Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Korean Mvs

Lately, I have again gotten the korean wave? I on manga and anime wave but I don't usually get on the Korean group wave? I otaku not fangirl but I can't predict the future so who knows? ;p

How I kena AGAIN?
Mnet Scandal.

Who told me about it?

How did SHE tell me about it?
Hey, I watched this video. They make a Korean singer date a normal girl for a week?

Something along those lines. I.watched.and.was.HOOKED!

Nichkhun from 2pm!
Damn nice skin

Isn't he just ridiculously cute? Yeah he is! Ok, enough with flaunting about his looks. He is a good singer. I think so lah, I dunno about you though. He was born in America? Then move back to his native country, Thailand. Got scouted in America and went to Korea.
It's cool though, that would mean he knows 4 languages - Thai, English, Korean and Mandarin.


He and his 'pretend'

I thought he and Ji-Su? were very cute together and much more sensible. Taecyeon has good English, he migrated to America?

Anyways, I am done with this short minor topic so I shall stop about it. I dunno much about this industry so cannot simply talk mah. After I say something wrong then all the fangirls attack me then howw? As if I am famous enough to kena attacked but precaution mah. ;p

Mnet Scandal is REALLY good! Go watch if you have time! :D

All I want is their nice skin and dancing skills. :P


Jwxwei said...

hallelujah! about time some kpop content appeared 8D I dno why but I kindof prefet 2am over 2pm @_@ But I still like them both lah :D

The accidental prone. said...

I haven't really listen to them both yet but I WILL! Must be patient sikit. LOL. NICHKHUN! :DDDDD

I like only like the korean version of techno? Lol. I dunno, they are really good. 0_0