Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Jig is up (SPM RESULTS)

Got my results promptly at 11am in the morning. They had all the Form 5 hurdle up at the physics room and gave us our results in alphabetical order. As always, there was tears, laughter and a tinge of regret flowing through the room.

Anyways, *drums roll*


So, let my results be a reminder to not fool around when you're studying. You'll get this type of results if you procrastinate and read manga while you're on your study break. HAHA.

Study hard kids and bedazzle everyone with your straight A+s (Cemerlang Tertinggi) results!

LOLLLLLL. Look at Yong's face.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Tomorrow's gonna be a headache. 

I'm not exactly mentally prepared for it but I'm feel calmer than expected because we're getting our SPM results morrow. It may not be as big as STPM and all those other exams but a lot of people stop schooling after receiving their results. In job interviews, the usual minimum requirement is SPM right? 

I can still remember the day I received my PMR results, I was annoyed and nervous until a teacher came over and shook my hand. (I was just at the entrance of the staff office) He was congratulating me and I was dumbstruck with an 'eh?' Turns out, I got 5 As. I thought that I had flunked the whole thing. *Wipes brow*

SPM is a WHOLE different story. 

There's A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+ .. The list goes on and gone with the basic A B C D. I won't deny that it's not stressing me out. 

Anyways, picture time! I normally skip all the words from a blog post (depends on the mood) and look at the pictures. soon, you shall find that all the pictures aren't in particular order and are irrelevant to the topic. 

Waaaaaah, when did I become so long winded? -______-

 Yong's sloth mode with the bean bag

Chicken chop! 

Dad stuck my sister's sticker on Jippo's head and he didn't even notice it on his head. So cute. :3

Confession :

I had a panic attack while I was on my study leave for SPM so I decided to read the whole dragon ball in secret. Mind you, Dragon ball was really good and I felt guilty for reading it because I was supposed to be studying. I was even fighting the urge to read One Piece which had more than 600 chapters. 

I get very weird panic attacks so I just do anything that's the opposite of studying. If not, I would be crying and that's kinda embarrassing. .___. 

In conclusion, I didn't study much but I hope my SPM will be ok. I was bad at dividing time to study. So at one point, I read through too much of sejarah since I've never touched that book in Form 4. Be one of those success stories where kids actually lock themselves in their rooms to read and nothing else. They have my respect, my attention span is too short to do anything out of shear studying will. 


Saturday, 17 March 2012

Mushroom presence

Oh gosh, it's been AGES since I last blogged. I haven't been up to anything much lately, just enjoying my holidays while I still can before I enter Form 6. 

No, you did not misread my sentence. 


*banshee scream*

Well, it's either form 6 or A levels and I'm kinda broke now so hopefully the school I'm planning to enter will accept me. Current career in mind is to be a veterinarian. 

Dr Chia yee. It does have a nice ring to it right? :D 

Anyways, the only university that offers this program is UPM and it's a public university. Hence the reason why I'm still continuing the government syllabus and studying overseas cost a bomb without a scholarship. So yeaaaaaah, I'll be joining the new modular system this year. It'll be quite messy, I can imagine but hopefully it won't be like the controversy over Interlok. That was a racial case though, so it's quite irrelevant to the system as a whole, screw that. Wrong example.

Truth be told, I've never once read any of the novels that we were supposed to read. (From Form 1 till Form 5) Synopsis all the waaayyy! 

It does feel nice blogging again, typing on the keyboard with all it's clicky sound.I like blogging, don't get me wrong but I'm just lazy to organize my pictures and watermark them. *Blush* I'll start blogging (regularly) but I doubt anyone even reads my blog anymore. :O