Thursday, 23 June 2011

Something cute

Comeeee, I shall now show you something uber cute.

If you're a girl, you shall fall for their charms. Most definitely. Haha. Aren't the cutest rookie group ever? B1A4!

I used to fancy Gongchan but now it's sanduel and Baro. :)

OH yeah, I'm currently being a plank and dancing for our school's performance thingy. It's our last year so why not right? HAHA. I do annoy the other dancers with my incompetence with dancing and I get constantly scolded kayu. =______=

Wish me luck that I won't trip and fall to death.


Sunday, 12 June 2011

holidays are over now.

I've been MIA for so long. Honestly, I havent been doing anything productive at all. I was thinking like 'I'm gonna study and what nots' but as always, I dunno how I procrastinated. 2 weeks passed by me without any realisation. That's just scary.

Anyways, 5 months left. Everyone's doubting that I'm gonna do well. My parents, teachers, people and myself. I've seen my grades and that's when you'll start thinking.. what am I gonna do with such grades?

I'm those type of people who knows that everything takes effort. We're just rather lazy to do anything that takes effort. I know our faces are slap worthy. Haha. I should really do something before its too late though. :o if others understand something before you do, don't get frustrated.. just try again. :) I do feel like an idiot when I'm talking with my friends sometimes. Yesh, they're damn smart. =________=

My dad's starting to fuss me though. Telling me to enjoy life after SPM. Maybe I should do just that. :)

Anyways, Good luck to every 2011 SPM takers. :) Do our year proud! :D

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