Saturday, 26 September 2009

Let's call it hope.

I will aim for, waiittt, MEMANG aim for 7As! There's a saying that goes, 'Aim for the moon, if you don't get the moon, you will still get stars', or something like that. Lol. I'm not sure.

Anyways, lately I have been chanting to myself, "When there's a will there's a way!" We must never give up hope, now I study like crap for my Geografi and Kemahiran Hidup. I got my 2nd trial results and I got B for them! Yayy! I used to fail in these subject. Hmmm, I have to start on my sejarah already, I can't afford to fail, I only got a C for it. Shame. I think I might get a B for my BM in PMR, because it's extremely hard to get an A and I have a poor grasp on the subject but if I'm lucky enough, an A would be nice. :D

With a tiny ounce of Hope and a bit of effort, nothing is impossible. Anything is achievable.

7 days left in countdown. Good luck everyone.

Go read the manga Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu, very very bitter sweet. It's supposedly completed already but they haven't translate finish yet. Oh yeah, they have a movie coming out this year but the trailer didn't exactly 'tempt' me.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


AHHHH! I was bored so I picked some pictures out, but their kind of boring though. Hmmmmm. * Deep in thought*

Creepy chicken


Ahhh, vase how you understand me.

My favourite of the lot. I thought the lighting was awesome :DD

AHHH! There's something wrong with me! Probably the fats got to me and are now gagging me, but anyhow.cLooked through Science today and ah it's ok lah. I have Geografi tomorrow, oh the fun~*Cries in the background*

Oh just shoot me! I would LOVVVEEE to have a pro camera! I may sound spoilt now but I want to take nicer pictures? Unfortunately, my current camera, it's an old Sony Cybershot can't really go to that level.. I only take photography as a hobby so I don't need a cangih one. Lol. So, is anyone interested into donating one for me? :DDDD I promise to care and love it! Lol.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Oh my gosh. Scared the crap out of myself just now. Lol. Currently watching Shakugan no Shana episode 24 [final] of season 1. I was wearing the head phones and forgot how loud it was and was woah! Because the song was really dark and had the people going singing 'opera like'. Those songs creep me out at time... especially when your alone. Even WORSE! 0.0

I done reading The One and Akuma to Love song, until it's updated of course. They are real eye-openers. I haven't really noticed how people or more accurately girls can be so scary lah. *shivers* Even though I myself am a girl, but I think I am particularly lazy. Do 'fans' really torture girls who they date the 'school's prince'- [really hot guys who are constantly admired at]? Lol. I don't think it really happens lah, not realistic.

I know that normal people have to put in more effort to get to the level of a genius. So, it's like the hydrogen oxygen test. 2[Geniuses] to 1[normal people]. I have to put in 5 times more to get my goal. T.T I hope I don't die in the real world. Lol They say you will feel damn siok/satisfied if you achieve something by your own two hands. :DD

Currently multitasking between maths and Shakugan no Shana. Ciao. have a fun raya!! :DDDDDDDD

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Oh my dearie.

Lalalalalaaaa~ Hari Raya Holidays are next week~! But Chia yee has to stay at home and ACTUALLY study. Lol. Wish me luck that I will succeed. :DD I seriously need to study, PMR is so close that it isn't funny anymore! 20 DAYS!!!!!!

I have Maths and Geo second trial tomorrow, hopefully I will get As for both those subject. I need to BUCK UP man. I have been too care free about PMR and I really can't afford to get poor results. My grades were really disappointing to say the least. I failed 2 subjects, KH-45 and SEJARAH-48. *Stares* I only got 60 for my BM and 65 for my Science. *STARES!* I must confess, I did peak. ;p Those were my first trial marks.

HAH, today we had our science exam, I did my paper 1 in a daze. SERIOUSLY, after I was done, I was drawing humans limps. Lol. Paper 2 ok lah, not that bad.

Oh yeah, I was doing the 'kertas sebenar PMR' for Maths. The paper 1 was so easy!! 0.0 Except for that ratio question lah, I still haven't found a solution for it yet. The subject I'm most worried of is Kh and Bm. Bm is seriously hard to score an A, I think.

Anyways, Good luck PMRians! Get awesome awesome grades but worse than mine. Joking. :D

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Biological clock

WHEEEEEE~! I feel oh so terribly sleepy now.

My biological clock is seriously messed up. All my sleeping time is messed up. Er, as all students would know, we just has our 1 week holiday last week. I totally took advantage of the opportunity and slept quite late. Err, it's not exactly super late lah, just around 3am every 'morning'. So weird lah, I set my alarm at 11am and I wake up to turn it off and just straight went to sleep till 2pm.

Sooo yeah, school just started for the second day, body still can't 'adjust' itself. Probably need at least a week. Gahh, having PMR trials now. :(

I just predicted that I will fail 2 subjects, whippie! Namely, Sejarah and Kemahiran Hidup. I totally had it coming lah, studying the night before as if that would help unless your have photographic memory lah. For oneee whole week, I didn't study and went to read mangas, how idiotic lah. I should have studied! Still, I learn from my mistakes and will look through the KH test paper. The sejarah questions are just too weird! Lol.

Mann, I can't wait till PMR is over, I can do whatever I want within limits lah of course.

Today is my 5 year old sister's birthday! So happy birthday to her. :D I hope you get back your ability to converse with everyone. Don't worry we still have a chance. I don't have any pictures in this laptop so I will post a picture post or something of her lah. :D

Ps, I have science morrow. Good luck everyone. I will be READY for 2nd trials, I swear.