Saturday, 4 August 2012


Ok, I sorta missed blogging. I miss the feel of the keyboard and the clicky sound it makes when I type on it. T___________T

Haven't been blogging awhile so heh, short recaps of my life with no pictures :

I've been accepted into form 6 so HUZAAAH! 
It took them long enough, I remembered thinking that if I wasn't accepted into form 6 by July, I'll straight away enter A levels and the ministry lady called me up on the 29th of June. .__.

The first thing my cousin asked me when we at a birthday dinner after I entered school:
yes, yes I do and they're really nice people. :) *contemplates* Yeaaah, they're really nice people and so are my classmates, the girls are super friendly. 

I kinda miss the food from my old school. 
We used to have fried rice, chicken, vegetables, etc... Now it's just.. fried nuggets? 

I apparently scare people..  
During my first week at school, barely anyone spoke to me. Apparently I give off a very serious and studious  vibe. .___. Laughed it off because seriousness just isn't the right word to describe my personality. Blur? Yes. Seriousness? ... no? 

Conclusion : 
Form 6 syllabus is quite tough lah especially maths. Mg, why did I not practice enough maths when I was in form 4?! I used to fail with an average of 40s. I scrapped a B+ for add maths through pure tembak-ing skills man and of course the standard is quite low for add maths so the score for a B+ was probably around... 60?