Saturday, 21 February 2009

my legs.

Yesterday was my schools annual third [probably?] cross country.
Crazy amazing right?

It was crazy, all the people looked prepared and well.. nervous. I suppose. lol. It started at approximated 9 am. Everyone was separated into 4 categories.
First category- Form 1-3 girls
Second category- Form 4-5 girls
Third category - Form 1-3 boys
Fourth category - Form 4-5 boys

I think I got the second and third category right. Lol. So we started at the arch and was gonna running already. So the girls were stationed in the front and BANG!
All the flipping form 1s were like running like mad PEOPLE! I should know because I squeezed myself to the front to have get a lead. *cough* Lol. They were not preserving their stamina, even though they had speed. Shame. Anyway I lost track of the winner in my category. She was FAST!

Anyway in the mid way of the race, I was DYING. My breathing was seriously loud. Well not as loud as a motorboat for say, but very loud. Lol. Anyways, I drank from two kind people who were wiling to share their water with me. Lol. I was half running and walking all through the cross country. And I will NEVER believe people who say 'I'm not ready for the race, I'm so unfit now!' Eh, let me tell you something, in the end they run like crazy fast, keeping to their speed all through their run. Lol.

Anyway, my conclusion is.. I can't do long distance running, and I'm very the unfit. xDD lol.

Don't they look all so innocent? The middle is Kaname btw. Lol.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

the long awaited videos. =D

My sifu [jeanne] already ajar me how to post videos. bwahaha! lol. so enjoy. =D

Saturday, 14 February 2009

the day

Love is blind..
Those were the words that were quoted by Wiliam Shakespear.

Today as EVERYONE know is Valentine dayy! It's international love dayy! I heart you people! Spread the love. =DD
To couples out there- have a nice and 'healthy' relationship!
To singles- your soul mate will come one day, don't worry. =D

Towards the quote above, my advice.. well er not really advice, I haven't been in relationships before [i'm so guai..perasan. lol] probably words of wisdom? Lol.
Accept how your true love is, even how unperfect she or he is, because you might not come across it again, it might be a one shot thing. =D
Be like me, I have accepted the fact that 'one day' he will not be perfect, he can't cook, can't wash, can't anything.. virtually useless, but I just adore him. Lol. Unfortunately he won't be like Chiaki. T.T It's saddening how the world isn't fair. Lol.

I think this is a ranting post, but I'm not sure.. I feel sleepy. Lol. My family is so unromantic. Lol. We just celebrated it at a food court, eating food.. Lol. But awesome rojak. Lol. Ok maybe we'r enot unromantic but just want to keep it simple and we're far too lazy. Lol. Valentine day was meant to celebrate with your loved ones, don't forget it. Lol. Last year, we wanted to go to Sunway or some where after the LDP but we decided to eat at the McD because it was far too jam. Lol.

I loveeee 300, the movie is so so awesome! Gerard Butler.. awesome actor, sighs, lol. Anyway, a new actor [to me] who I will pay attention too. =D Lol.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


How long has it been since I last posted..? Hmmmm.. aiyah, do the math later. Lol. This is just gonna be a short post, because I have flippin' Chinese essay to do! Yay! The hardest subject in my opinion! Lol. If you are wondering.. yes I do suck at this language, thank you. My degree is like a what? Standard 3!! Yes it's THAT bad! And I suppose, I'm trying to do something about it. Lol. How ironic man, my parents are like great in Chinese, and I suck at it. Lol. The essay is about you losing your dog, and your writing an article to like - anyways it's like the lost poster thing.. and there's a poodle on it! Lol.

I love Red Cliff 2! Awesome awesome fight scenes! I like the Takeshi and the other 'young' king fella[I dunno his name..]. =DD But in my opinion, the filming in the first movie was much better. But more fight scenes in the second! Yes, I quite enjoy 'FAKE' bloody fight scenes, it puts my heart at ease to know they have blood bags in the armors. =] Should be lah.. the blood bags or something simpler. I have no idea. Maybe I should do something in the filming industry... who knows? Director maybe? Ahahaha. I'm so funny. *cough*perasan*cough*

You know, I find it quite amusing. when people go like:
"You suck!"
" REALLY?! Thank you!!" *smiles
the little boy was giving the 'th?!' look. Lol.