Thursday, 30 September 2010


Acupuncture seems to be gaining recent demand these days and the Chinese wholly believes in its benefits. I'm still kinda skeptical over a needle doing such good for your body lah but seriously though...


I have been going for acupuncture for my ankles and left wrist.

  • I have VERY weak ankles.
  •  My wrist was killing me for about a couple of weeks. 

Now, my wrist doesn't hurt at all at the moment but my ankles are still kinda weak though. It's an old injury, so, of course it won't heal as quickly. Still, I can hope right? :)

So, we shall get to the scientific bits for awhile BUT you can Wiki it out if you think if you're interested. :D

You see, acupuncture has been getting debates over it's effectiveness since it's just needles poking all your acupoints but they are recognized for its placebo effect. When administrated correctly by PROFESSIONALS that is. The acupoints normally go around 2cm or something about the length of your palm. It will be basically useless if you don't poke the acupoints, like basically torturing yourself for no reason lah! LOL.

From some article a long long time ago, I read it has something to do with needles damaging your skin cells and that it releases some compound that is supposed to be a natural pain killer. :0

The needles come in various lengths, some so LONG that I don't wanna say how long. Some people use the 'recycled' needles while others use the commonly packaged and sterilized needles. Doesn't hurt as much because it's thinner.

It's all about the pressure of the fingers, or else the needle won't budge any further as well.

Not many people know this but acupuncture was originally supposed to be paired with the Moxa roll and needle as to quicken the process. That's why it's called 针灸.

Did you know people use acupuncture as a way of slimming down? 

The needle apparently penetrates through all your fats and simplifies the process of the breaking down of fats. They poke your thighs, legs, arms, tummy, chest [above the boobs lah!].  Then, it stops your hunger by poking your tummy.  It locks your '胃' which is your stomach. That's what everyone tells me lah. Should be effective since you lose your appetite but that might just be all psychological.
All I can say is that you'll get some blue-blacks on your tummy and thighs. :P

From my experience with acupuncture. 

Give it a try lah since it's been in China since dunno how many thousand/hundred years already.
I don't like the feeling of prickling my skin since I have a phobia against stupid needles. =_____= The first time I acupunctured was for my eyes and I only did around 7 times before I chickened out. I thought it could improve my eyesight.
The worst acupoint I can tell you is your foot! Near the arch area! It's like you bleepin' kena shock! :0

Word of advice,

  • the MOST dangerous place to ever get acupuncture is at the back. Do check your acupuncturist is an experienced and a professional before you participate!
  • Not all needles are forced in downwards and some are slanted.

You have been warned that I just crapped and shouldn't take my accounts seriously!

Friday, 24 September 2010

Peach ain't pink.


I can't believe I just changed my whole background to such a bright colour. Wooooaaaah! All I can say is that it doesn't hurt your eyes when you stare at it for too long. I hate blogs like that, my eyes don't like to be tortured. It's not pink but peach. Pink as a background colour would be too strong at this point of time.

I feel so feminine. ;P

Seriously, I was influenced by some un-known force lah.. aka. Jiemin. She was talking about her blog and I thinking 'My blog's layout sucks.' I suck at any form of IT so I'm quite jealous by you people. :) I just used the layouts from blogger and changed the background because I was afraid to mess with the HTML codes. It just seems quite complicated.

Then, we touched a particular topic. How do you earn money through Nuffnang? I have been waiting for AGES and I only have RM1.00 in my tabung. =_________=
Some people just get a few thousand per month by just updating a few times a week.

I only read a few blogs since their interesting. I do noticed they probably earn quite a lot through Nuffnang and they attend their parties and stuff.

Thanks, Hui Chi for introducing me to this video! :D

Damn hot. :D

Click on the ads. :)

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Hair cut

Malaysians are said to have big arses becauseeeeeee... we just sit too much.

We are DOOMED! :0

We sit when we're tired, working, studying and etc. We lay on our backs when we sleep so we can't escape this madness!

Truly, when I do TRY to exercise, I always seem to sit down and just... reduce my metabolism rate. I'm fairly lazy and sometimes I seem to think of it as a gift. :D

We have good food too... Nasi lemak, chicken rice, char siew pau.......

I just had a major hair cut! :0

I'm reduced from this -

To this.
 I have weird eyes! I look like an utter fool here but ehheeeee.
It's short short right? :0
Before I go off, damn you add maths question! [I couldn't get the answer. =_______=]

Thursday, 16 September 2010

If you think it's worth fighting for.

I have decided to delete my vlogs from youtube since no one actually watches them and that it felt weird-ish for me. :)

Btw, did I forget to mentioned that my camera DIED a few weeks ago?
It apparently fell from the stairs and could NOT be resurrected ever again. I'm sure it could be fixed lah but then.. it might be expensive and it had dead pixels on the screen already so why bother right? My dad cut me a deal though, if I manage to tutor my sister every day, he might get our family a new camera. :0

My next-future-camera shall NOT be a sony. I do believe this one which just died was our second digital camera. The 1st one was also a sony but died when it fell into the sea. =________=

I'm not thinking about getting a camera just yet in this economy. The other time, I pissed my mom off by whining over a camera so she won't get me one. So, there's my dad. He DOES admit that we need a new camera too. Since this Sony was dying and the stabilization and everything was kinda... off? Then again, he has a camera phone, so the possibility of getting a camera is quite.. slim now.

