Wednesday, 31 March 2010

alter ego

If ever I had an alter ego, she would be as pretty as this lady. She'll probably be partying and doing all sorts of things, while I stay at home... doing my homework? HAH! Fat chance, maybe blogging lah.


Oh damn, why do ang mohs look so good in pictures like that? I mean it kinda looks common but still!It's so very pretty, I'm inspired to take pictures like that. For that I need -
  • A dslr.
  • Photoshop.
  • A MODEL.
And I'm sure, you're seen this picture going around!

I think it's urberly cute. :D

I thought of TONS of words to type about but I'm far too lazy lah. :)

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


School was blah. the last 3 periods were free period, which was english, sejarah and maths.
English and maths teacher went to the MSSD badminton matches as chaperons.

Sejarah is ALWAYS free period lah. SERIOUSLY, no joke. If you went into our class, you wouldn't even think a teacher was in it. Now I really worry for my sejarah and hope I won't die in my midyear since I'm doing horribly in school. Then sejarah teacher laughed at our suggestion of making 'fill in the blanks' notes for us. Like a whole sentence with blanks, you have to fill in the key words.

We had this weird thought that maybe I'm her favourite student or something. I wouldn't understand why lah, I only got 50% in her class. Since, I'm the only one she calls my full name like, XXX CHIA YEE! and gives me full throne eye contact! I look like damn serious and node my head but I'm actually damn blur. ;p

All in one, she's a nice teacher lah. Wth, the boys were telling her to change her Hyundai car, because got no power. =.=

Oh lady, You look so glam.

Monday, 29 March 2010

You can't contain us.

Now in Malaysian time is 10.40pm.

Omg, that's bloody late lah. I haven't bathed and need to sleep soon. I desperately need sleep, my face and body is taking the shit for me and it's showing. SLEEP is required. My gosh, how many homework is overdue lahhh?

Had add maths tuition today for 1 and a half hours. We used it all to do like what 20 questions only? *Shame*

Then me and Sheau Sze went high talking about guys. Then, Hui Chi and teacher were talking about business and were shaking their heads at us. ;p It relieves stress lah!

Like our theory that all the not bad looking guys stay at home for no reason. WHYY?? Go outside to do sports or something! Be more proactive lah! I mean in our area lah. :p The only people you see hanging around the park are 12 year olds. =.=

Logan Lerman

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Today we had marching practice and yours truly.. didn't march AT ALL. *High five!* 

Eh, I had a perfect reason lah. Leg sprained, so yeah. I wanted to march so I know what to do on sports day but my feet all weird and loose and blehhhh. So, I went out of line and walked around the line. 
Is it a shy factor or something because I can't talk loud in school. I damn shy and everything. =X

We had tarik tali for sports houses today. :D Guess which house had a perfect score? Guessss whhoo??


I feel so proud. :D  I was supposed to be pulling but I am injured right? So I gave my place to Rue Ee and thank god she quite strong. 2nd puller you know, don't play play. I unintentionally get semangat and was shouting "1, 2, PULL!" with them. I must have looked freaky. 0_0

On another note...
I beh tahan children. They are like wind up little toys who constantly stalk you and talk about every little detail! What is the meaning of this crap?! *bangs head*

I'm thinking, maybe I've been an only child for like what..? 10 years? That's why I can't handle children. They are cute for the first ten minutes. After that, I on the tv for them and run off already. I have very low patience. =.=

Omg. I sound like some old ahma who nags a lot at the daughter or something. 0.0

This is called.. 
The Cacat Smile. :D

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Karangan [Essays] will be the DEATH of me one day.

I just suck especially suck at our national language, Malay and am trying to improve lah! I read other people's karangan when I can. They are so ridiculously good?! They have crazy good writing skills! Then again, they had crazy bm tuition during PMR year and I didn't. *Cough*

My title is, kebaikan dan keburukan berkenderaan sendiri. Hush lah you laughing at the background! I'm horrible at writing lah. Lol.

