Saturday, 25 April 2009


No doubt, they are a seriously awesome band! :DD I love love LOVE them! :DD

Sorry, I couldn't find the official videos. They got taken away by Warner Bros. But their still good.. I suppose. Lol.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

neh neh

I am LITERALLY drooling when ever I watch the trailer of


It absolutely looks awesome lah.. Drools a bit more.. *slaps face* Lol. Honestly, this year there's lots of awesome movies I want to watch lah. There's 'Make it happen', 'Transformers 2', 'Terminator salvation'. Oh my gosh, so many awesome movies and so little time. T.T. GAHH! The trailer is on again.. I'm currently 'multi-tasking', watching tv and blogging. My sis is upstairs watching, 'Eight below'. Lol.

I should really stress myself out about PMR. Lol. I mean if you abruptly bring up about PMR, I would probably go like
'ah? oh yeah, that..hahah..' *change subject*

I need to get exceptionally good grades but I'm so not serious about it. WHAT TO DO?!?! I want to get at least *cough* 6 As? :DD If that happens I would definitely be on cloud 9. :DD It'll be awesome, end of the year, I gonna line up lots of activities. *smiles

PS, I think Lady Gaga is cool, she has a unique sense of style which is really original. So that's awesome. :DD

Sunday, 12 April 2009

energizer bunny

You know when you get those feelings..? Like when your pulse suddenly quickens, excitement just naturally builds up or something like that? Lol. Oh yeah don't get the wrong idea, this is sooo not about your first crush or something like that. Lol.

There's three words that give me those feelings. AND they are!

BOYS OVER FLOWERS (korean version)!

Poor Danielle has to listen to me gush about the show every single school day. Duh, she sits just next to me, so there's no way she can run from it. But she normally just ignores me with either a book or sleeps, when I talk about it. Lol. :DD
I think Jun Pyo is seriously sweet to Jan Di. :DD

If I normally watch all the sweet parts from a show or movie.. I would probably go.
"Ahhh! That's so sweet lah!!"
"My heart melts for you lahh :DD" I know, this line doesn't really makes sense.. Lol.

But next time I will do a more detailed post about this series. Lol. Now I just want them to adapt it into a flippin' DVD! :DD

Anyways back to the post topic! Lol. Today I went for badminton right. Then our (me and my neighbor- she watches BOF too! :D) usual coach didn't come so we had a substitute one. He's pretty cool, but I think I made him 'muntah darah' because i didn't land. Lol. I dunno how to play badminton. Lol. Sorry i got the height but no talent. Lol. xDD

Anyway, the court next to ours were the 'pros'. I think some of them represent their school or something. You guys should come join me. It's really nice to watch 'pro' people play badminton. :D Then there was a boy who smashed at every opportunity he had! Your suppose to do that lah but I mean seriously! I think when people jump and smash are cool. It looks scary sometimes lah, but still plenty good. Like what my title says, they are like an energizer bunny. :D