Wednesday, 31 December 2008

happy new year!

Wow. I'm utterly speechless at the fact that it's already end of the year. Wow. Time flies so quickly...

had been an intriguing year for me I suppose. I regretted some stuff, proud of some stuff, happy about stuff and depressed about some stuff. You know my drift. Lol. I'm sorry to who ever I had offended this year and I hope we can have a clean start, you know like turning over a new leaf. I loveee the people who were there for me when I was messed up and stuff. LOVE YOU PEOPLE! =D

I just noticed something depressing, I can be such a BIATCH. Seriously, some times I get this sudden burst of anger at people who have done nothing wrong to me what so ever. This behavior of mine is flipping annoying, it gets me off my good mood and I be mean to people for no reason!=[ 1 of my new year resolutions is to get rid of it. =[

God.. I. love. this. manga! It's so screwed up [kinda] and that's why I love it! Maddy introduced me to it. Yuuki is so gonna choose Kaname than Zero.. or maybe not.. Both Yuuki and Kaname are siblings and their both pure blood which means their parents were also siblings! [Maddy spoilt it for me. lol.] Anyway, it's a pretty cool manga about vampires. Go read it. I lovee Kaname when he was a kid! He looked so adorable! =DDD

Oh yeah, I'm back in Malaysia. It's so humid here. Lol. I never really noticed that. Both my hands were dried up before our flight but now it's ok. I'm fat.. That's depressing you know. Lol. I'm gonna miss all the bonding time we had! I shall post a picture.. only if I'm nice. Lol. You know [ no you don't], I really wanted this Hurley jacket that was revers able but it only had xs! Noooo! It was nice if you are wondering. Lol.

Anyways, currently battling off the urge to sleep until midnight by reading Vampire Knight. =D I have to walk my dogs tomorrow. Now I really want to go to 'that' school. Sighs.

I hope you readers have an awesome year ahead!

Friday, 26 December 2008

my trip..?

Hey everyone, it has been 16 days since I last updated. Ahahaha. I know you missed me, don't lie! [That sounded really perasan, anyway proceeding..] I'm as you know, officially 14 years old. Yes Yes.. I know.. I'm older now, but I seriously think I'm more mature though. Lol. Thank you every one who came on that day to celebrate it with me. I really really did appreciate it and it meant a lot to me that you guys took the time to come and celebrate with/ wish me. I adore you guys! =DDD

As you also and might not know, I'm currently at Australia. I'm at Geelong, Victoria. It's a really nice place. It's now summer as you all know, lately only feel like summer I tell you! It was flipping cold last week, it felt very 'burrrrrrr' like that week. Now the weather is below 30 degree and it's nice and cold. =D and did I mention it's 11.06pm now? Lol. The shoppers here really value their looks, all of them wear really nicely..except..*cough*me*cough* What? Lol. I can't help it if I think baggy jeans are nice!

Anyways, we just had some western food, not that nice I suppose. I had steak just now and they gave me a very VERY well done steak. T.T. I hope I have a good tolerance for alcohol, I drank a SIP of cold beer and omg.. it was awesome.. Lol. and I went sleepy for a while. 0.0

I had a very very err.. 'Australian-y Christmas' this year and my first Christmas too! It was awesome, we pulled the confetti and stuff and the FOOD! AHHHHH! It was nice. =] I got mind teasers from my cousins, THANK YOUS! You are welcomed very very welcomed to give me your delayed x'mas presents to me. =D I don't mind! Jk. Lol. And I noticed something, there's a whole lot of Simpsons stuff here. I lovee the beach here! Seriously clear water and soft sands!!
It's just crazy!=D

Now to go depressed.. I'm so fat! I thought I would slim down here because I will be malu at taking other peoples food but nooo my cousins let me full excess to the kitchen! And my aunt is a gila good cook! You should try here chicken, you would fall in love with it too. My food lah, the people here also not that OBESE! Manda tried to comfort me by saying the people here are just good at hiding their fats, psht! They wear freaking short pants!

Anyways, we went boxing day shopping today! I was kinda disappointed though, I kinda expected like crazy shopaholics but not that much. Lol. AND do you have any flipping idea how much I tried to ignore my urges to but BREAKING DAWN?! It's hard let me tell you that, it's like calling : Come Chia yee, you know you want to buy me~ Why make yourself suffer so much? Lol. No joke. It's hard resisting temptation. I just decided to buy it when I get back. The stuff here is expensive. So why bother wasting excess money right?

Ok I have got to go bath, I really do. Lol. Tata!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


I will change my background music...eventually...BUT don't worry I will! It's getting incredibly boring. Isn't it..? Lol. Now I will just have to decide which to put up. Argh.. Lol. Oh yeah apparently I'm stress and I have to ecsercise, likely story. Lol. I'm very very lazy. Now a lot of people are wearing braces. Then my teacher was telling us some wives tale. If your upper teeth falls, join both your feet together *cannot be crooked* and throw your teeth over the roof. Then if your bottom teeth falls, join your feet together like I said before cannot be crooked and throw your teeth under the pillow. That all if I remembered, after that I think you can do anything with your teeth. Lol.

I'M TURNING 14 THIS SUNDAY! I love my birthday - I have no idea why so don't ask me. Come on lah, 14-12-xxxx the celebration of countless of lives that were brought to this world! Ok done with my energy.

Yesterday I was drawing this face and it looked ok lah. her neck is long now I must go and perfect her features but I dunno how lah. I think to see from a drawing to refer to it. Mine is half side angle.


Wednesday, 3 December 2008


I'm feeling wayyy better than I was yesterday. I was dizzy when I stood up and just felt like puking on the whole floor that lay under my two big feet. It was definitely not one of the greatest experience I had. I think it should be minor food poisoning from the cursed blue vegetable omelet I had for lunch or come to think of it maybe just dehydration really. Lol. It seems that my dad is sick too, unfortunately :( I wonder what he ate...

Oh yeah, I went to Penang on Saturday. We were suppose to go back on Sunday but my dad decided to go back on Monday which wasn't planned. I think I was the most 'prepared' because I brought two days clothing just in case of.. accidents like falling into the sea or something. So yeah, my mom was like I didn't planned for this! But in the end it all turned out good. We went to stay with an uncle, he used to a principal so I decided to keep my mouth shut in front of him. Lol. It was a nice trip overall. Amusing.

I just started reading Twilight and I love it. =D I was done with it like yesterday because I didn't bring it to the trip with me. On Sunday, we went to Plaza Gurney to walk around and stuff lah. Then my parents kicked me off while they were having a nice chat with an uncle so naturally I went to the book store. I went to both Popular and MPH but I couldn't find New Moon at all! You readers are so cruel at least leave one for me lah. I should be younger than you guys right?? I'm still 13+ turning 14 on 14 Dec. :D Wait! I'm turning older! Aaaaaaahhh! I kinda pity Robert Pattison actually, I mean Edward Cullen is like 'waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh' and it is impossible to find a guy to match his ridiculous description. Come on lah, impossibly beautiful, etc.. go wikipedia him out ;) But it nice to imagine him lah, i guess. :P

I hope I get to read the books, some how. Lol. Now I must plot to ambush some one to bring me to watch the movie. I already have an idea who to bring me and I guess she would since she is nice and all and we would be bored after the tuition. But we'll see. Lol. Ok now to my attempt studying, wish me luck! =D