I will be FOCUSED.
I will be successful.
I will be successful. 
I will be successful.

Perlu motivate sendiri lah. ;p

Monday, 22 March 2010

Super Junior

Decided to post that since it's a good picture. :D

A before hand look on one of my favourite songs by them. I listen to them but not an ULTRA fan of them. Too much work. ;p

They came to Malaysia but went back so early?! APAAAAAA??? Why must you people have such busy schedule! Ok lah, if I could meet them it would also be hopeless lah. I don't speak a word of Korean. T.T

Saturday, 20 March 2010


I have been doing a tiny research for today. I type the word out so casually but SERIOUS, research just sounds cool. :D

Anyways, this is quite serious research.. I was researching on University Malaya. It's the oldest and most prestigious University of the whole of Malaysia. Well, I would say it has the government backing it up lah, since it IS our country's national university. If you want more info, go wiki it out. :D

UM only came in at 180th for the 2009 World University Rankings and 39th for Asian University Ranking. No offence but don't you think that's kind of erm... low? I'm not trying to say anything bad lah because the students who attend are a bunch of smart people. Just that we could improve the facilities? Make Malaysia a household name!

Our filming industry is not doing a bad job, all in one the entertainment industry lah. Because of our lovely Datuk Jimmy Choo [Go die lah if you dunno him. =.=], we have recognition for our fashion / shoes industry. Yaaaay!
I think...

Anyways, now I'm thinking about what University should I aim for. Now, I'm trying to think what CAN I do, since I'm much of an idiot. I was thinking.. I should just aim for some random overseas University? I mean, majority of the American Universities are on the list. Even some which I never heard before.

So, basically my battle plan. Go to UM [If I can], work hard. Then continue my studies overseas with the back up of letters and stuff. You can use my plan too, if you're interested, but I'm sure you have already thought about it. ;p

Click to find out the top universities in the world!

Now, I'm having back thoughts about doing business. Reason..
You will have good problem solving skills and an inquisitive nature. You will also have good numerical capabilities and be analytical. If you enjoy working in a fast-paced environment and 'thinking on your feet', this may be the university degree for you. Good communication skills are also very desirable and will take you a long way in the field of business and commerce.
I am none of the above! Sureee, I can join.. Unless you want me to starve to death and be the bottom of some shady company. 0_0 Which I will not. You slap me, whack me, bite me also I will NOT do in such a situation. Mark my words, I am not born to be in such situations.

If I do plan on doing business.. the closest thing to Malaysia is Singapore.. You also know how stressful the environment is lah. Presume I do get into Singapore's university, I probably be in a psychiatrist room going all paranoid. ==

On a lighter note!
Pull and Bear
I think it's an awesome brand. Although it's pricey but the stuffs are sooo niceee. Did you watch the commercial? Isn't it just fabulous? I love how they captured the moment in Argentina.
This store is under Inditex which also owns Zara and Massimo Dutti.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Lately, I have just been finding random people and posting them on my blog. *Cough* Random FAMOUS people! Be honoured lah, I'm complementing you guys. Bunch of very photogenic people. :D

I feel so jealous. ;p 

Then you think about it, they are just normal people. Just that they sing, dance and market properly. I can find some random person famous too! I just have to... find... connections! Lol.

Okay. I can't make some random person famous after all. 

People are surprised that I posted a picture of myself on my Facebook! Whyyyy? It's just a picture lahh!

With the correct ounce of angling and colour correction... this is your product. Wtf, I look so dead. There's nothing in my eyes! WHERE IS MY SOUL?!?


Ciao people, two days left before school reopens and I have done NOTHING at all. 0_0 I feel so overwhelmed. No holidays for the next two months. 0_0 More stress. 

