Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Death note is good.

Death note is so creepily addictive but I'm strangely not afraid of it since I despise thrillers.

I can't sleep after reading them and get all paranoid.

Everything just gets magnified.

Anyways, Death note is good but I think they're pushing it too much with L's death and Near and Mello suddenly popping out of no where. I'm only at chapter 69. I preferred Raito when lost his memory, was so much nicer as a person.

Power is evil, not the person who holds it.

Kesian Amane Misa lah, kena used so many times but she still 'loves' him so much. Stupid girl. =______________=

I know right? I only read it when all the hype is gone. LOLLLLL. At least it's easier than chasing chapter by chapter!

Time, could you just stop?

It's already the 28th of December and I didn't do ANYTHING productive at all!

I bet that's what most people are thinking about right now.

It does make me feel bad but I feel as if time passes too quickly in a way that my face shows prove - EYE BAGS. Who the hell gets eye bags during the holidays lah?!? I feel as if I'm not getting adequate sleep but I normally feel like that so no biggie. 

I need time to think and recover and my super major exams are next year!
Crap... I haven't study yet.  =_______=

 Need to re-think strategy. HELP.

Anyways, picture timeeeee! :)

My child model, she just woke up on that day and was gladly eating up all the cakes. :D

Before the end of the post, who doesn't like pictures of cute small dogs?


The baby I got for my birthday. Thank you. Thank you. :)

Saturday, 25 December 2010


Hope I'm not too late but


Thus the season of giving and you had a blast, proly partying. Lollll. :D

I spent my countdown watching TRON in Mid Valley's cinema.

I loved their idea of the Grid and everything. CRAZY graphics which I loveeee. The bikes and the idea of everything they made was just really good. :) Clu looks really plastic-ish, I guess it's obvious that face was computer generated.

I prefer GSC over TGV anytime. I'm not sure, I think it's the seats and everything. Popcorns are better and they have MUCH logical showing times.

Btw, I was shushed by a man sitting a seat away from me, damn embarrassing.
I was playing with the side of an empty bottle and he suddenly turned and shushed me. He has very sensitive ears as even my cousin who sat next to me had no feeling. When I told her, she went: HUHH? Did you? I didn't hear anything. 

Moral of the story : I shall never play with empty bottles in the cinema anymore, sorry to that uncle.  =_______=

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

North and South, is there really a difference?

"There's no hero out of war. Only dead men see the end of war.
I've seen the end of wat but the question is, can I live again?" 

Wars, wars, WARS.

Seriously, aren't you utterly sick about all these bloody terrors? It takes lots of factors before officiating it but why not prevent it from erupting into something so ugly? This world is already plaque by some many dangerous natural factors that kills us mercilessly, so why can't we stop something just within us humans?

Let's not talk about complicated issues like races, religion, politics. Just strip down to the most basic foundation, humans. That's what we are. We're beings who are able to adjust with ease surroundings but why not by habit?

Adults complicate the issue, kids think too little about it. Then.. in my view, bring it back to simplicity. I might not be the nicest or the cleverest person ever but I can worry about the sake of others too, right? In my belief, death = grief, so... no one wants to see blood spilled right?

I just hope nothing happens. Since there's even a post on Korean renufication in Wikipedia. So, I guess there's hope after all. :) I'm an idealist lah, what to do? Lol.

SNSD fan : "Luckily my girls are in Japan. They'll be safe there."

Girl's generation

Omgee lah, Beast and Big Bang are still in South Korea aren't they?!?! T___________T

Ps, have you had your Tang Yuan yet? :) 

I know I have. :)

Disclaimer : I know there's a lot of factor included in war so if I sound REALLY dumb, do forgive me. I'll read those wiki posts reeeeaaal soon.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

At 16♥

Omg, this is so belated but now..... I'm 16th! :D

All I can say is, there isn't much difference and I hope it'll be a better year! 16th can be a hormonal year no?

I'm still young!!!!

Ok ok, pictures from the theeee party. :) I hope no one was bored and oh my, the food was good. :D

2nd group.

1st group karaoke-ing.

Monopoly session soon became

Hot people googling session.
Danielle : 'Now, isn't he hot??'

Steam boat! :D

They look so serious. No one told me they were hungry!

Lamb anyone? :)

She was happy over her 100 plus. LOLL.

Danielle : 'NOOO chia yee, I don't want the chicken!'

Chia yee : 'Fine lahhhh.' *chomps *
'Family potrait' :)

Look at Sheau Sze, checking out my dog. :D

Hard core Jenga. :0

Candid picture of everyone!

Birthday wish to all us December babies. :)

Thank you everyone for coming and those who wished me. I laughed, ate and enjoyed that day. I adore the presents as much as I adore my stuffed toys. EHH, that means a lot! :D
Btw, no one bought me the moisturiser. LOLLL.

Happy birthday all you December babies!

Friday, 17 December 2010

My friend

I was google-ing for Beast until my sister pops out.

"Jie jie, who? Friend ahh??"
"No... but I want to be their friend...."


I want to go see Jun Hyung and Gi kwang and all the other Beast members! Now... all I need is tickets and people to teman me. 

They're coming next month to Malaysia and there's no live showings. DAMNN.

