Sunday, 13 December 2009

Sunway pyramid

Yesterday, I went to Sunway Pyramid with a bunch of cool people. THANK YOU! Lol. We went to celebrate my coming birthday which is on the 14th of December, next monday! *cough*present*cough* *wink wink*

I went to fetch Jeanne from Subang, then we straight away went to Pyramid. Jiem, Yv and Pj reached there before us and was wondering around Starbucks area. Then we met up and went to buy tickets for 'The princess and the frog'! Unfortunately we could only get couples sit. So, RM 13 for a chair.


The official poster. I give the movie a 7/10.
The movie and animation is good but the information is kinda blur. Like, why was Prince Naveen was cut off? Did he get his fortune back from his parents? Since he is the heir to the throne.

Prince Naveen. Doesn't he look prince like? :D

They were tangled.

Raymond, the hopeless romantic! He is so cute. Lol.

Tiana : Just one kiss?
Prince Naveen
: Just one, unless you beg for more. [licks lips]

Awwww! So sweet. Leave it to Disney to even beautify frogs.
The movie is good, so I totally recommend you to watch it if you haven't. Since it's been around 5 years snce Disney made another 2D hand drawn animation. They have a new princess too! So why not? It's gonna remain in history anyway. Naveen! I thought he was so adorable! Especially at the way he looks at Tiana, like when he was looking at her reflection on the pear. That was very cute. Too bad he couldn't propose to her when they were on the boat. I honestly thought Lottie was evil, since she kinda looked evil on the poster? But who knew she was so nice? Lol.

After the movie, we went to Full House and eattt! I had the 3rd set, it was seriously yummy. Jeanne had korean maggi mee. Lol. Everyone terrorized me, I need BETTER SKIN!! I wonder when I can take off my braces lah.

Jeanne : I don't think I can finish this.
Cy : HUH? Sesame streets???
Jeanne : *Wth face* I don't think I can finish this!
Cy : Huh? Japanese what????
Cy : Oh.. you can't finish it? Lol.

Third times the charm, I think I have to check my ears. Lol.

After the food and some walking. We split up and went separate ways. Me and Jeanne go walking while Jiem, Yv and Pj went ice skating. I malas so didn't go lah. Then I came to the dilemma of getting this plaids bag. In the end, I didn't get it.

At 7.30pm, we all went to Night Park, but minus the Yv. Me and Jeanne went out at 10pm. I plenty proud you know. She can ride roller coasters already!! I wanted to go to Scream Park but nooo one wanted to join me! It was like only RM10! Still, understandable lah, the promoters also very scary already.

The scariest ride of the whole night?
The snake head one. Scared the sheeshhh out of me. Only me and Jeanne sitting on it, no one else. It was dark and all you can hear is the creaking of the rails pulling us up. 0__0 I very chicken when it comes to stuff like this, but I get damn excited over roller coasters. I think it's the adrenalin rush. I kesian Jeanne, she was listening to me whine the whole ride, 'OMG!! JEANNE, THIS IS FREAKIN' SCARY!!!'

Then we reach back at 11pm. Curse the jam. I had funnn on that day! I wanna thank all the people who came to celebrate with me, you guys are AWESOME! <3

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