Saturday, 14 June 2008


er.i haven't been blogging yeah.stuff happened.etc etc.but 4 me is still kinda same old same old.
i went to rome/paris!last weeeeekkk!gosh i miss those 2 country a lot!except the toilets and prices.1 euro = RM5 something.expensive expensive.tsk
we had a oral speaking on friday,either show and tell or talked abt ur 2 weeks holiday.i talked abt rome and i gementar like crazy and did a horrible job?ahah?lesson learned ppl,ALWAYS prepare for something important b4 u do it.

when in rome do as the romans do.i did 1 and that is sleep!at 9-10 something!u have to admit lah they do sleep u noe.[a wee bit idiotic/weirdo-ish?well we can't b all gems rite?lol.xP]

oh yeah me and jiem went shopping today.buying present lah.and we send quite a lot.i guess,well overall the story was that we buy a present rite and don't but so much 4 ourselves rite.but it kinda when the opposite and we were like y did we buy these things?y?depressed etc etc.then got over it.and it turns out the person we were buying 4 was information lah.then we went paranoid a day