Ps, I dreamed about Big Bang's Top and GD the other night. I was friends with them. HEHEEE.
Ok, this is very unhealthy. :P

Tae yang looks like he's doing ballet at the bar. Strange.. but cute! :D

Jeanne said, if Big Bang got concert in Malaysia, she confirm will gung-ho with me. LOLLL.

Come to Malaysia please? :)

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Oh, darling. It's all so clear now.

My life is so utterly complete now. :)

Meet my darling. It took hell of a long time but hey, it's called fate. Now, let me tell you how gorgeous he is. :)

He has the shinniest eyes and one helluva powerful pixel punch. For me, he's really just good enough. :)

Heeee, I bet you all are scrutinizing to see what model he is.
We'll just let the video do the talking.

Sorry but I had to resize the video since it was too big for my blog. :( Watch the 1st video that pops out when you google for it but it's quite long. It's a comparison between 550D, 60D and 7D. :D

Well, sorry but unfortunately I can't take a picture of the body with the camera itself lah. 

Note : My sony is dead so my parents relented to get me a new cammie since we have none at home. Don't look at my phone it's only 2 megapixels and there's something blurry about the lens. :0 My dad says to learn everything by myself and teach him how to operate it later. HEHEEEEEEEE. :P

Us together. :)

Did you noticed something different with me?  YESSSSHHH, THE BRACES ARE OFF! but I just got my retainers today and they suck. :( So bloody uncomfortable with the plastic thing to the top and so much saliva.  My brain thinks the retainers are food that's why I'm salivating so much till I can't pronounce any words clearly but I can say '66', so HAH! The dentist was testing me. LOL.

You see, I was debating on what names to name him. Flippo, flippy, flipnism, DUMBO! Duh, the swivel screen does something to me but then.... I decided to name him....

Such a feminine name for a boy right?? :0 You see, I really like the name Lorelei and he's charming me with all his awesome features so it just fits the bill lah. 

He comes in a very nicely packaged box. It's smooth to the touch and mgee, just nice lah! Nicest box I've seen in my life, period. 

I got him from Digital mall's Dy Divine. I was thinking it was a shop lot so I was walking around in circles trying to find it but it was just stalls. LOL.

My cousin recommend them to us since he's a camera junkie and he did all the talking through the phone. If it wasn't for him, confirm we kena cheated in Lowyat already lah. 0_______0  

Test shot without editing

Stuff I got.

Included with the camera was a tripod stand, camera bag, screen protector and cleaning set. We upgraded the SD card to a SDHC since the one they offered couldn't record HD videos. Then, we got a lens protector. That's about it. :) 

OHHH, let's play around with the features!


 Edited with Lorelei through 'creative filters - Toy camera effect'

Well.. I think it does look better but my face looks weird... LOL. Anyways, moving on. :)
Testing using Creative Auto Shooting
It's uber funn! :)

Last but not least : 

Zippo's sleeping face.

Conclusion is 'patience is a virtue'. I didn't get a camera for so long is because I was impatient since I just wanted one sooo bad that I whined a lot about it in front of my mom. My mom hates whiners so I never got it until now. I've learned my lesson and that I got more that what I wanted : 500D. I was 14/15 then..?

It feels so good in my hands that it belongs to me and no one else. No, it's not a dream but a reality. 
Find yours. 

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Just what I need right noww

I'm proly the MOST laziest blogger EVER but bear with me.

I was supposed to blog about theeee 'post' but resizing pictures are such a pain. Ok, you guys definitely know what I got now but I shall have the last laugh!

AHAHAHAAAAAAA! *still laughing hysterically *

Just wait for my new post after this. :)

Now, it's my 16TH birthday next week and I would like to do something.... unexpected sooooo :

16 things I would love to have. 
  • Racism to be erased.
Frankly, the above 2 is quite hard to accomplish and by then I might already be by my grave. =_________= Aiyah, better than nothing right? Shall all of us walk towards a better future? :)

Say 'Peaceeeeeee!' :)
  • Jumong the korean drama series!
I want this korean drama so so much! It seems quite awesome and The kingdom of the wind was good stuff.
DID YOU KNOW SONG IL GOOK CAME TO MALAYSIA?!?!?! Wth, I didn't know. =_____=

  • Tupperwares
Yes, tupperwares.  I tried to find that ta pao set thing in Jusco but I didn't find anything at all. I trying to go 'Tapao-friendly'.

  • Moisturizer

  • Messenger bag / bag / camera bag
 You know those really nice ones? I can't seem to find anything online. I remembered once that E!news interviewed an american-asian designer and her bags were absolutely GORGEOUS. Damn, I should have taken down her name. =________=
 So cute. :)

Sooo cool! I think I would want the lens more. :D
  • Jacket
 Hoody jacket with pockets = Awesomeeeee. :)
I don't seem to have a nice jacket in my room.
Quoted by my cousin "You live in Malaysia! So, why do you need a jacket!?!?"
  • 9As for my SPM. :) 
Let me dreaaaaaam before I get a panic attack lahhhh. I might not be the brightest bulb but anything's possible. :D

  • Last but not least, An awesome awesome year ahead to everyone!
 Here's your candle, now make a wish! :)

Oh my, I only did 9. Name me 7 more suggestions? :D

PS, My korean name is Wang ga ieg / 왕가역 

I got goosebumps just by listening to them, superb vocals. :)