Wednesday, 29 July 2009


What do you think about them rings? I bought them from the Curve a few weeks or a month ago. Lol. From the camera screen they 'may' look nice lah but when i saw from the computer... they looked like ass crap lah! Lol.

Rings are just symbols or objects, they don't mean a thing. We're connected by ties, what matters most is us. No?

The day before, the english class was arguing about it. Lol. Jiem wrote a weird essay, and it recuires you digging your brother-in-law's grave to get your wedding ring. Apparently the brother-in-law died and she found the ring on his finger and want it back lah.Lol. Then we[the realistics] were arguing about how stupid that you have to go all through of digging the grave to get a wedding ring when you can just tell your husband you either lost it or your dead brother-in-law has it. Then the others were like HELL NO! The ring has sentimental values and it would sadden your husband if he knew you could just lose your ring like that, like you don't value your marriage. Lol.

If it was me, I would just atraight away tell my husband lah! I mean why go through all those crap problems right? Lol. And if my husband got pissed about it and told me to go dig the grave to retrieve the ring back. I would slap him and get a divorce lah! Lol. Come on! He values the ring more than me! Lol.

Anyway, eventhough it's a weird essay, it was VERY [not being sarcastic] creative essay. I only talked about the main point. Lol.

Ass crap, monthly exam is next week and I haven't studied at ALL! Actually, I don't even care about it...? What's important is the trial exam and PMR right? RIGHT?

Ciao~ gonna be absent for the week. :D
Btw, a lot of people are sick recently...
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Sunday, 26 July 2009


I'm just a human.. so i'm allowed by any means to scream, cry and throw tantrums as much as I want. I'm not perfect as it seems. I go fat and go thin (very seldom, my goal is to go down like.. 4kg more?). I get sick and healthy. I get touched and maybe cry some times. Normally I cry when I'm being scolded lah. So before you judge my behaviors, look in the mirror and then talk. But I honestly think you wouldn't do so after you're done reflecting your ownself.

Normally some people are really good at writing stuff like that ^ but i'm baddd at it. Lol. I totally need some self reflecting. Help people and be less spoilt.

Lately, I have TONS of mosquito bites on my arm and my mom was like being an actual 'beauty mom' lah. Lol.

The chia yee Danielle system is very effective.

Cy: Danniii~ what's saunter?
Dani: *Demontrates Swaying around her sit?*
Dani: NO! That's not it. Erm.. *Demontrates walking figure with fingers* Like hands in the pocket walking down the street. You know.
Cy: OH! Like super gaya right? Haha.

Yes yes, that's the benefit of having a smart partner. =DD I tell you, TONS of BENEFITS one. =DD

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Just to remind youofme.

It was taken.. quite long ago. Lol. It's pictures of magazine and of course peter pan and a headband (Before you jump to conclusions! It's not real.. unfortunately. Lol.)I need to brush up on my skills, NOT that good. NOW back to homework. Lol. Btw, I got an iPod Shuffle, the older version. It's grey and sweet. :DD

Ps, I , saya, wo, want to watch HARRY POTTER !:DDD
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Monday, 6 July 2009

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13. A song : Candy candy
14. A celeb : Cameron Diaz