I miss studying? 0.0 Terrifying right?

School is school but a little more disturbing than usual. Not all rainbows and unicorns, I tell you. You dunno how DISTURBED a girl can get when sitting on the stairs and as the conversation flows. Very strange, talking about cars at one point then SUDDENLY talking about 'other stuff'. Thank god some one noticed us and spared us some mercy. A couple of girls got blind in the process.

I learn some truth and got blur or felt outdated at some point. Lol. It was very 'Hummmmm' for my part or 'wooowww'.

Waiting for bbq, wonder whose coming or what we're eating. *drools*

Ps, Is a bb-gun banned in Malaysia? I haven't seen one in AGES! Lol

Thursday, 5 November 2009

The curious case of Benjamin Button

I felt depressed after watching the movie. It's not a happy movie, it makes you think about life and DEATH.

I thought the movie was pretty good though, but rather sad. He came to the world an old man but left as a baby. I thought it was really sweet when both of them finally caught up with each other in the middle though. It was a very heart-warming scene. I guess it would suck to be an immortal, to see everyone around you die before your eyes. T.T I rate this movie a 7/10.

Cate Blanchett
She's crazy. I thought she looked extremely graceful through out the whole film. I have never seen anyone said 'I need to pee' so gracefully before. I mean if she was not graceful, how could she have played the elfish queen from The lord of the rings?

I was enchanted by this child at the start of the movie. Doesn't she look adorable? FINE, I though she was cute because of her red hair lah! So I went to do the most sensible thing, I went to GOOGLE about her. And do you know who's sister she turned out to be? Dakota Fanning's sister! Her name is Mary Elle Fanning and she's 11 years old. Dunno if it's insult to injury though, she was acting as a 6 year old. Lol. She has the youthful appearance like her sister lah but can look mature when dressed up.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

the ugly truth

I just finished watching 'The Ugly Truth'. The movie is ok and all but it's SERIOUSLY sick at some parts. I'm not joking but it depends on your definition of 'sick'.
I give the movie around a 6/10? I though the most 'errrrr' scene was at the restaurant. *Blush* I adore the casting, they are quite good. Katherin Heighl and Gerard Butler! How can you not call them awesome lah. I begin to doubt the 'truth' though. Lol. The movie's good for some laughs though.

Abby : I am not desperate!
Abby : Why, did you think I sounded desperate?
Mike : Listen to you. Desperately asking me if you sounded desperate?

Ps, should I continue watching 'Knocked up'? I stopped half way because couldn't tahan. Lol.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The curve!

Today I went to the curve with a certain friend of mine, her name is Jiemin. Lol. Anyways, here's the deal. We reached the curve pretty early. Early enough to catch a film called Cloudy with a chance of meatballs!
I thought the movie was pretty good actually, but Flint was so NERDY! I never saw such a nerdy character before! I never can understand why not a lot of people enjoyed the movie, probably because the launch of UP kinda stole the audience. I rate it a 8/10? Lol.

The cinema was DEAD empty I tell you. Like only 5 people inside! Don't get me started on the commercials they had I tell you. The movie was supposed to start at 11.30am but it actually started at 11.50am! They played all the trailers and crap advertisements on the credit cards and all.

While we were at the counter paying for the ticket we actually got a scratch and sniff card! The picture looked like that:
All these happened before the movie. I tried it out first but I couldn't smell anything but ink and paper. Then when it came to Jiem, damn crazy. She was scratching the paper almost every where. She even TRIED the glass and attempted to use water in the process. This is called DETERMINATION. Lol. I was there to witness the whole event. *Proud* Sadly, in the end, we couldn't smell anything and concluded that the paper was too old.

The curve is boring man, all the shops were closed and the flee market wasn't open right? Seriously empty! I love the emptiness but hated the fact that a lot of shops were closed. Actually, they don't have enough shops lah. Lol. Btw, I found out the beauty of Subway, Jiem kindly guided me through the whole process. She did not as much shopping as usual, sad for her. ;p

Ps, Baby Brett is frippin' scary I tell you, even freakier in his chicken fighting mode! Lol. Sorry fetch you back so late! Lol. A christmas carol!

Monday, 2 November 2009

Girls in love

I never knew that girls in LOVE were such scary.. people? Anyways, my advice, you see a girl in love, you stand as FAR as possible as to avoid any unnecessary injuries. :DD Peace.

People in love have unstable emotions.
Sounds ridiculous or cute but yes, should be quite true. I think..

Lovely Complex is soooo CUTE! Otani is adorable but he's short. I wanted him to be AT LEAST 170cm but he's only like 150+cm and he's like 16! =.=

Sunday, 1 November 2009


I seriously dunno what to blog about today. I'm THAT bored. Let me have a recount of what happened today. Lol.

I woke up and had 2 butter biscuits for breakfast.

I went for violin classes which lasted 50 minutes and I still sound horrible..? Lol

Me and my dad scouted for hamburgers but unfortunately- a&w had only ONE counter serving [And we all know how incredibly fast they are right?] and McDonalds was FULL! So we went for Sushi King [Bloody expensive]

Went to a DVD shop and got myself some DVDs!

Watched ghosts of girlfriends past
I adored the movie! But I'm a chick-flick kind of girl, so probably not a professional review. Probably give it a 8/10 The movie is like the type that's hilarious for the time being but not timeless. You'll get bored after a few plays.

After that, SEVEN POUNDS!
The movie was ok but not in my list of favourites though. I can't wait to watch 'The pursuit of happiness', it should be more impressive and no I didn't cry like crap in this movie. I didn't even CRY! I rate it a 7/10. Lol. But what Ben told the blind dude in the beginning was harsh. Waaaayyy too harsh.

After the movies, I went for a hair cut. Not much difference from my old hair but probably thinner. Lol.

Ps, can't wait for tomorrow. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs! I hope you don't suck!