Thursday, 29 October 2009


It's odd to talk to your guy cousin on how chubby you are. It's weird but very comforting for some strange reason. Lol.

I need to lose 2 more kg. Gahhh. I lost 3kg from the sick frenzy. Lol. I still want that burger though. :D

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Ciel Phantomhive

Remember my last post? I said I was gonna do a nice detailed report on Kurushitsuji [Black Butler]? I thought about it and since maybe some of you might want to watch it so I didn't want to spoil it too much. I decided to just do a post on one of the main characters, Ciel Phantomhive. Don't worry, majority are pictures. :DD I just adore him! I dunno why but probably the way he dresses, the artist did a great job on him. He looks awesome!
Ciel Phantomhive Pictures, Images and Photos
I love how he dresses. :DDD It's nice and detailed.

He's a sweet addict, only 12 years old.

Ciel Pictures, Images and Photos
How the character looks.

Ciel Phantomhive Pictures, Images and Photos
I like animations that are drawn this way. Lol.

Ciel Pictures, Images and Photos

Ciel Phantomhive Pictures, Images and Photos
He could have made a very pretty girl. 0.0

Ciel Phantomhive Pictures, Images and Photos
That. THAT. THAT! That is sooo AWESOME!!! Who doesn't want it?! Ok, maybe you don't want want it.. YET. Lol. Heck, even if I didn't know who is that character, I would still want it. LOOK AT THE DETAIL! It's a wonderful piece of art, honestly. It cost 7,770 yen which is RM286.24. A bit pricey but I don't think you see a lot of figurines like that right? I want that. :D Just loveeee how they designed him. Geniuses. :DDD

Sunday, 25 October 2009


I is still on diarrhea spree so shaddap. Bleh, sounds so gross. My skin taking a huge hit. I never had nice skin and now my skin looks shittier than normal and I don't have great skin! =.= *GLARES*

Btw, I highly recomend an anime called kurushitsuji aka black butler. It's insanely cool. My opinion lah. No wonder some people obsessed over being Sebastian the butler. Lol. I will do a detailed report next time I blog.

Now I should be on my bed, snoozing away. Beware of puking, diarrhea and fever, I tell you. No joke. 0.0 Unless you are pro at all these 'problems'.

Ps, can fever possibly make you taller?

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

not well.

I am probably not well now. Just probably. Ok, fineee I'm not fine as usual. Lol. You want to know why?

I diarrhea for the whole week. 0.0 I don't diarrhea so I was pretty surprise. I think this week or last week is the first time I diarrhea for the whole year. 0.0

And, I just puked my whole or partial dinner out just now. I miss my old self lah. If I were my old self now, I would probably go to myself "You're so weak", but I am too dehydrated to do anything. =.= What a beautiful excuse. =.= I'm too gross for my own good, seriously.

OH i watched WANTED in the afternoon, I wanted to watch SEVEN POUNDS at first but there was something wrong with the dvd. The movie's ok but I felt the storyline had no depth. Cool though if you could bent bullets. 400 heartbeats per minute? FUNNY. What Fox [Angelina Jolie]did in the end was very noble. I salute! Lol

She's still so fit. 0.0

Now, if you could excuse me, I will now slump to my death of dehydration and maybe plan my burial or something.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

100th post?

FINALLY. It's my 100th post. I started since... December 2007. Hmmm, if I was a pro blogger I should be around 200+. All well, follow my pace. ;p

As you can see, I changed my blog layout. I took the header picture from a vase from my staircase. It's a red.. lion. Lol. I'm still learning how to play around with the colours. Initially, I wanted the background to be a warm brown but I couldn't find any so I just took grey instead. The whole thing looks ok lah. Not perfectly awesome but still readable. Don't kill me if it's hideous! Lol.

I'll still be changing around though, not really happy with the results.

