Thursday, 22 July 2010

Onemanga's going down.



Do you guys know that Onemanga is officially going down? :( We won't be able to read manga on Onemanga anymore. :( How uberly sad is that? 

Onemanga is absolutely ancient [In a good way], it was on since I was in primary school! Now it's going down while I'm in secondary school. Where am I gonna get my manga fix now? I know there's Mangafox but this is more based on a loyalty issue lah. 

I kinda go between Onemanga and Mangafox lah. 

Onemanga - Loads faster but doesn't have much manga. Updates faster sometimes. Can use key pad to go through pages.
Mangafox - Loads slowly but has more manga to choose from. 

CLICK on the picture!

I hope this is the wise one's way of protecting me. I'm getting too attached to my laptop and neglecting my homework and such. Eye sight deteriorating lagi. :(

Onemanga, you have been an awesome companion to me through all these years but I guess good things do have to end eventually..  You made me go 'awwwww' with all your sweet mangas and it was an eye opener since some writers are just-too-creative! I hope you'll come back soon and not just leave your page as a forum. Why are you people so niceee? What's gonna happen to us readers now ehh? :( Manga is too expensive to be bought lah...
I'm such an otaku now. :X

Worst case scenario :

No more manga websites?
I'll just go become a super fan girl lah.
I loveee listening to Kpop but I usually forget the members names. LOL.


Breant said...

I know what you mean ive been with onemanga for yeaaaaaars had some laughs had some tears theyre like a family member....well not really but you get what i mean kinda sad to see it go hopefully onemanga team try to put something else together...hopefull

The accidental prone. said...

Lol. I can totally relate to you lahh. It's crazy how a manga can make one laugh and tear sometimes, but it's good though! Easier to know the plot than a anime? LOL.

I know onemanga has a sister site, Then again, I do hope onemanga will eventually start uploading mangas again. :D

Breant said...

i like manga better then some anime cause you read a manga then your watch the anime adaption of a manga and its totaly different to the authers original ideas,
I hear that will also be taken down but hopefully not.

SeKret said... ( Read more about it here)

Haha, yeah I agree... oneManga allowed a lot of people to discuss a wide range of comics not just the ones that are limited in your region and also created a whole knew internet life for matter how sad that sounds but yeah...

I guess it's all the hard work down the drain for the scanlators and translators. -.- An unfortunate turn of events. Perhaps if we stop mentioning sites that are available for us to read, people won't find out about we hope. I mean, for all we know they could look at these blogs and check what sites people are placing down for "relying on this website next".

The accidental prone. said...

Breant - Dammnnn, all the nice mangas have been licensed so no more Naruto for me. :( Sad case lahh. They're planning to take down 1000manga? :0
But sometimes, the anime is better than the manga though. Lol.

seKret - Unfortunately, THEY only think about their own needs and don't acknowledge the fact that some fans don't have the means of buying mangas. The prices of some are just crazy. I suppose the companies have been losing quite a bit of money from all the manga sites? LOL.

Perhaps, but they can google those sites and shut it down again right?

SeKret said...

LoL. True..Yeah they do lose quite a bit, but you know no use complaining if there's nothing but THAT, that is going to happen...who knows maybe law will be changed when the next president comes around. :)jokes

The accidental prone. said...

Maybe, anythings possible? LOLL.