Monday, 30 August 2010

Remember me

The HOLIDAYS are upon us, dear people.
Well... not exactly.. it's more like next week but still! I'm already in holiday mood. :D

Joy. :)

Anyways, been watching movies twice a day.
Shaddap, I did not just waste 4 hours of my life in these activities. :)

I really like this poster, it's pretty sweet in my opinion. :)

Synopsis: In the romantic drama Remember Me, Robert Pattinson plays Tyler, a rebellious young man in New York City who has had a strained relationship with his father (Pierce Brosnan) ever since tragedy separated their family. Tyler doesn't think anyone can possibly understand what he is going through, until the day he meets Ally (Emilie de Ravin) through an unusual twist of fate. Love was the last thing on his mind, but as her spirit unexpectedly heals and inspires him, he begins to fall for her. Through their love, he begins to find happiness and meaning in his life. But soon, hidden secrets are revealed, and the circumstances that brought them together slowly threaten to tear them apart. Remember Me is an unforgettable story about the power of love, the strength of family, and the importance of living passionately and treasuring every day of one's life

I remember thinking the blurest thing ever when I was reading the DVD cover. 
"Why is it shot in 2001??"
Oh, Chia yeeeeeeeee. 

I personally thought the movie wasn't bad lah but I dunno why Rotten Tomatoes only gave it a 27%! That's rather sad lah..
I thought the problem just died recently but who knew it was already 6 years? I kinda feel bad for the family as they lost two sons. :(

Robert Pattison can actually act a bit lah, he actually makes Tyler more of a believable character. Even if, Tyler is yet another brooding weirdo who looks like an utter drunkard. He is lah but still, Rob should start acting in other roles which will give him more recognition. I believe that people have something against Rob because he's a sparkling vampire who makes money from the franchise. Even with all the benefits of being in the Twilight franchise, Rob cemented himself as a pro brooding actor. Seriously, he's good at acting as a brooding love stricken soulless.. person!  

You have to admit he has quite good looking features though. :D 

Frankly, Emilie De Ravin is a WAAAAAAYYYY better actress than Kristen Stewart. 

No offence but seriously, she is like a piece of wooden block with twitching problems. =________=
I know Bella is worried that Edward will leave her and sheeesh [I've read the books.]but I don't think she should stumble/mumble in her words and be so emotionless right? Despite popular believe, I think Bella Swan is quite a complex character which actresses could really sink their teeth into. 
She sucked at chattering her teeth in Eclipse, no offence. [I've watched Eclipse as well.] 

Anyways, Emilie has the girl next door vibe. She's so lovable and does actually act well. We see her first hand when Tyler was trying to ask her out and her replies were quite funny? I'm not sure lahh but I genuinely think that she has the talent to go far in this industry and she's prettyyyy. :)
She cries, smiles and get pissed off at the most appropriate times. 
Emilie De Ravin

Should YOU watch the movie?
I'm not sure, everyone has their own taste and views on movies so I wouldn't actually know if it's your 'cup of tea'. I'm absolutely terrified of horror movies because they make me paranoid of the toilet. =_______= It sounds dumb but everyone's different in their own sense lah. 

This may come off as superficial but I wanted to watch the movie because of the poster. =________=
Meh, so sue me.

Receptionist: You know you can't smoke in here.
Tyler: Why do you have an ashtray?
Receptionist: It's a bowl, it completes the room.
Tyler: I guess it was just here to tease me. 

Tyler: You have a daughter who sincerely believes that you don't like her. She's communicating. Why aren't you listening? Why aren't you *riveted?* 

That line was damn good and the acting was genuine. :D

Sunday, 22 August 2010

A lil' history!

As you all may/may not know... I was in Taiping for the past few days and here's a bit of history.

When the Japanese 'conquered' Taiping, they had spies you see.

Well... not exactly spies but just mean ass baddies you see in those dramatic Singaporean series lahh. They were quite open baddies you see so everyone knows who they are.

There was this particular one who worked for the Japanese. He was supposed to tell them where all the rich people were and houses with beautiful women. They took the wealth and women you see. Messed with them. When the Japanese were still in Taiping, he had wealth and power and everything. Mostly, the hatred of the people but still he didn't mind...