The first time I saw them, Chia yee's reaction "THEY PRONOUNCE MANDARIN SO WELL ONE!?!" Next reaction, "Waa... That girl's hair is so smooth." Lol.

Anyways, this morning [around 12 or 1am], Jeanne helped me solve the mystery. Lol. Apparently SuperJunior-M is just a sub group and there's 3 Chinese inside. Lol. They are suppose to appeal to the Chinese market. Lol.

Monday, 19 October 2009


Damn, I thought she was a natural.... I didn't know she had plastic surgery! It was so drastic lah! T.T Ok, first time I saw her blog, I was like "OMG, she is sooo gorgeous! NO WONDER SHE'S A MODEL!". I dunno if I'm devastated or not. Lol. She's a model and I linked her, there's a before and after video of her in YouTube.

In this world there's no such thing as an ugly girl, only got lazy girl.
30%is god given gifts [eg: Super tall or awesome face structure], 70% is all your hard work [eg: Super fit or awesome skin]. T.T

Lol. 100 participants.. in groups of 5. At 7.30am... I wonder.. Should we or should we not join? Lol. Luckily I knew how to cycle again. Cycling around Puchong... Puchong isn't small.. Lol.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

weirder by the moment.

I'm getting weirder by the moment, "Stop it CHIA YEE!" *slaps*. Ouch, that hurt. Lol. Seee what I mean? *Tears* Nehh, I don't really care much about it though, I mean everybody has their own specifically unique personality, it would be a boring world if everyone was the same. *Imagines* *goosebumps* Lol.

Oh yeaaah, I'm gonna change my layout when I reach my 100th post! So long weih. It's not gonna be fancy or anything like "Whooo~" or something like that lah. It's just gonna be new banner and different colour background. Lol. I was thinking black and white concept. Forgive me but I really do suck with all those codes, so you are just gonna get something simple.

simplicity is best no?

I was maybe bored[?] or maybe just doing some reflecting lah. I'm trying to change, mind you, but turning over a new leaf isn't as simple. Nehhh, maybe, just MAYBE, I should cut him some slack and not see his problems so skeptically. He probably is in pain. So...
10 stuff about me?
  1. I noticed that I get damn pissed off when someone makes me inferior, but who doesn't?
  2. Some times, I get beh song when someone comments that I have soft hands. Lol.
  3. I'm amused by the smallest things.
  4. I'm happy when I get home made stuff. I still have her little note. Too cute!
  5. I have a bad temper.
  6. I whine and it annoys me.
  7. I'm dreadfully insensitive.
  8. I like using the caps lock a lot lately. 0.0
  9. I'm seriously dumb.
  10. I'm grateful for the life I'm living now.
I went for a Japanese Buffet today, it was pretty good. I ate 4 or 5 cheesed oyster. Pretty good stuff, but I got soo intensively full after it. Next time I will skillfully ignore the pancakes and the Japanese kuih thingy. Lol

I just watched the ending of Full moon wo sagashite. My opinions? Bleh, the manga was better. I like 'happy endings', mind you. Lol. Maybe the manga was kinda confusing lah. I mean how can a dude who was supposedly a trainee shinigami (death god) become a human again? Death gods in that plot are souls who are punishment as death gods because they commited suicide. I was really confused then, but apparently he was in a coma. So his life was always half half. =.= Wth right?
My opinion is manga better, hands down.

One of the most wonderful things about having your comfy bed next to your table is you get to dive. I'm serious, you just diveee! Lol Dive when you're happy, sad, frustrated or plain tired. Lol. You should go "WHOOOHEEE!" or something like that. ;D This sounds maybe just slightly weird? 0.0

Saturday, 17 October 2009


I was downstairs just now, turned on the tv and was eating 'herbal jelly'? If I'm not mistaken. Then, I saw Paramore's Ignorance video. I though it was awesome. 0.0 They were so in their element. The setting is like in a small room with a single light bulb. I thought it was cool, or maybe I'm just weird? I wonder who's the director..

