Friday, 26 June 2009

Fruits basket

Ahhh, I am FINALLY done with reading Fruits Basket.It was a LOONG journey but I pulled through and it's a cool manga lah. Took me a few days lah but I can't remember when I started reading it. Lol. No joke ok, 136 chapters and each has like 31 pages but the last had like 48 pages?

After this manga I am sooo not gonna read any other, I get seriously addicted I tell you! I was like so lifeless, I pressurized myself to finish my homework or stuff like that to on my laptop to read the manga. I have no life honestly. Lol. It's exciting for me lah, to like read mangas and stuff, it makes me feel as if I have a goal but now I'm lost,I can't remember what I did before I read the manga.Have to start studying. Sighs, PMR.

Awww~ Kyo! and Tohru before their relationship blossomed! =DD

And Kyo and Tohru when their love did blossom!=DD [Just ignore the words at the side and focus on the middle!]

Yes yes, I know I read shoujo mangas, it's hormones. Lol. It's a very sweet manga especially at the end.Though I am not very satisfied with the ending, I couldn't even see their faces lah! I could only see their backs. I wanted to see them raise their child, at least a glimpse also never mind! Lol. I wanted to see Kyo panic. All well, you can't win them all.I thought it was cute when Shigure say unappropriated words towards Tohru, the boys would be at the back breaking their knuckles.

Btw, I almost cried at the part when Kyo transformed into his 'original form' but Tohru still ran after him because she didn't want to lose him. Awww~ It was very Very sweet. Lol.And all the people from the Sohma family are good looking. 0.0

Ps, the characters look better in the manga than the anime, probably. Never watched it before. Lol.

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