Monday, 15 September 2008


I got a new hair cut yesterday,just a little trim here and there. Not much difference really just cut off all the dry endings part/spilt ends?=.0*quizzical look* She didn't ask for my opinion and just continued cutting,lol. Hmm,I seem to like my hair all MESSED up than neat and straight.[messy hair don't restrict your creative juices?]

err. I don't have any thing much to blog on. Oh wait i do! I have been having fantasies that i will wake up at 6.00am in the morning for just a you know. Nice little jog and such. But if i could wake up it would be an AMAZING accomplishment for me since I'm lazy etc etc.

I wanted to take my doggies for a walk but the sky was crying so i couldn't :( Bummer. I loveee Daisy,she's such a great companion to hug not much to the saliva part but still she's a darling. Danny is nicer to hug-more fur,bigger size but you never know what runs through his mind 0.0 well I dunno what dogs think but still you never know if they are actually thinking of a diabolical plan to destroy us all!ahhhhhhhh.[i don't think that would happen though but never]

I READ FINISH ALL THE PRINCESS DIARIES BOOK!J.P is so nice to Mia. sweet kid :D now I'm just waiting for the 10th book,in the mean time i shall read the 'shopaholic & sister'! I kinda kesian Luke,poor guy,his wife is extremely unreasonable while buying stuff-no self control lah. Still Becky is very the lucky to find herself a rich husband who could help pay off her bills while she's currently jobless. Next book shall be the hobbit! I haven't read finish my Narnia series yet though-malu.

wow. My blog is boring! All well,live with

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

don't have no right.

it can be absolutely annoying sometimes when you already thought of what story to type but you forgot what to type about![maybe old age is starting to catch up with me.who knows?lol.]

ish.damn.i'm getting so-called 'pressure' in disguise.yeah lah yeah lah i know my sister is you know a genius who just doesn't wanna talk and such but i might be a genius too!you never know,i might create some thing that would destroy all human beings on earth!bwahahaha.of course i wouldn't create one even if i could.all i want is WORLD PEACE ,good grades,be a genius and money!whatever.too much to in school people kena bully teruk by other people so yeah settle small to big.yay![this sounds er..dumb?][i'm no genius.i must]
*i still dunno what career i wanna go in.i better decide SOON!or else mati lah.heh.or go ever is a better option.

oh yeah.the topic that i'm gonna 'type' about tittle is the tittle!overall,agar-agar telling you parents rented out our old apartment to this bloody fella.well this fella said he was gonna stay alone or something but it turns out 10 PEOPLE were living there!they trashed the place a bit and left a very nice amount of bills.=.=.overall he wasn't a really nice person to rent to lah[my parents kena tipu by his ok-ish face]so my parents took back the apartment.the most annoying part is that he took ALL our STUFF!stove,lamps,gas and even a frigging LIGHT BULB!!
**the moral of the story is don't kena tipu by a innocent face!it may cost you and don't simply rent your old home to people.

oh is too precious to give up,you go to hell btw.don't give it up for some dumb reason.if you have to show the person how much you adore him/her by suicidal attempts,well all i can say that person is not worth you!you have wasted valuable time on the person for no reason!so just move on,it might be painful but at least you showed that person you are strong and you will find someone who will appreciate you :DD*i know everyone knows about this stuff but i was bored!lol.sugar rush by the roti tisu with massive amounts of sugar!*

Sunday, 7 September 2008

paper kite.

thanks for introducing me to the world of anime.sweet cousin of mine.=]

I'm have been addicted to the princess diaries lately.I for one think it's a nice/humourous book.She is so obsessed over Michael,which is kind of the reason why it's funny.heh.Oh yeah.I'm been swearing again lately,not really good lah.Blame the book!shopaholics series.there's a lot of f and bloody,but no worries!I will try to stop swearing.It's possible.=D I'm going back to the word sheeeep.

This morning,when I was washing my hand,I suddenly remembered this kiddy story about a dog,snake and a family.It agar agar goes like this[not mordern,it's kampung version life style]-this family adopted this dog to jaga their house and stuff.One day,both the parents went out or something so they left the dog with their baby.Eventually,this snake went to the house,then the dog murdered it.After a while,they both came back for the shock of their lifes.The dog had snake blood over his mouth[but they didn't know,they thought it was the baby's],so the dad killed the dog and the mom rushed in to see if the baby was alive and such.In the end,they were depressed because they just killed an innocent dog for absoultely no REASON!
moral of the story-don't accused innocent animals/humans for something they didn't do.Find out the truth first.[excuse me from my bad sentences and such=D]

I fell on the stairs yesterday and had a tiny wound on my shin.heh.funny.I was at Ikano.After i fell ,i was like.'ahhh.bloody!'how dumb am i to fall down from a 2 step staircase?Appartently,