Friday, 3 October 2008



i have been thinking about that word 'responsibility' and i have came to a conclusion,i don't think i'm cut out for it with completely no experience.that's why i failed terribly at it as a monitor last year because of numerous confrontation problems which i undoubtedly possessed in a new school.i am now pretty glad that alvin passed me greatly!'s just great he's wayyy better than me.but i guess i could be a good monitors if i saw how people ran first.all well.all i just want is a bright future..i still have no goal nor ambitions in life[currently] which result to 1 word..SHIT.

hmmm.i wonder what i would be good in,i guess i'm surrounded by geniuses but i'm not 1 of them.sadly i still dunno what i would be good at.ahhhh..prodigys are every where,if you see this kid 'geram' at doing something in particular watch that kid grow,you never know how they will turn out like -*p
you know there's a lot of attention seeking kids out there some even from childhood to adulthood.some thrive so much i mean A LOT until they would do anything for it.aiya the not serious 1s are the naughty kids.heh.all well.

oh yeah,as some of you guys know i have been hooked on once again on watching the shipuuden series,or maybe the correct term reading the manga yeah.they have gotten pretty strong,i think that sasuke leaving konoha was good after all,if not naruto and sakura wouldn't be as determined to get yeah conclusion?
competition isn't all bad,it's actually quite good =D

i'm pretty much screwed humans reading my blog.haha because i HAVEN'T studied a freaking subject and exams are pretty close so yeah wish me luck.and my sentences may be wrong and such forgive me.haha.and the stuff i wrote here are pretty much 'dumb' so yeah.hoped you enjoyed it!