Tuesday, 29 June 2010


There's something wrong with my FB! I can't click the comment button! :( I tried clicking like crazy but it still didn't work. 

So, Boo.

I just went to the chiropractor and apparently my ankle is cracked. :0 This actually the first doctor who actually told me what's wrong with my ankle. My ankle get sprains really easily and it sucks to get it constantly wrapped up. =____=  

Other doctors just help me stretch it and say like 'Ok, 好了. ' Then ask me for money. =____=

This chiropractor is from China lah. He's REALLY good and currently helping me set back my spine since it's crooked and my ankle. I didn't even know my bones were capable of making so many weird sounds. =0

Anyways, do check on your spine or bones. 
Or you'll get this. :0 
Might crush your vital organs too. :0

Monday, 28 June 2010

You can't see me

Pictures you won't always get to see me in. :)

Me studying.WOW.

Me sweeping the floor. LOL. 

Ok lah, I lie. It's just a picture of a chubby girl stoning with a broom. :D 

My dad helped me take the picture but I look like I practicing some kung fu thingy since people obviously don't hold the broom like that! LOL. I look rather round in this picture. Hmmmm. I think he was just focusing on the background.

I think I quite like the picture of me studying for some reason. :P

Thursday, 24 June 2010


Just now I was entering onemanga, wanting to read Naruto. It always comes out on a Thursday lah...then I remembered they are having a break.


Some art from some dude

That's not Naruto btw, it's his dad. :D I just noticed that it's hard to find nice anime images. :0

Now I'll just go with Barajou No Kiss since there's nothing much to read. The art's not bad anyways.
I have to write a karangan. OH BOO.

Oh my gee, I sound like such a nerd or something. LOL.

Ps, don't mess with your DNA. It's tricky business. LOL.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Bring on the cake!

Oh damn.

I'm utterly satisfied with my jolly filled tummy. FILLED with love ok? Lol.

Just had the awesome-st steamboat in a hell long time lah, so I was gulping EVERYTHING. The soup was sweet and just Hmmmmm. :) Had the lovely steamboat at home with cousins and friends, it was to celebrate my auntie's birthday lah.

She's supposed to be resting and everything right? BUT nooooo, she goes off to entertain all the guest and checking the food and everything. To make sure everyone had a slice of everything lah. She's a cook so I suppose she can't help herself. Aunties and uncles were hanging outside, makan and chatting lah. I tell you, her 'yam cake'... D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S

The 'kids' were in the house eating and watching tv. Astro is a wonderful device lah, filled me with joy in my bored childhood life. Actually, a bunch of people stayed in the house to watch football lah. Portugal. :0
Last time, I never really got the chance to surf the internet because I was young and my area didn't have any internet line. =_________________= The computer made me confuse but I'm fine now. I can't do anything canggih though. So, I can NEVER be a hacker. Lol.

Then, I ran around with Wei's Canon 50D, utter bliss. :)
A RM4k+ camera in my hands makes me feel empowered. 

So, no pictures from me now lah... I didn't whipped out my 'cute' camera to snap any. EHHE.

Did the dumbest thing ever. 
I went to weigh myself after eating... 1kg heavier now. T_______T

Was blogged on the 21.6,2010. :)

Sunday, 20 June 2010

New do.

School is on MONDAY. :(

I'm boo all the way, seriously. It's been pretty relaxing this couple of weeks lah. Sleeping and waking up late was like a daily routine for me. Albeit, a refreshing one. 

Sooo, I should be panicking now lah.. because I didn't do anything beneficial this whole time. 0_____0

That's so Chia yee. Procrastinating like no tomorrow. =______________=

I noticed I forgot to blog about my new hairdo. Aha. :)

It's short kind of Bob-ish and my hair looks reasonably thick. It's shoulder length lah but I look like I just woke up, it's that MESSY. I can't wear a hair band like I usually do or else I look like an auntie. =____= Then my hair kinda stands when I do, so I just resort to hair pins.
Bobby Pins
Sooo... my hair kena reduced from this.

To this.
Omg, I look so freaky. LOL. [Not a good picture..]

Side view!


Actually, I don't quite like the hair like that lah. It;s straight at the front and weird at the back. My hair was tied up before the pictures. :0 I prefer either it's all straight or just curly. No mixing lah. It just doesn't go well. I'm talking about hair in general. 

Oh, you retart. :)

Since everyone doing this pose for their football club, I also want to join lah. :P

Ps, at some point.. I think I would mistaken myself for a dude... Strange but true. :0

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Illegitimate here and there.

Since, I've been watching some dramas lately. I noticed something..

Why do most ladies think like that?
They think that they've secured their marriage and gotten everyones approval when they seal the deal with a kid. Especially a son, then the lady will be like mighty and go 'Fear me!' This happens when they get married to a rich fella and they need a heir really badly to the point they don't mind if the kid was born out of wedlock. Errr, in other words, a illegitimate son. :D

Then again, the family will only accept people with 'pedigree'. Unless, the dude is uber old already and they are running out of time...? I have no idea what I'm saying. EHHE.

Normally the MAIN dude is some rich fella who was probably a illegitimate son and everyone shuns him. Wait, I forgot to add. He's like super hot and intelligent but all angst-ridden. THEN, he meets her. His 'darling' and he throws off all his bad image and everything because he loves that girl so much. His fans will probably cari pasal with the girl lah since they don't want the dude to be taken away from them. :0

Girls are portrayed so violently these days. SHAME.

