Thursday, 27 August 2009

manga 2

I read Hana to Akuma for the whole of yesterday. Don't give me the look!! I know PMR is coming lah. Lol. I never read a plot like this before, it's quite interesting. Now it has 36 chapters, hopefully it will get updated soon. :DD

Ten years ago, Vivi, a demon, decided to leave the demon realm and come to the human world. There he found an abandoned baby and on a whim decided to keep it. Since then, he has lived together with Hana... but having a fourteen-year-old girl around you, is it really that simple?

I don't fancy how Hana is drawn though, probably her face shape is too oval for me. I absolutely adore Vivi! He is awesome, youngest demon to get a title. :DD It's quite a funny manga. I think it's kinda pedo though, Vivi is a 200 year old demon while Hana is a 14 year old child. The way they count the age in the demon world probably is different lah. I think they will fall in love [or are they already?] as the plot lengthens. Vivi is quite protective, he keeps going like she's mine!

I read just read Fly High!
The story plot is quite common lah, the girl is quite slow then the guy is a super genius. The guy starts to like the girl, the girl blur so dunno lah. The guy likes the girl because she looks beyond him and treats him like a common human, doesn't misjudge him because he's a genius. She's slow so she doesn't care lah. Lol. It currently has 6 chaps.

Meru Tachibana, 12 years old. She's just returned back to Tokyo after 7 years of training with her father, who thought she was a boy! Now Meru is stronger than most guys, and she's doing her best to make sure that people don't find out, or else her chances of making friends is ruined! However, a group of eighth graders seem insistant on making that impossible, as they break the rules and pick on the weak. Will Meru be able to stop them as the new student council president without appearing to be a "Monster Melt King" as her mother has warned?

I found out a weird thing about myself. Apparently I remember most things when I tired or blur. I'm more productive at that stage, like remember tons of stuff. 0.0 *SHOCKER* People would probably say, you look blur all the time lah! Lol. But I wasn't even nominated for 'most likely to walk into a pole' so you can't say that now right? AHHA! Lol. Anyways, the government should have more interesting studies, more visual works, and noooo, those sejarah comics aren't helping. I never read mine lah, but from the cover, you can tell it's quite hopeless. 0.0 For me lah.

Monday, 24 August 2009


Well, it's no secret that I read mangas. They are reallly good! Some people may call it childish or stupid but in my opinion it broadens your knowledge and creativity. :DD

If the original mangas weren't so expensive, I might have bought them, but noooo it costs a bom! I can only read the translated version, either in English or Chinese [with the help of a dictionary of course!], other than that, quite blind with Japanese. :(

I think so far the only reliable mangas that I read so far are Naruto and Vampire Knight. The others aren't so reliable, stress on my heart you know. :( So it's easier when the whole manga series are done publishing, it's sad but easier. I already read the whole of Special A and Fruits Basket.

Don't even think of telling me to watch or read One Piece, it's like 400+! You never know, I might read it. Lol. I will probably read up on Bleach, because I watched it a long time ago, my favourite episodes are at the part where they try to rescue Rukia from soul society. It's really old, at the beginning of the series but it was a-w-e-s-o-m-e! :DD

Mangas that I'm currently reading are!
Kyou Koi Wo Hajimemasu
Faster than a kiss
Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! [IT'S SO AWESOME! The drawings of the characters at the start of the series weren't that nice especially Usui's but now it's pretty good.] [It's gonna be an anime!]
Ouran High School Host Club

Tension lah... all these mangas might updated at the start of next month but by that time my lappie is gonna get confiscated off. :(

Are the anime DVDs that are available here the originals? I read this article the other day saying that original anime DVDs cost a lot of money. 0.0

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Mickey Mouse club house

Mickey Mouse Club House anyone? Lol. I'm currently at the balcony of my house. My neighbour's kids are watching the show. The volume should be extremely high.

kids : 'm-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u-s-e'
Mickey : 'That's me!'

Yeahhh, definitely Mickey Mouse Club House. Lol.

Noooooooo! My Mickey statue from Disney land broke!!!!! GAHHHH! Jeanne, it's the one with the hat! I forgot what's the title though, Fantasia? I will DEFINITELY get it fix, but not now.

Oh yeah, I will be laptop-less starting from September till after PMR. I know I'm not strong enough to resist "temptation". So, my dad's gonna take it to the office. It's gonna be one heck of a boring month. Don't worry, I won't die of stress or anything. I don't have the 'top-student' symptons. They get siao stress and panic like crazy, unless it's the genius bunch. They have completely no stress and understand concept easily. Lucky people. =( Does having a large head really give you benefits in the memory department? 0.0

He commited suicide? MY FOOT!!!!!! So unlikely.

Ok, gonna get my bum off the chair and pindah to my room to try study now. Lol.
Ciao people. :DD

Friday, 14 August 2009


Hello me 'followers'.

I'm currently injured... Yess.. for relaties, I go by another name 'Potato', Huan ju [hokkien]

It all happen on a wonderful Wednesday afternoon. I was walking my dogs. Normally, I would take my male dog, Danny, then I thought : Hmmm, I haven't taken my female dog, Daisy for a long time. So I decided to trade dogs with Tivi. Then what did you know? Daisy ran into my legs and I fell. JUST LIKE THAT! Man, after I'm completely heal up I HAVE to slim down. The sole reason I fell down wasn't because of my dog but because I'm too FAT and couldn't control my weight! Sigh, I miss my slim days.

Because of the stupid injury on my hand, I can't go touch my mom's friend's dog. It's just outside the room!!! My palm has pus and grossly pinky red. Not a pretty scene. The only benefit I got from this injury is not practicing my violin and freaking people out with the wounds. Sighhh. So people, words of wisdom, don't get too fat, there's no benefit at ALL! Oh yeah I fell on my whole right side.
Damage on right side: palm, ankle, shin and knee.
Damage on left side: the side of my knee.