Sunday, 23 March 2008

dang dang deaaaahh

status:typing my blog,duh
-lol..i like my title,but i don't get the last part but all don't bother about so ?have i mould any of u guys life??they say ppl mould bother ppls life!!so so did i??:D..influence u in any way?yes no maybe??lol..gosh i feel a wee bit sleepy yeah..xD..gosh and my hw haven't done yet xPPP

hmmm..what should i type today?i noe another addition of the facts about me & then other stuff!

  1. I am terribly shy..yes i am..==

  2. I have short attention span..yes i do..unfortunately..mayb that's 1 of the reasons 4 my grades??0.0

  3. I have stage FRIGHT!![is that how u spell it?]yes i do..gahh..i panic on stage..:(

  4. I'm not'm just not like naturally talented like 'some' ppl!lol..

  5. I'm not flexible..i like a tree or something not

  6. I'm bad at sports..xDD

  7. I like good food :D..yes i do :D

  8. I would like to go traveling..and visit other countries..etc..

  9. I dunno what to type that's all k?

i watch Sweeney Todd already..and it is very bloody..O.o..but it's not like really scary..even though i hide my face in some scenes?0.o..but their singing is good that's all i can say :]
ok..gtg already..ciao~!!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

merry had a little lamb~little lamb~

-now i'm typing a post cuz i slept in the afternoon..[in a very very uncomfortable position..i was watchin the tv then fell a sleep..][i was gahhh my neck!!my neck!!]lo
-this few days i'm normally seen wif a frown..[i guess/think??]..first 1 is my GRADES!especially mandarin my bad the marks..and i dunno blah blah blah reasons??and and HOMEWORKS!!y have to b so perfect lah the kh project..correction tape also cannot 0.0..and u have to make it in 1 STRAIGHT line!!the sentence lah..which is hard without a guiding line on a piece of blank paper!!

facts about me!!
i don't like bugs 'i hate them!!' [sorry ppl who likes bugs]
-i can b a such a retard sometimes..
-i'm weird!!!i admit!!lol's better being 'interesting' than being absolutely
boring rite??
-i like to mix colors,designs,language..blah blah blah..
-i'm not!

ahhh..i can't write any thing random today!so today's post not so!ps..

Saturday, 15 March 2008

i just got back from taiping/penang two days ago?yeah so i'm still pretty blur at the moment..i dun-no why was like pouring rain EVERY SINGLE day!!it was like!
-[i dunno if what i'm talking now has anything to do wif my tittle!]'s been quite a few days since i last posted i think 'busy' is the rite term yeah..u noe there is like soo much h/w i have to face up to this afternoon i can't really say tomorrow cuz it's already 1am!there's kh project & sejarah..0.0..they seriously scare me..not really by the difficulties 'sometimes' but the massive AMOUNT that's given by the not really lah but sejarah is a biggg YES!Teacher loves us to much i
-U noe that most of the nicest things come in very small packages?like a homemade card by ur closes frens that's sweet rite?rite?u have to agree on that :D and nice things don't really have to b expensive or really really fancy..i have been thinkin i'm very lucky compare to some unfortunate kids..fortunate can b explain in many ways like lucky,privileges,successful and blessed.'dictionary' then there comes very VERY fortunate 1s that can b such brats..[yeah so all u fortunate kids who view my blog b very grateful..cuz u have been really blessed to b in such a wonderful family environment and such and such..]=DDDD
-i saw this handbag in tv that has a glove attached to u can just literally whack the person!!and just either carry it like a normal purse or wear it like a glove!and u can whack ppl wif it don't forget!!xDD

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

supp~weird post xD

heyy ppl..looks like i didn't hold my words..i'm!!
have u noticed that geniuses die so much FASTER than normal ppl?i bet u guys did lahh..and that some geniuses r very modest?i can name a few i 'think'
ok today i had no far i 'haven't' peng san from any subs yet..and hopefully i will NEVER fail a sub..that's my dream.:D
seriously dunno what to type i just anything that pops out in my brain k?
ice-creams make most THINGS better:D..cuz that day when my cousin was crying..we went to waffle world's lurppssss'..wafflesss..yeahhh..ok back to the SUB..then we drank ice-cream shakes i think then she stopped crying and she cheered up again..i still think ice-creams makes most things better though..:DDD
tomorrow is maths and moral..ahhhh..why do we even have moral exams i don't get it!!!moral is kinda like a common sense kinda thing rite?weelll i think so!!
ok i shall stop over here~gtg liao..byyyeeee peeps~!!!ciaooo~!!