Thursday, 18 March 2010



And when I say NINE.. I don't mean this..
I'm not talking about the cartoon.
Whenever I say..
CY : I want to watch NINE!
People : OHH, you mean the cartoon? I also want to watch!
Cy : *dies very softly*

Since I watch already.. [Repeated]

I now laugh in your face.. 'BWAHAHAHAHAHA.'
Humour me sikit lah. ;p

I had been waiting for this movie to come out for AGES. I'm not joking eh. Imagine my pain, whenever I'm watching E!, suddenly the trailer pops up and Fergie is singing 'Be Italian'. I haven't watch, damn.

I wouldn't say it's an AMAZING movie, it's just..good? It's kinda random, they jump the scenes too many times. I kinda understand it, since it's basically about a director trying to balance the women in his life? Or, somewhere along those lines.

He's basically supposed to balance his wife, Luisa (Marion Cotillard); his mistress, Carla Albanese (Penélope Cruz); his film star muse, Claudia Jenssen (Nicole Kidman); his confidante and costume designer, Lilli La Fleur (Judi Dench); an American fashion journalist, Stephanie (Kate Hudson); a prostitute from his youth, Saraghina (Fergie); and the spirit of his deceased mother, Mamma (Sophia Loren).

The women.
All of them are equally hot and no point comparing since they are all doing different roles. Penelope Cruz and Fergie got a lot of praise for their role and I totally agree with them. DID YOU SEE WHAT THEY DID? Crazy! Sad case for them though, acting as the mistress and prostitute. *coughs*

Penelope Cruz.

Isn't the choreography for the sand dance just cool?! :D I especially love the line 'Be a singer, be a lover'' Actually, most lines from the song is good. Just listen a bit more carefully. I never knew Fergie was so curvy. 0_0 I was like 'Woooaaah.'
Her voice does scare me a bit though, strong vocals. It's a good thing!

I have no idea what I have been talking about all this while so I shall make it simple. WATCH. Since there's so many award winning actresses in it! There's tons of singing and dancing too. I know none of the ladies are as young as they used to be.. but they're still extremely cool.

I adore Nicole Kidman, maybe because she's so elegant.

You might or might not fancy this movie but it's good to try something new. It's very dark and I love the graphic of the whole thing? They film the FILMED! :D

Chia yee's quote of the day.
"You feel good if you smell good. :D"

Monday, 15 March 2010


I just went to the Chinese doctor and it was very intimidating. Chinese doctors are just scary lah, no offence. They have this sort of piercing look when they look at you. Like your poker face will shatter at any moment. They seeeee through your soul and probably can tell if you're a Bitch or not. Scary like crap only.

Ps, I won't be taking part in Sports day, AT ALL. My foot under minimum 2 months recovery rate. =.=

There's a read more button! :D

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Cross country

Since people read my blog for the sake of hot guys, I reward you.
CRAZY. 8 packs you know!
We had our SRI SEDAYAN Cross Country yesterday! It was CRAZY. Ok, not really crazy lah... but it was good.

I did nothing, I did want to run but my ankle sprained mah, so not able to do anything much. That sucks but yes, I lived through it. I became a checkpoint person and bullied Farah about Red house. ;p Not really bullied lah, more like tease. Don't get me wrong, I heart red house, especially their banners. :D

A lot of yellow house members got 1st place! :D
BUT, we're 20 points behind blue. We were leading but we suddenly went down. Damn.

I have a big nose. LOL.
My wth face. :P
Such a bad picture.
I have noticed that I have crap skin, a big nose, my lips slant down and my Gosh! HUGE HIPS. Damn irritating when buying clothes, I tell you. Sure, maybe ang mohs like to flaunt it but I dislike it! It's a curse, I tell you. No other reasons behind it. Lol. I sound so sad, I should accept myself RIGHT?

I wished I had an house glass figure but that would take effort and I'm lazy. *cough*
I currently stuck with a pear. Bahhh. 
So I shop for guys clothes more than girls, FANTASTIC cutting. I don't bother much with curves lah honestly. I <3 shirts from Brands outlet. :D

I in dilemma. I dunno how many hot guys left for me to post and please introduce or name me some. :D
I only go : 'That THAT THAT hot guy from dunno where!'

Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Damn, now that I think about it, I have a very HIGH probability rate that I won't be able to run on Cross Country 2010.

Our school is having it this Friday at school, about 2km?

AND.. I don't think I'll be able to run. Currently, the bottom of my feet is SWOLLEN. How the hell did it BOTH get bengkak? I will never know.Ok, fine, maybe I do know.
I have been running barefoot this few days, few days as in 3 days. I don't think 3 days would , make your foot SWOLLEN right? RIGHT?

I feel so 'fragile'. Then, I thought about it, Bahh, probably because I have a poor arch on my foot that's why.
Tomorrow going to go to the Chinese doctor so he will 'chut' my feet for me lah. Confirm the next day bengkak already. =.=

I think too late to become a St.John checkpoint person lah.. If I became one, can at least get 2 points for my house which is YELLOW. :D

Constipated face. ;P

Monday, 8 March 2010

A dream

I dunno when I had this dream, but I had it last week. I think it was on a Friday, now that I remember..


I was on Facebook and I was looking at profiles or something then my laptop started ringing, like an alarm clock. Dunno why, I was pissed off, I did everything I could but it kept on RINGING. Frustrated, I shut down my laptop but it still RANG.

Suddenly, my dad wakes me up and it turns out to be my alarm clock. =.=

I tell you, my ears RANG the whole way to Bahau. Damn weird lah when you're all sub-conscious and everything. 0_0

Then I dream of a laptop with a spinning keyboard on it. It suddenly progressed to this laptop that could twist it's screen and the keyboard could be spun. Then THEN, I think you could slide the screen to the side! :D

I dunno if this possible but it was freakin' cool in my dream. The surrounding was dark and it looked like it was glowing. 0_0 From the lights lah! Then I think 20 inch screen? If this production is possible please remember put some credits to ;p

Sports day is coming!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A day

On one particular Chinese new year..? A girl named JEANNE came along and we went crazy? No lah, didn't go crazy, in my opinion it was quite controlled. LOL.

Oooh, I just remembered both of us ran back to my house when it started raining. I almost gave up because the road to my house damn steep, BUT it was Jeanne's determination that got us up to my house. I wanted to hide in the play ground pondok and wait for my mom to fetch us.

Her optimism got us through and we went back to my house to eat cookies. =.=

Jeanyee Corp.

So not a good shot of my face!

She teaching me something.. I think.

I tied my hair up then.

She left afterwards and I happily continued doing dunno what. She thought me about draft.blogger! Freaking awesome stuff! :D

Korean Mvs

Lately, I have again gotten the korean wave? I on manga and anime wave but I don't usually get on the Korean group wave? I otaku not fangirl but I can't predict the future so who knows? ;p

How I kena AGAIN?
Mnet Scandal.

Who told me about it?

How did SHE tell me about it?
Hey, I watched this video. They make a Korean singer date a normal girl for a week?

Something along those lines. I.watched.and.was.HOOKED!

Nichkhun from 2pm!
Damn nice skin

Isn't he just ridiculously cute? Yeah he is! Ok, enough with flaunting about his looks. He is a good singer. I think so lah, I dunno about you though. He was born in America? Then move back to his native country, Thailand. Got scouted in America and went to Korea.
It's cool though, that would mean he knows 4 languages - Thai, English, Korean and Mandarin.


He and his 'pretend'

I thought he and Ji-Su? were very cute together and much more sensible. Taecyeon has good English, he migrated to America?

Anyways, I am done with this short minor topic so I shall stop about it. I dunno much about this industry so cannot simply talk mah. After I say something wrong then all the fangirls attack me then howw? As if I am famous enough to kena attacked but precaution mah. ;p

Mnet Scandal is REALLY good! Go watch if you have time! :D

All I want is their nice skin and dancing skills. :P