Women used to portray the nice nice mommy or the violent step mother but now it's all the nice girl-next-door or the bitchy girlfriend.

Boy-next-door. I see none. I go knock my neighbours house and all I see is children or the lady. I'm saying like literally my next door neighbours, left and right. :D There's some young people here lah but they live down the street. My neighbours probably see me as the girl-who-walks-big-dogs. =________=

Normally, I'm all saliva coated. I wear long baggy pants despite the weather because I'm paranoid of falling. [Long pants in Malaysia? RIGHTTTT.]Then again, I scream a lot when I walk my dogs....... They are very energetic lah, have to call them back and stuff when they run around.

Ps, Spain lost to Switzerland??? I didn't expect that. :0 [I don't watch football but still.. HUH?]

Pps, someone told me that footballers are hotter then actors. OHHO.

Some blamed it on the vuvuzelas.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A tad bit late

I think they're pretty good and the song is good. :D

I dunno why but I've been listening to lots of JKpop. It's so upbeat and have-you-seen-them-dance?!?!
Swoon worthy I tell you. :D
Maybe I'm just bored and want to listen to songs I don't understand. It's fascinating lahhhh. I do look at the lyrics lah so I kinda know what the songs about.

I dedicate these videos to all you football loving people. :D
chosen as the official song of Coca-cola for their 2010 FIFA World Cup program.

I dunno what flag to wave at the moment. :P

Monday, 14 June 2010

Her sister.

I feel as if I've been neglecting my blog long term. LOL.

Since majority are side tracked by the world cup, I've been watching a korean drama called 'Cinderella's sister'. I'm at episode 17 now but there's 20 episodes in total.

Did I cry?

Did my heart shatter to millions or billions of pieces?
Of course lah. Eunjo looks so emotionally unstable and Kihoon looks so sad all the time. T_____T

I think it's idiotic lah,
Kihoon goes like 'I need you!'
Eunjo pushes him away.

Then both of them go back to their room and cry like crap. =__________________=

You'll only get the above if you watched the show.Lol.

I think Chun Jung Myung is quite a good actor actually, he portrays his characters quite well.
He doesn't look 30 at all! :0

You and your smile. :D


He looks relieved.

You always look so sad. :(

I totally heart her with long hair. :)

I loveee this scene. :)

Makes me wanna grab my shoes and run as well. :D

The scene where he accidentally grabs her pencil and her hair is all flowing.

He was mystified by her beauty or her vulnerability.

She was trying to escape if you were wondering.

Ok, now I'm gonna continue watching my series. :)

Ps, I have to get back to reality. School's in a week and I already feel all agitated and stuff. Maybe because I have to start doing and revising all my homework. =____=
Oh boo. I have tuition tomorrow and I haven't started my add maths yet. My tuition teacher will absolutely murder me tomorrow. T____________T

Pps, picture credits to dramabeans. :)

Monday, 7 June 2010

My dog's a spinster

My dog is a spinster. :0

"a woman who is not married, especially a woman who is no longer young and seems unlikely ever to marry. 
-as described by the Urban dictionary."
She's 4 years old, she's not that old lah actually just unable to bred little puppies anymore?

Anyways, she's been really odd lately... She used to never pay attention to us, like 'I don't need you to live' sort of attitude.
Lately she's all clingy and she sleeps below my mom's table. :0 Now she's walking around the living room. :0

She likes to sit around the gate so she can run outside.
She was kidnapped once by one of our neighbours for a night, then the guard saw her and told us. So, we ran and got her back. Anyone who sees her get all soft and stuff because she's so TINY!

The risk of having a small dog is so HUGEEEEE. They get kidnapped and everything. :0

 Teenaaaaaa! :D

Sorry for the sucky pictures. Using the webcam. Ehhe.

Btw, can you see I cut my hair?

Friday, 4 June 2010

Imma girl

The song is so bloody catchy but not as catchy as Sorry Sorry, of course.

You know what?
I think Super Junior M is quite cute. The guys are so Wheeeeee! :D

Let's learn Mandarin! :0

Nowwww, I show you my favourite! :D

KyuHyun ♥

He is absolutely my favourite Super Junior member! :D 
He has such a sweeeeeet voice and his boyish good looks. He's one of the only members who don't block his whole face with hair. All the other members are blocking their face and look like druggies.
His voiceeeeeeeeee!♥

His song that apparently made people cry. :0 It's a remake of a famous song.

English subtitle.

The original MV.

His voice is really velvety in my opinion. :)
He's one of the main vocalist in Suju. :0

Thursday, 3 June 2010


Tomorrow will be the last day of school. Technically yeah lah, since our mid year holidays are officialy HERE!


It'll be flippin' 2 weeks. 14 days.




I had this sudden inspiration to go to Africa, the native land of the Zebras.
Eh, they are so cute and I love their patterns, it's so unique! My blog is associated to much of the zebra. I just thought they were... quite friendly actually.

The zebras are known to be difficult animals to tame. As they have a tendency to panic under stress and have the most unpredictable nature. They are more immune to diseases compared to normal horses. :0

I wanna go to Africa and take pictures like this!

Ahhhhh, so cute. If I do go on such an adventure. I will most definitely get myself a good camera. It'll be a waste to go there and come back with blur pictures right? T___T