Why do I always get back to this topic?
Anyways, I'm thinking about being an archeologist? I've always wanted to go to Egypt and everything since I was little. I doubt most people know about that but is it still very possible for me? I suck at sejarah, seriously, period. Then, I was thinking, I don't think there's much stuff for me to dig up anymore...
I got interested in Egyptology again when I read the manga, no surprise right? I'm not a history geek since.. I don't remember every info I read. So, I'm not sure if I would be able to differentiate a bone from a chicken bone. I might even accidentally break an extremely valuable bone which I would later cry over and get fired.

What's gonna be my career move? People have been trying to get me to join the business world, in a discreet way lah.

Then again.. I will make a fortune and just travel!

Oh, hush. Don't kill my dreams. :P
PS, click on the ads! :D

Monday, 13 September 2010

Miyavi ♥

Miyavi = Epic.

DUDE! Why have I not heard of you? :0 You have MADDDD guitar skills and ahhhhhhh! It's just so awesome! :D I just found out about him about... yesterday, past midnight so it's today right? Lol.

The water thing is creative but freaky at the same time...

The first song I heard from him.

I think he's really talented though. :D His guitar skills are just crazy!
Did you know he has a wife and kids already?

HAH! Didn't expect that did you? :P

Yeahh, I was surprised as well since he's only 29 years old and he looked really INTO his music but mggggg, he's amazing! ♥

Ps, My neighbour's clock won't stop ringing!
That's hardly nice. :(

Saturday, 11 September 2010

You cry, I cry.

I just wanted to say.

Nahh, I'm just bored.

I just finished The Last Song but I didn't cry... emotions were welling up inside and all but I didn't cry. The book's cool though. Thanks Farahhhh! :) Now, on to Dear John!

Goshhh, I miss my laptop. The keyboard's so smooth and bright and ahhh. loud speakers. :) I've been surfing the web with my sister's since hers is downstairs and constantly in use by everyone. Was lazy to on my laptop and stuff. So sue me lahhhh!

That's the book I've been talking about. The daughter of the Nile. That's Memphis on the right, injured since he has bandages on him and that's his crazy sister on the left. She's scary weih, burnt this princess because she thought she was competition towards the love of Memphis.

Sighhhh, women those days. *Shakes head*

I look like a dude. :0
Anyways! I never knew my baby fat was so intense! Seeeeee the chubbbaaaaaayyyy-nessssssssssss!  I have a very broad jaw though, I don't think it runs in the family though...

Friday, 10 September 2010

Oh, Freida Pinto

Freida Pinto's cuteeeee! :D

Is it?

First of all.
Selamat Hari Raya! :)

I just noticed that KL is just as jam as usual. I guess not everyone balik kampung this year. Hope all you guys are having fun though! Enjoy family time, the KUIHS and family time. :)

Anyways, have you guys wondered what my holiday routine has been for the past few days?
  • Waking up at 1pm almost everydayyyyyyyy~ [Try to sing it to tone of Wake me up when September ends.]
  • Reading manga - Daughter of the Nile has too many chapters, I'm still not done. =_________=
  • Tuition
  • Read again.
As you can tell, it isn't exactly productive. Ehhe. I should start studying and all those nonsense right?

Weeeel, I decided to stop reading the Manga and move on to 'The Last Song' by Nicholas Sparks which belongs to Farah. :)

I need a break from the manga lahhh.
Now, the Carol kena kidnapped by THAT prince again and Memphis will rescue her eventually. I skimmed and it'll take 3 more books before he saves her. =________=

Anyways! The Last Song is coming along well and I want to watch the movieeeee! People said the movie's not bad so I'm quite curious. Oh myyy, Rotten Tomatoes only gave it a 19%. :0

So... should I or should I not watch?

Just before I leave. Here's a video to listen to. :D

Sunday, 5 September 2010

You. Her. He.

I'm so childlike.

Rah. Rah.. RAHHH!

Holidays have officially started so, get your holi-mood on and party all night long! :D

For this holiday, I'm just gonna sleep, eat, read. OH WAIT, movies. Hmmmmm. :)

Strangely, I've been really tired lately. Can't sleep well, no appetite[I still eat though] and just so... Blah? Life's been boring and non-stressful at the moment. Year end exams are in a month though and I yet have to struggle through a couple of weeks of hell.

For the holidays, I'm just gonna rest a bit. Probably will try to study but am reading this manga called the 'Daughter of the nile'.In mandarin it's called '尼罗河女儿'. My mom bought the whole series because she thought it was so damn good, she rented the series a couple of times already and just decided to buy the whole thing lahh. It's pretty good in my opinion and Memphis is so pretttttyyy and has such feminine features.[He's a dude] I think everyone calls her the daughter of the Nile because they always find her there when she goes missing. LOL.

Understandably, they all think Carol is some goddess since she has blond hair and white skin. =_______= What would happen if I went back to the past with purple hair? Damn chun though, she can travel back and froth from the future and past. There's one thing that annoys me though, every king falls in love with Carol since she's so beautiful and intelligent. They always kidnap her when she's all sweet with Memphis. Idiotic! Then comes the HUGEEEEEEE question, how does Memphis die...??:0

This cover is kinda freaky but the art is actually quite good. There's something very endearing about the art. It's very serious yet very child-like at some parts. I can't seem to truly explain it. You have to read it.. YO.

Ps, I think I'm gonna work as a cashier this holiday. :0 Wish me luck. LOL.