Ahha, one of my most favourite manga, Shinshi Doumei Cross aka. The Gentleman's Alliance Cross. I found it yesterday night and it has 49 chapters. Random title right? I was like "what..? Aiyah, simply read lah!" I don't regret my decision, it was a very cute manga and it is NOT confusing! I adore Takanari, he is too too adorable. :DDDD At first I was "Grrr" to the supposedly evil twin, but now I'm "awww". So easy to differentiate them lah. Lol. I feel so child-like. 0.0

One of the many covers. Takanari and Haine. Too COMEL! ;p

Ps, JIEM!! YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!!!! I REFUSE!!! Hopefully I will be strong enough and not play the game but who knows? Lol.

Friday, 16 October 2009

randomly random.


What if someone threatens to attack you on your way home at night?
I'll frighten them by telling them things I have done!

What if you find a needle in your gym cloth?
I'll use them as STAPLERS!
After I've bend them.

Scary girl lah. Lol. xDD Oh, the power of loveeee~! Lol.

it sucks when..

It sucks when..
Your running down the stairs to retrieve your 5 year old sisters water bottle. You managed to run down the stairs but on your way to the counter you step on a bug. Yesh, a bug. It looks like a centipede or something like that but it curls up.

The bug is most likely dead and it just happened about 2 minutes ago. If you can excuse me, I have to wash my foot. :)

... I just saw a another bug, oh how wonderful. :) You know what it was? Oh just striking cockroach that's all. A freaking cockroach that scared the crap out of me! =.= I may sound whinny or sissy but... bugs.. I'm powerless against them small beings. Lol.

Don't ask me why, but I can't tolerate bugs. Can you believe I'm afraid of tiny butterflies? And nooo, it's not Mottephobia [Butterfly phobia]. Rats and lizards are ok though. I don't jump on sofas when I see rats, I witness people jump on sofas screaming. I can assure you, it doesn't look pretty. Lol.

You see I have a 'beautiful' relationships with bugs. I don't mind if they fly around or anything as long as their not in my line of vision or 'breeding' nest or something. 0.0 I can kill bugs ok! Don't mess with me, I kill small bugs with calculators and papers! Lol. My gosh, I sound scary.

I feel so no life, I'm actually updating my blog like each day. 0.0

Thursday, 15 October 2009

new sights?

I have a shoujo manga which I want to readdd~ And it's Skip Beat! I dunno if it's good lah but a lot of people read it and it's ranked 2nd. Sooo, why not? Oh yeah oh yeaaaah! There's this really nice sweet shoujo manga, it's called 'kiss/hug' . A lot people like it, it apparently make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Lol. OMG, Ryuu! Black hair and electrifying BLUE EYES! Ahahahaah, *swoon*

Yeeerrr, I sound like a.. geek or nerd or something. Waiiit, aren't I already one? Lol. Ok ok, I talk about other stuff, Naruto! Wheeee~ there's gonna be a 'fourth ninja world war'! Crap, I really am an Otaku. Craaaap! Well, at least I'm a happy one..? 0.0

Hey, it really sucks when you sit with legs folded or crossed doesn't it some times? When you get up it's like 'shidacrap! My legs are numb!!' Lol.

Pain is good.
It proves that you are still alive.

Blur dreamer.
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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

'battle scars'

Ok ok you know the other time I 'fell' when I was walking my dogs? I have pictures! Lol. Anyway take it as a way to protect your skin lah. So protect yourself or else you'll have the yucky scars like me. I'm still waiting for them to fade.
With flash? I feel like pocking it. Look's fleshy. Lol
Without flash? Look's corpse like. 0.0
The scar! It took soo long for the wound to close up

There's an even more 'beautiful' one on my ankle. :D
I can be veteran with all my scars man. Oh yeah there's this really good cream thing that dries pus really quickly. Leo or something, there's a picture of a lion. I still have perfect my wound cleaning skills, if I was really good, I wouldn't have any scars now. Lol. I think I should stop constantly accidentally injuring myself. Lol. xDD

