Thursday, 24 March 2011


Hello Heellllooooo!

To last year's SPM takers, I hope you receive the results you were hoping for! It's a breath of fresh air eh? I mean after a torturous 24 hours of waiting.

This year is gonna be MY turn and it's quite scary. Confirm I'm gonna chicken out and wait until someone tells me whether it's good, bad or ok lah. I do the peeking thing since it's an important exam!

My school's highest achiever got 5A+ and apparently that's bad compared to other schools?

Study mood on? Maybe?

Ps, Now only I know that scholarships don't count A-. T________T

Sunday, 20 March 2011


Rango made me feel like a bimbo.


Call me simple minded but hell, I like my cartoons nice and warmmmm! :) Rango doesn't give me that enjoyment and fuzzy warmness. Anime on the other hand makes me cry and what not. Yes, I also like Pixar/ Disney movies very very much as well. How would I have pass my childhood without them? :0

All I can say is Rango isn't a children's film. It leans more towards adult humour, it's witty and not like Simpsons and Family guy. They're quite sick aren't they? Lol. My sister was wiggling in her seat and I almost fell asleep. Then again, it really does depend on the person. The dude who sad next to me laughed like MAD! Rotten tomatoes also gave it such a high review. :0 SO, it really does depend on you.

I think it's graphic is pretty good, it's very very sharp and clear. Honestly, I didn't like 1 of the characters design though - Beans with her beady looking eyes. SO FREAKY and no offence but I would never buy her dolly. Rango's ok though.

When I first saw her, I remembered that the voice actor was someone pretty. I kept trying to remember who but eventually gave up. So, the answer is...

Isla Fisher!

Anyways, I advice is, don't expect kids to enjoy this movie. Kids like lots of comical movements of characters but this one leans more towards jokes lah.

PS, STUDIO GHIBLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Friday, 18 March 2011

Gastric ouch

Someone I know is hurting from gastric at the moment. Pretty serious, to the point where she's crouching and drinking ginger water.

So kids, don't be lazy when it comes to preparing your meal. Don't skip meals and enjoy food. The pain's not worth it. :)

Guess where's this from? :P

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Sports whaaaat?

Gonna have sports practice tomorrow but I don't even know if I can go. My dad's been really tired lately so I don't even know if he has the energy to even drive me to school. 

Why do I need to go?

I have to go do some discus throwing which frankly.. I feel quite ridiculous at the moment. Our house lack of members and we need to fill in all the spots so they just randomly put your name in anything. So, I got put into discus! T______T

Never tried flinging that piece of wood off the ground before. It always rest weirdly on my wrist so I never bothered to love the sport but I do admire the sportsmen though. Short put's funner. :) 

Worst bet my house ever made, period. 

So, I shall have to ask my daddy soon... Once he wakes up. :0

Let's all be fishermeeeeeeen! :)

I've always wondered how other people viewed my pictures as.. Is it too dark? Since our screen brightness are different so would it even make a difference? Just minor difference right?

Japan. Please stay strong, everyone's here supporting you the best as we can. Spiritually, physically or financially, we're here and you can count on that. :)

Monday, 14 March 2011

127 Hours


The story to how I came to watch this movies was when I was hanging out with my mom's friends and we wanted to watch a good movie. Initial choices were The King's speech and you know lah, all those oscar glorified movies. 

The only reason why I gave it a 7 out of 10 was purely because I'm not used to gory movies. It just weirds me out with the bloody-ness BUT exceptions are towards Chinese war flicks which are so-the-awesomeee! 

I think James Franco did some A-level acting in here, Alex Pettyfer take note. It was basically a one man show, the whole way! He really demonstrated some pure human nature. When he was scared, I felt scared. Well... he was delusional and half crazy, tends to happen when you're hungry, dehydrated and frustrated over a rock. He was thinking about his past and future and some blonde girl. 

I didn't know how they did the blood clot in his eyes though. Anyways, point being that he went all out and wasn't afraid to be erm... less glamorous. 

And yes, I missed the most glorious part of the scene - The amputation scene.

Sorry lah, it was just so @#$% scary! The sound effect and the bloody-ness and gurrrrrrrrrrhhhhh! Initially, I just closed my ears then I closed my eyes as well lah. The dude was amputating his hand in some deserted place! It was very gory and some people even left the cinema when it reached that part. 

Ok lah, I was peeking here and there and my friend was going like 'Waaaaaaaaaaah!' palms on the side of his chin. Men. *Shakes head*

Anyways... I think Aron Ralston is a truly brave man. He had such clear perseverance and will to live. He did all he could just to go on thinking about how to escape his situation. He drank pee, ate his contacts and just about anything! If it was me.. knowing me... I probably would have starved to death already. He tried to cut off his hand at the start but you know, bone. So, he broke it off and amputated off his hand. :0 

I salute thee! 

It's a movie about survival and a true story, so yeah. Not bad. :) 

Monday, 7 March 2011

I've been online for far too longg!

When I should doing something much more beneficial right?? I dunno what I've been doing but my eyes kinda hurt now so probably will sleep soon. :)

I always have this internal conflict thing going on inside my head. Last week, I got back my Bahasa Malayu test paper and it was pretty suck-ish. 65 marks when everyone else got an A. Yeah, I have pretty smart classmates. :) Still, Oh the joy moment for me. :(

My objectives for maths and history were pretty bad. So, I really dunno what to expect anymore..

I'm used to bracing for the worst so yeahhh....

Boo to open burning! :(

Oh, I've done something productive today! Sync my songs to my ipod for my school's cross country this Friday! They're making us run right after exams. :0 Ridiculous? I know.

Confirm you'll see me dying halfway. My strategy is gonna be walk-run-walk-run-BREATH.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Walking zombiee

Exams are hard on the skin, soul and brain.

For the past week and 3 days, I've been staring at test papers and thinking
'Why CHIA YEE, WHYYYYYY??!??!?!'

All I could do was stare helplessly at my paper and rely on my common sense. Not the best combo for exams.

Had the most terrible experience while napping. Some times, I would be so determined to study but end up sleeping an hour. Then, I sleep around 11-ish / 12 and wake up at 5am. It's not bad but I ended up being a walking zombie! People who sleep 5 hours daily are absolutely mad! I felt like fainting whenever I saw a nice cool floor. =______=

Anyways, I didn't know how I went through the whole ordeal, was pretty gruesome. Mentally I'm fine but physically... my skin took some beating.

1st week.

2nd week.

Pictures were 100% un-psed/edited. Gosh, I look terrible. =_____=

Can see the pimples, crap skin colour and eye bags righhhttt?!?

My nose has enlarged. I was the only one who was sniffing and coughing the whole time in class. I just noticed my nose enlarges when I'm sick but my nose memang big so yeahh... LOLLL. I've always thought it was weird for an Asian to have such a big wide nose...

Moral of the story - don't procrastinate!
It's super the hard to remember EVERYTHING being sleep deprived. Lol. I never learn and always get crap results. So, I honestly do respect and admire those who study EVERY-day without fail.

Cake, I adore thee. 
You were my only pillar of energy, yet so shiny.  :)