UNTIL the Japanese left.

Now, he was in deep shit.

Do you know how he died ?
The people took him and tied him up in the forest. There, everyone took a meat or a cut out of him.

He bled to death.

OUCHHH, sakitkan? :(
I kinda feel bad for him but who told him to mess with all the people? He gave them unimaginable suffering.

Ps, my sister thinks her dog's a piano. =_________=

Saturday, 21 August 2010


I would love to blog about something 'fun' BUTTTT I decided to be slightly solemn today. Do bare with me. :)

We came without nothing and shall leave without nothing.
So, why be so materialistic?
It's not like we can bring it all to the next life.

In the end, a whole human can fit into a tiny pot doubtless of size.

I truly understand these facts now but strangely I feel very light and happy about this realization.

Anyways, CATS scare the sheesh out of meee!

The other day I was walking around the cemetery sort of thing. You know where they put all the cremation pots right? It's like a wall and all the passed peoples names and their pots.
I was at Taiping's Siamese temple... I think....

You see, I damn shoik go walk around there and suddenly 'Meowwwwww'
I literally JUMPED and was grabbing my mom.
It was sitting on the wall lah, my mom said it just wanted food.

Mgee lahhhh! I gained 2kg!
Taiping is just so effin' dangerous. All the food is so yummmm and no jam.
So, you will just instinctively go find food, stupid suppers.
It only took 4 days to gain 2kg. =__________=


Sunday, 15 August 2010

rant another day.

I felt so insulted. Of all people, my cousin. =______=

She's Form 1 this year so she's more exposed to the environment as she was in primary school.

You know when you're in Form 1, you never actually had a guideline?
You'll be damn daring and completely oblivious to the world. They'll be  disrespectful and get themselves influenced by make up, emo-ness and all those bull.  Wouldn't you wholly agree with me?

I'm a survivor! I went past that stage anyway so I'm kinda embarrassed lahhh. You see, in Form 1, friends get into fights? I was probably very disrespectful but I was man enough to apologize.
For that, I was actually quite happy, I could do that.

Anyways, my cousin gave me such a bruise to my ego!
She told me the obvious.
My mandarin sucks. =______= Damn sakit lah, I always knew my mandarin sucks, but not that much!

I'm this colour alright?

Here was how the whole thing went
I dunno where to download Chinese songs
Er.. Yeah? I know my mandarin sucks lah.. :)
Ouch. I didn't know people presumed that my mandarin sucked THAT much. 

Then, a lot of aunties ask me this question.
Errr, you from chinese primary school ah?
Yeahh. *Laughs*
Doesn't sound like you are. :)


I will slowly IMPROVE my mandarin. Join meeee! Loll. 

Yesh, I know people didn't to offend me lah, but it does hurt some times. :)
My cousin isn't evil either, she was trying to help me find the songs because she was afraid I couldn't find by myself. LOL. I should be so touched right?

The irony is that I'm from a chinese speaking background. =___________=
WTF is wrong with meeeee?

Saturday, 14 August 2010


How the Chinese people pronounce Kota Damansara.


Does sound like it right? Lol. When I heard that line, I laughed like crazy.
Sorry, but I'm that lame. :)

Btw, one of my Chinese friends told me that. :)

Thursday, 12 August 2010

misconception of the triple threat

If you do type the word 'triple threat' in your lovely computer, multiple entries will pop up!

It's either they're talking about some wrestler or footballers. =_______=
Yes yes, they have A-mazing skills but I was trying to go towards a different type of topic.

Yeshhh lah, this is gonna be another random or superficial topic by yours truly. :)

In my weird old thought lahhh,
my definition of the triple threat applies to WE the normal people. Not some model who can sing and act or anything like those. I dunno if the entertainment industry calls them 'triple/quadruple threats' lah, I'm not in it. :0

Anyways, as most people know, I'm quite gullible. So, I shall portray the term on a normal girl.
The girl looks pretty and not only that, she has skills and brains. Extremely high EQ so she is capable of socializing with the world without unnecessarily offending people.

