Sunday, 13 April 2008

i am me genuine as i already am

hey ppl i noe u guys miss my posts!*not* forgot all the ideas i wanted to type in this post..*bubble face on* gahhhh!lol..btw does my title makes sense to u?
-hmm k..erm i shall tell u stuff that happen in my life 4 the past few days~i watched L :change the world..L says to near 'who is a mathematical genius mind u' 'no matter how TALENTED u r u cannot change the world' i do agree wif that..even though I'm not naturally talented yadah yadah..the most WORST idea is killing's should never b taken away..but u noe life..haih..innocent lifes get taken away so easily.. :((((and ppl just whine whine and WHINE! abt how horrid their lifes r me![whining is not a good thing][remember that*]
-and faith say i'm dead cuz i lost my phantom of the opera workbook..and dunno where to buy and i keep getting teh LOOK! from the english teacher lol..i dunno y also lol!and i do not like the LOOK!mind u..xDDD
-i was gonna talk abt imperfection=perfection but then not enough spaces..all well

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

i got tagged by dang dang danggg!!'Jeanne!'=DDDD
Real Name: Ong Chia Yee
Nickname: chia yee, cy, charlie[not used much[preferably not xDD], sleepy head, girl
Married: oh look there's no ring on my fourth finger!
Male/Female: Female
High school: Sekolah Sri Sedaya
College: not yet lah..aussie 1 mayb?
Are You A Healthy Freak?: stupid question!look how healthy i am lah..[ans-nahhh]
Do You Have A Crush On Someone?: nahhh..
Do You Like Yourself: i guess so?0.0

Surgery: erm..nooo?none that i can think of..
Person You See In The Morning: maid
Award: erm..sports and grammar[consolation]?
Sport You Join: high jump[i did it like only 2 times?],badminton and running
Vacation: some where in m'sia :D
Drinking: shandy
I'm About To: homework..SLEEP!!

Your future..
Want Kids: no more than 2..please!!
Want To Get Married: yessh?xDDD
Careers In Mind: I dunno..let faith decide for me..=D[hope it has good pay xDDD]

Which is better?

Lips Or Eyes?: eyes?
Hugs Or Kisses?: hugs!!
Shorter Or Taller?: Taller!!!=DD
Romantic Or Spontaneous?:both mayb?i dunno lol
Sensitive Or Loud?: Sensitive?
Troublemaker Or Hesitant?: Troublemaker!lol xDDD

Have you ever..
Kissed A Stranger?: nahhh..and neverrr!!
Drank Bubbles: [i think xD]
Lost Glasses / Contacts: contacts also..glasses niah..
Ran Away From Home: nahh.not interested..too troublesome also =X
Liked Someone Younger: not really..
Liked someone older: yeshhh!
Broke someone's heart: err..nooo..of course no lah!
Been arrested: nopee
Cried when someone died: i think so..

Do you believe in..

Yourself?: ahaha..not really..=X
Miracles: Yesshh..
Santa Claus: hey if u believe in him then his alive lah..
Magic: yeshh?
Angels: they r everywhere..=DDD

Answer truthfully..

Is There Someone You Want To Be With Right Now?: erm..frens,cousin?
Do you believe in God?: Yes.

Tag 5 people:
erm..not enough ppl to tag so ppl who wanna do then do lah!:DDDD