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chain mails

Gah, I hate idiotic chain mails. They doom and curse you all the time! For example, if you don't send this e-mail within 5 minutes, your love life will be doomed for 10 years. [I think I would be still studying or working lah.] If you do send the e-mail, your crush or soul mate will call you tonight. [Like I have a crush. Soul mate? That means some random fella will suddenly call me?! 0.0]

I don't mind those interesting e-mails though, like the aquarium restaurant or how China jeans are dangerous. I don't mind the intriguing ones lah.

The ones that doom you to your death is one of the most irritating one though. =.= If you don't send the e-mail, you will kena doomed and sent to heaven earlier than expected. If it's some freaky clown jumping out of the screen, I will cry. I don't scream so I cry or freeze. Lol. If those e-mails really do work though, I bet a lot of people will die each day and not by natural causes. 0.0 Freaky, I think I freaking myself now. Lol.

Laugh, cry or both

Oh yeah, I found out about this video when I was reading NicoleKiss's blog. I thought it was comel lah. I laughed that part when Richard was talking, he had beautiful reasonings. Lol. This is quite old but anyhow, ENJOY! Lol.

Guys, you better step up your game weih. Lol. There's more GUYS than GIRLS in this world.

To neutralize the whole process, watch the wonderful video below. She is CRAZY awesome.I thought she was very gaya. Lol. WARNING, you might cry like the audience.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


AhahahahahaaaaaaA. *Currently laughing like a lunatic at the side lines* There's no such thing as Penilaian Menengah Rendah in my life now. I am FREEEEEEEE! For the time being lah.

I REFUSED to acknowledge that I still have to get my results! This is Chia Yee, palms covering her ears, going "I'M NOT LISTENING! LALALALALALA!"

Currently recuperating myself at the comfort of my own home. I'm reallllyyyy boring girl weih. While majority went out partying straight after PMR, I'm at home either facing the laptop or sleeping. I don't like sleeping in the afternoon but I managed to just now. Recuperating = Reading MANGA in my room in peace. *smiles dumbly* Yesssh, I know I'm an odd girl. Not many people my age read manga, maybe some sure baca lah. who knows? Lol. At some point it's quite educational. Lol. Onions are dangerous for dogs.

'Battle plan' during the holidays:
  • Go to office to kacau people without pissing them off.
  • Readddd! I got 2 new books! Lol. The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella [Very awesome author!] and The Girl Next Door by Elizabeth Noble [Was curious]
  • IMPROVE my mandarin.
  • spend quality time with my doggies
  • Actually fix the ancient puzzle

The thing I love most about holidays are :
  • I get to sleep and wake up late. :D
  • I get to sleep for as long as I want. :DD
Oh yeah, speaking about sleep. I haven't have more than 7 hours of sleep each day. :( My skin paid a dear prize. Sighs. Oh yeah. I conducted experiments -
  • ESSENCE OF CHICKEN - It wasn't very effective for me. I still felt sleepy
  • KOPI-O - VERY VERY effective. Lasted like 8 hours
  • 100 PLUS - Quite effective, probably the sugar.
I think only the Kopi-O [Black coffee] worked the most, probably the caffeine and it doesn't tastes nice. :DD

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

1st day of PMR

Today is the first day of PMR. If you are Malaysian you'll know what it is. Did you know they did a wiki on it? 0.0 And it's quite detailed. Are they joking with me? What KH is a "free A"?!?!

Nahh, link :

I would be happy if I got at least a B for my BM. I don't want a C. T.T I did horrible for my bahagian C and wth? Why the bahagian D suddenly have the pahlawan Pasir Salak? Right.... bahagian C stands 29 marks of the whole exam... *sulks*

Ok ok, ciao. Have to go remember some stuff for Science. The nutrition and chemicals part.