So, you're just trying to say... she's a nice, smart and talented girl lahh?
Of course lah, how long did it take for you to get that? :P

The thing is pretty girls are sometimes unfairly treated in my opinion. I'm just saying some lah. People don't take them seriously. Last time, pretty girls were viewed as air heads. People used to have this mentality that god is fair, of course he is. They think he gave them looks of course don't have brains lah! Somewhere along those lines

Poor girls of the past. :(

"I rather be smart than a movie star" - Natalie Portman.

I think she has a very well defined face even if it's even more perfected by the makeup.
Did you know she went to HARVARD uni and took up psychology?
I think most people know that but yesshh she's one smart gal.

Mgee! Got brains, pretty and so kind hearted! You ain't humannn! :0 Anyways, she's a prime example of my definition of the triple threat.

Work hard and you'll be your definition of the triple threat. :)

My dad told me, 'show them all what you can do.' :)
Awwwww, that's what daddies are for. They cheer you on with life even when you think the world's a big fat lie. I can't exactly show now lah... maybe year end exams. :)

I can't afford to be an airhead, no time nor money for it. :D

Ps, I have paper 2 sejarah [history] exam!
Confirm the whole class's gonna bring their own trinket :P
To people that don't believe in 'cheating', don't look at the bloody tips lah. Looking or finding tips is consider cheating also lahh.  =__________= 

Monday, 9 August 2010


Malaysia is lucky to have her.

The ever so TALENTED Yuna. :)

She's been around the indie scene for AGES and I only noticed her from this particular song.

My favourite lines.

 If you don't mind
Can you tell me
All your hopes and fears
And Everything that you believe in
Would you make a difference in the world
I'd love for you to take me to a deeper conversation
Only you can make me

Have you not fallen in love with her voice yet? I love her voice, it's so soulful and bursting with emotions. 

The blur thing is, I only actually noticed her from the start newspaper. :0 The first time, I ever heard her, it was actually from a blog. There wasn't any name on the music player so I kinda just left it alone. :P 
I thought it was some foreigner singing. =________=

Am I glad that I found her?
Quite. ♥

Truth be told, my favourite song is still Deeper conversation. 
Do have a listen at her songs, it's quite worth it. :D

Ps, I want to change my blog template but I dunno how to. =_______________=
I'm not much of a techno junkie, the simplest task is quite hard for me. =______________=

Thursday, 5 August 2010



As random as it seems, I wonder who's gonna be the head prefect next year.
Noooo, I not 'kei po', just curious lahh. :D

You see, being a head prefect actually sucks quite a bit. The only benefit you'll ever receive is good marks on your report cards.

Come on lah, to see those short gremlins EVERY SINGLE DAY!
Confirm will be stress the whole day. =_________=

Then again... having a good report card and having 'HEAD PREFECT' plastered all over it may make it easier to land a job. :0

Did you know? That, apparently, there might be a Form 4 head prefect next year.
Not a Form 5, I think they doubt our seriousness. Probably afraid the school will end in ashes in our hands. EHHHHeeee. :P

I want a mug. 

Ps, exams are a bitch. :(

Sunday, 1 August 2010

No righttt?

This is totally out of the topic but do I look Korean in anyway at all? :0

Me and the ever so gorgeous xxx. :D

I scared you guys want to stalk her or something so I shall not name her, out of privacy purposes. :P
Just kidding lah. LOLL.


We girls.

Close up. :P

That was on parents night and I didn't blog about it lah. Didn't have pictures and stuff. LOL.

The person who said I look korean was this girl.
The one in the middle!

Or more famously known as Jiemin in the blog sphere. LOLL.
Apparently, she looks Korean as well. :)

HAH! Take that Jiem!

My arm looks fat because my dress was puffy. =_______= Aiyahh, I admit I'm fat lah. LOLL.
And did you know, my ankle was sprained, that's why I couldn't wear heels. If you noticed my shoes of course..

It's all about the hair and apparently my hair style is called a shag!
Mitchel Musso?

To achieve the Korean-ish look, go get a hair cut. :)

If you're wondering.. No he wasn't my inspiration.

I kinda like this picture. :D

Shite, gonna have exams for 2 weeks. :(