Sunday, 31 October 2010

YOU again.

Today, I went out to Sunway with Danielle and Jiem [Very wonderful people.] It was a girls day out since some one's guy couldn't come. HEHE.

Unexpectedly, I was there the earliest - 10.30am and was waiting for the 2 ladies. My dad was damn paranoid over fearing that I'll get kidnapped since I was alone there. =_____=

Thus, waiting for them, I was walking around aimlessly and had a pretzel at Auntie Annie's! I like their almond pretzel, it's YUMMY! :D

Then, I bought tickets for us - You again.

Successful PR pro Marni (Kristen Bell) heads home for her older brother's (Jimmy Wolk) wedding and discovers that he's marrying her high school arch nemesis (Odette Yustman), who's conveniently forgotten their problematic past. Then the bride's jet-setting aunt (Sigourney Weaver) bursts in and Marni's not-so-jet-setting mom (Jamie Lee Curtis) comes face to face with her own high school rival. The claws come out and old wounds are opened in this crazy comedy that proves that not all rivalries are forever.

It's actually quite good contrary to popular belief. I NEVER ever expected Kristen Bell could look so nerdy, it gave me such a shock! It's amazing what bangs, artificial pimples and glasses can do to a person. :0
Marni Olivia Olsen

I was dumbstruck when I was saw her since she IS Kristen Bell. I got to hand it to her though since she isn't afraid to poke fun at herself and I admire that. :)

I give the movie a 3/5. It's not bad and quite touching at some point. The story plot is quite firmly put on about how they can't put off their past but it tends to fly here and there. Random people show up [Tim] but it was comical relief and I find the ending unique? Grandmas having a head on! It's quite a shallow movie though.

This movie just proves how people look WAYYYY better when they're nice and not when they're bitchy.

She looks better when she's nice and Oh my goshhh! She has killer abs and height!!!! SERIOUSLYYY.
Freaky weih, she can alternately change between being a nice and bitchy girl. :0

So, after the movie. We power walked the whole day until the time we all had to leave. Me and Dani acted as body guards for someone. =_______= Then, that someone got herself a new BB cover. :)

None of us got any clothes or ANY of those stuff. All the stuff at Sunway bored me to no end. The clothes used to be nice and all but now it's quite blahh. I wear guys clothes not girls anymore. It's not a hormone issue! It's just that girl's shirt cutting doesn't quite suit me.

Farah and me on the phone

HIIII Farah, sorry but where are you?!!?
HMPH, I'm not telling you!!!
FINEEEEE but dani's here!
*passes phone*

 I didn't buy her a movie ticket since I thought she would be off with some one.. SORRY DEARRR! :(

ANYWAYS! Today was awesomeeeee! :D

Saturday, 30 October 2010

I just went to 1utama and got myself a new racket. FARALALALAAAAAAAA.

It's bright YELLOW!

I lost my old racket [My old coach has it and I dunno where he is now.] and I just played it and the paint is waring off already. :( Just the top part since I was trying to learn how to get the shuttlecock off the road. Not one of the best choices. =______=

I shall leave my house at 8.30am [who does that?!?] and going with an aunty to the badminton court. I'll proly be the most unfit one there but still.. better than not doing any sports at all right? :D

Hoot Hoot HOOT!
I think the song is damn addictive. :D

Now, if you'll excuse me, I shall continue watching My girl.

It might be ancient but it's still good! [2005]

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Oh naye yeoshin!

My exams are officially OVER

Today, I just finished my Biology paper 3. 
It was ok lah, I guessed. It's just that I didn't really study. Ehhe. 

My exams were quite brutal lah, the whole time, my head was only going to 'HUHHHHHH?! WTH IS THIS?!?!?!' mode. 
I may seem 'relatively' fine on the outside but inside is going die loh-die loh-die loh!

My blur-ishly serious face. 

I noticed that I'm NOT a morning person! *shocked*

You see, I have 2 alarms -  My big alarm (floor) and my phone alarm (On table) which I set to 5am and 6am, respectively.

When I woke up that morning, I only heard my phone alarm and I was going 'Oh sheeessssh!' So, I was trying to find my big alarm since it didn't rang and you know where I found it?

Right next to me, on my bed!

