Sunday, 25 January 2009

new year possie

If only you could see through my eyes.

Hello people of the century! As you all know, IT IS CHINESE NEW YEAR! * runs around while hands swing frantically* Lol. Ahh, I love the smell of a new year. I sense lots of things are gonna change. And I think i'm gonna add- stop being a biatch and keep my temperament in check on my new year's resolution. I don't think I will get to enjoy any ang paus this year at the looks of the economy. Sighs. My childhood joys have been crushed by cruel fate. T.T Anyways, I don't mind really.. Lol.

I went to Bandar Utama todayy. A whole of shops closed today! AND I mean a like WHOLE lot! 0.0 Er.. what did I buy, you may ask? I bought a jacket.. a pants.. and shirts! Whee! I love the shirts. And no they are not branded in any form.. I bought them in Reject Shop. Ahahaha. Their awesome, lol, I bought one about recycling, a camera print and others.. which I can't remember now.. Lol. I wanted to buy one with a tie print but I resisted. Lol. And yes, I did bought a ang ang shirt.. it's has the words ' radio stero' on it. I wanted that print on a white shirt but none in my size.. =.= Evil.. Lol. And yes my splurges are incredibly boring if you must say. Lol.

I know the sentences in the upper line is incredibly boring.. apparently I don't know how to post videos on my blog. [malu] Lol. I will get to that.. soon.. lol. anyways my newest find is! FOB- American suitehearts. It's pretty good in my opinion. Lol. Ahahaha. Tomorrow me and my dad are gonna go jogging. Ahahah. If we manage to wake up that is. It'll be cool. I think I might bring my Daisy along too..
ANYWAYS! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!!!=D and no I'm not married so I can't give you any ang pau. =D lol.

Friday, 16 January 2009

da dum


The one word that is normally used to describe words that you can't hear. Repeated several times.. Right?

Today was like any usual day in school. Me frustrating Danielle over not letting me get her answers. lol. She normally goes like : oh my gosh lah chia yeee. Look properly! [lol. it gets pretty hilarious sometimes, because I keep guessing the answers like- wait! diaphragm izzit?! No no wait! blood capillaries!]

I played volley ball today, my buddy was Jiemy. =D Omg lah, you should seriously watch her play! Her aiming is a-w-e-s-o-m-e! I sucked really, lol, I seriously can't get the low balls! We had a choice to either got play football or volley ball. So, obviously both of us went to volley ball lah! I'm not much of a football fan no offence. The only name I hear all the time is Fabregas from Faya [who else? lol.] Oooh! I know that he has a leg injury! My knowledge is gila lot right? lol. Jk. =D Then then they will have an discussion on which team is better - Man U or Arsenal. Lol.

I choose Photography as my club this year. The teacher wants us to get our own blogs to post our pictures apparently , which I do have but I might get a new one though because it's gonna be linked to the centre blog.. We are just gonna post pictures on it. Lol. I wonder what pitures we're gonna take..hmmm.. Lol.

I just watched finished nodame cantabile. It was a good anime and I learned about.. music and stuff. I suppose. Lol. I like Chiaki! But why does he have to smoke! WHY! Ahhh! If he didn't, he could be close to perfection [not really but..]! Gahh! In the end he FINALLY realises that he likes Nodame. Anyway I pity Chiaki lah, but I think Nodame is flippin' lucky! He can cook french cuisine!
*Chiaki always wanted to be a conductor but instead he decided to take piano courses[improve his piano]since he won't accept any conducting teacher other than Viena-sensei[or so he thought]. Because of he's fear of flight, he can't go to Europe, he was situated in Japan because his parents were divorced.
Nodame is talented, she can like play the piano without looking at the score[she sucks at it]. She used to play all her songs off beat and carefree but in the end she decided to play the correct way. In the end happy ending lah. =D

I noticed that this year I cut myself a LOT. I just cut myself with a key. 0.0 ACCIDENTALLY lah, of course! lol. Anyways have fun every one! Have an awesome weekend! =DD