Thursday, 21 February 2008


let's start..happy belated valentine's day every1!!
as the exams r coming next week..i shall disappear from the face of the internet 'world'..
and i shall b back!after a couple of weeks or less than that..yeah i so have to cram 4 the exams..sadly..unfortunately..but i really wanna get really really good grades so i HAVE to study..wish me luck ppl!ps good luck to every1 who r going through the exams or gonna begin the exams..;0

ahhhh..and this year seriously got a lot more hw than last there r 3 form 1 class now-alpha,beta,gamma..cuz there were too many of sooo gonna die in geo and sejarah..especially geo..i don't understand that subject..just don't understand it..i dunno why..i'm not focusing at my studies this year so i mati liao loh..

so i have to go now ppl~ciao~* good luck every1!!!and yeah this blog is badly i mean typed..xDD cya in a week and days time!!;0

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

for the past few days~ tummy is so bloated..just ate steamboat!!haha!and u didn't have any!!lol..jk jk!!
ok my stories~

last Sunday we had a party 4 tim 4 his 21 birthday..which was suppose to be on the Saturday but he couldn't get a flight from Aussie to M'sia..i was in Taiping on Saturday and came home on Sunday 4 my dad's side family advance gathering dinner..the food at the restaurant was ok i guess..but was 'extremely' expensive though..
when i was at the party i saw tim whose voice changed A LOT from what i last i heard from him..about 2-3 years ago?and i saw jon jon..both of them were like 'u grew so big already..'and i almost forgot that i used to kick tim's shin when i was about 9-10?lol..ah..good memories..xPP..both of them changed..0.o and so did the others..damm..maddy is soo gonna be taller than me in a a few months time..T.T..the girl is about at my eyes..some where at that hight..tall little person..=.=..haha..and at the last of the party we were entertained by videos of my cuzzies when they were lil'..awwww were they cute then..nick had such straight hair...xDD..tim's were so cute..and manda was so adorable playing wif alex's face..and now alex is taller than me..NOOOOO!!!!!!!

and the boys went to sunway lagoon without us on now they all r in taiping already expect jon i dunno where he went to..and i am in my house typing this my post?hope u r..=D