Saturday, 10 April 2010

Bitching spree

I just bitched the whole way of this post. I do not suggest you read it because it's so boring and I felt bad after reading it? Lol. This is a post blogged by some insincere bitch who is a bit too whinny. Guess who? :)

Since I was pissed. A cute picture tells a thousand words.

I will admit I'm asking too much and I do regret my actions at this time being since my mom is pissed at me now. =0

I kena shot down by my parents, AGAIN. How the hell can be people be so FCUKING insensitive?! I have countlessly told them that I'm interested in photography. Yes, I am. Then you know what they said? I don't have the bloody talent! FCUK!

Have they ever seen other people with the bloody dslr, waving it around their necks and do you know what they don't have? BLOODY TALENT! The thing is, they have cash and my family don't. ==


I just find it very unfair that they disclose their own perspective without even actually viewing my pictures? The only pictures they have ever seen were the ones from my Europe trip. And you know what? THOSE WERE TWO YEARS AGO! Can you imagine how much a person can change within 2 years???

The thing is my camera is really crap. All my pictures I put on my blog is taken by that exact camera. The thing is it's stabilizer is already cacat so the pictures are all blur. ==

What I'm trying to get through now is, I want to be acknowledged and not bloody judged from PAST EVENTS. I don't have talent? I can go learn! All my cousins have dslrs! I don't need an dslr lah, I just want to be acknowledged. Is that so hard to ask..? I rephrase that, I don't necessarily need a camera just some encouragement would be nice. Since they want me to go into the art industry. ==

I remember once, my parents said I was quite artistic. I wonder what happened to that. ==

I'll admit that I don't have much talent in photography but my parents say I should go into producing. == You want me to go produce movies when I can't even take a damn picture?????? Seriously, how do you expect me to do that?

When will the recession pass? Next year? Or the year after? I guess I have to work to earn money to get a Dslr and after that LEARN. Now, I should just play around with my cacat camera and wait for my photoshop. Until then... thank god, my cousins have dslrs for me to play with. Only Wei will let me play his since he isn't really attached to it at the moment. He got himself a Canon 500D. :)

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