That time, I didn't care much lah since I was already sleep deprived. It's a miracle that I didn't fall into the toilet bowl already leh considering my state. Teeheeeee. :P

So.. I think my sub-conscious is quite geng. It's because my alarm has no snooze button and  the switch is at the back. The thing that freaks me out is I have no memory of switching it off! :0

Anyways, EPIC FAIL towards trying to wake up early. =_________=

 It's a nice song and the MV is cute! :D

You know, I was thinking, I add Lorelei to my list of future names for my child [I don't have one lah. Just saying] UNTIL! I knew about it's history..
 In Germanic legend, Lorelei was a beautiful siren who sat upon a rock in the Rhine River and lured sailors to shipwreck and death.

This one's not bad as well. :) 

Saturday, 23 October 2010


Oh my gosh. I wasted so much time over...

The bride of the water god!

Oh naye yeoshin, it's such a  freakin' good manwha. 
Read it if you can, it's good. SERIOUSLY.  The detail of the art is just mind-blowing! I just want to read chapter 85 now. T_____T 

HIGHLY recommended! 

I have to read through my ad maths now, TATA. 
I'm screwed for add maths and physics. Help me. =_____=

Friday, 8 October 2010

Fail lahhh.


Major fail weihhh. I said I would try to not go online for 21 days but ehhe, it's only been 4 days.

To be fair! I'm in 'resting-mode' since I just finished my tuition 2 hours ago.
So, I'm reading some stories here and there and was googling about hula hoops. I have a HUGEEEEE one at home and it's made of bamboo. It's nice to hula hoop lah but I think I look weird when I do. =_____=

I think I'm gonna study my chemistry later and then bio. I haven't gave a second thought to history yet! I have freakin' 9 chapters and it's so GAHHHHHH! I haven't been paying attention to the start of the year, I'm so dead. The only thing is I can't drop it since it's a core subject.

I do like history but the it's just text book is so boring about it. :(

Apparently, I'm quite random. My tuition teacher called Hui Chi soon to be crazy, Sheau Sze siao already and me normal but random.

CY: Huhhhh? No one calls me random wor!

I'm serious. Am I really that random ahhh? LOL.

Wish me luck in the exams and good luck in yours! :D

I like the bag! It looks vintage. :)

Monday, 4 October 2010

You fry!

People, people, PEOPLE!

My year end exams are in 2 weeks time and I have some major MAJOR catching up to do with all my studies. I'm not praying for a miracle but more of a possibility to get awesome awesome grades! Have faith in me lahhhh, even if I do come across as a blur-ish air head.


So, I'm gonna stop blogging for 3 weeks. 

The thought of it makes my heart break since I can't blog any longer within these times of confinement. So, everyone... please hope I get my lovely grades and that I succeed the battle of temptation!

I might sound slightly dramatic but hey, 21 days of no screen viewing is quite... hard.

My bet started around yesterday but I wanted to keep you guys posted about my absence.

You know, I do believe something's slightly weird with me though. When I'm doing a homework or maybe.. doing crossword puzzles.
For say.. the word 'success', if I can't find that word.. I'll quietly curse myself like so..

"If you can't even find such a simple word, how do you expect yourself to succeed?"

Words work in a strange and confusing way. I either get super motivated or I'll batal my curse and go to sleep. I'm a simple person lah. :)

Good luck PMR-ers and meeeee!
I went through it and survive so cheyyy, you guys will probably get awesome awesome grades!

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Swing swing

I just had a road trip back from Taiping and it was lazy lahh.

When I get a HUGEEE house, I'm gonna buy a HUGEEE swing as well. You see, my relative's house has this paint peeling swing there. It used to be so nice and white but I guess time had a better hit at it.. It's a circular swing that can fit 4 people.

For some strange reason, it felt just... comforting to be sitting on it. I don't have any problems with life lah. Life's been good to me, I don't have so called 'problems' like normal teens have. So, I was pondering and just enjoying the silence and security it offered me. The calmness made me feels lazy and bored, but I felt as if I was missing something somewhere though.

It'll come later in life, but just not now.

I just remembered.. while I was sitting on the swings, the aunty next-next-door was staring at me for a few seconds.  
Probably saw how handsome I was, CHEYYY! :P

No lah, my hair was wet and a towel was on my neck so that's probably why...  You don't usually see some random girl on your neighbour's swing. :D

I couldn't find a picture of the swing I was describing so this'll have to do. :D

Silence heals the soul in it's most desperate state.


There's something wrong with my blog page lah, when I press the older posts, it went to the warning page. I dunno what to do lahhhh!
Do continue reading my blog though! If you're interested in my old posts, click on the months. :D