Wednesday, 28 May 2008


err,what should i post today?hmmm.thinking thinking thinking.ahha!
have u noticed we have a lot of good movies this month like ironman.prince caspian and indiana jones?now i'm waiting to watch kung fu panda!and and wall.e,so cute lah the
anyways i gotta dash now and the trip is on FRIDAY!!sooo good nite every1 and happy hols!i might blog tomorrow.i have to pack later.=]

Saturday, 10 May 2008


hey I'm backk!i bet u ppl miss my posts!jk jk.*perasan-ing*xPP
according to the last post i haven't blog for a month and a few days?
what happened in my life 4 the month?
-in April we had a school trip to the national science centre.we had a hunt or something.they give us some question papers and we go find the information loh.then we went to the children's section i forgot the name lah.then we were like riding the lil' kids bicycle and almost all of us end up hitting our leg(we cycled to make the lil' trains move.=D)oh yeah we rode the bicycle that's above the water in the play ground.ah such can ride the bicycle back.
-some ppl don't have tolerance lah.they keep teasing and prank like mean pranks on mean.tolerance means accepting who r different than u rite?[buku moral]think abt it if EVERYONE in the world was the same.wouldn't b really boring?o.o
-as u can see from my title,u can see that i'm having exams now in my school.i had moral and sivics today,wasn't really hard but i dunno the peri bahasa.0.0.i hope i pass all my subjects!! bc is very very char 1.ahahahhaa.and i have to study form 1 form 1 questions.0.0.overall.all i can say is gd luck every1 and i have to study.o.o.ciao~