Monday, 23 May 2011


I have a confession to make.

I sometimes have the very urge to abandon my blog since there's not much reading value in it. I persevere though since I like blogging but sometimes I really don't know what to blog about? 

What should I blog about? 


Dilemma. Dilemma. Dilemma. 

Haha. Thought about what I what I should blog about now. :)

EVERYONE knows that 2AM came to Malaysia right? Guess what? 

I gotten free tickets but couldn't go!
My parents wouldn't let their blur child trudge on to some random showcase alone, especially alone. Haha. I have 2 conversations to type out now. 

HC : CHIA YEE! I have a ticket to the showcase! You want?!
HC : Erm, 1 only. I gave the other to my friend. 
CY : *Heart sunk* Oh.... like that ah, I don't think I can go. My parents wouldn't let. 
HC : You sure? I'm gonna give it to others already. Ask your parents lah.
CY : Yeah yeah. Sure sure. T_________T

In the end, I couldn't take it and I told my friend I would ask my parents first. It was like this, if her friend couldn't go I would take the ticket if my parents let me. 

CY : Mommyyyy. 
MOM : Yeah? What? 
CY : Can I go to this concert this saturday? 
MOM : What? No. 

Why do Asian parents tend to crush their kids when it comes to fun stuff? :( Ok lah, I do admit it's very risky to go alone since I've never been to a showcase before. Plus, 2AM is popular! Imagine how a blur person like me could possibly survive! Kena stampede over was the first thought that came over me but then again IAMs might be nice to a newbie like me. 


Anyways, since I couldn't have fun on that day doesn't mean others can't right? Lazy to steal pictures so here's a nice link! :)

Don't play play ah. They sing, dance and can act. Plus, they were picked as one of the best vocal idol groups present. :)

ONE MORE THING THOUGH! I'm super dissatisfied with MAXIS! Y U NO bring Korean acts to Malaysia?!? WHYYYYYYYY?? You could really attract tons of teenagers to your network and plus you would make fans like us happier. DIGI is mean, if you want tickets you need to top up and stuff. 

Why couldn't you just sold the tickets temperately? T_______T

Ok, I'm done ranting. There's still BIG BANG! <3

Heheeeeeee. :D 

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Saturday, 14 May 2011

I tweet, I tweet

Yes, You have read it right. I now tweet tweet. 

I dunno what your thoughts are lah.

Some people are probably now going 'NOOOOOOO! DON'T GO OVER TO THE DARK SIDE!'
Most people probably go like 'Took you long enough!'

Either ways, my thoughts are.. Twitter's not bad eh? 

Truth be told, I was very hesitant to get it at the start since it looked so complicated with dunno what trend here, trend there. I was thinking wth is that?? Then I'm not that 'canggih' as well so I never did care about anything more modern than texting. LOLLLL. 

Till now, I still dunno what the # thing means though but a lot of factors have been influencing me to get it lah. 

Twitter gets all those breaking news first and the news industry have also acknowledge this fact.
For example : 
  • When Osama died. 
  • When Japan kena earthquake. 
During tuition, Hui chi was the one who went like, 'OMGGGGG!!!!JAPAN KENA EARTHQUAKE
 I only went like huh? I only knew the degree of seriousness when my parents came back from work and straight away headed for the tv with solemn expressions.. The way the earth moved was just insane. :( I wouldn't have known until the next morning when I read through the newspaper. 

Then about the end of April? I stated stalking twitter a bit. Not a lot, I just read some when I was free lah. I didn't stalk any random strangers, just friends. LOL.  

Plus, I can go follow all those k-pop craze twitters.  HEHEEEEEEEEEE. I'm not a full on k-pop fan though, since I don't make banners. :) I just listen to their songs and watch the videos! :D So far, I've only followed 

Anyways, follow me on twitter! :D I tweet random stuff and I can notify you guys when I have blogged. Save you the trouble right? :D 

You know you want to! *Winkwink*

I dunno why I like this picture and plus it's a bird! :D

Sunday, 8 May 2011


If you have noticed, I changed the profile pictureee.

Change is needed!

Since I have short hair now and my old picture looked very serious. :0

You know what? I have a weird nose, I used to think it looked parrot-ish. I won't lie that it doesn't bother me sometimes though. Who doesn't feel insecure? :0

That doesn't matter now though, as long as I can smell fresh air and... food. :) You know your taste buds and smell comes hand in hand right? Then again, now I understand why people say I look like a guy sometimes. :0 I feel so versatile? LOL.

Oh yeah, mid year exams. How are they coming along?
Just wonderful, HAHA. I died in every single paper and I'm not joking. Add maths especially because I never practice it. So, I stoned through out the paper while admiring others who knew what they were doing. Oh, me and Li yen kept exchanging sad glances since we didn't know how to do the paper. LOLLL.

Kinda sad about it?
A bit lah but I had it coming for not practicing it through out Form 4 and now. =_____=

I have 1 more week of exams. Dot. Dot. Dot.


K-popped yet?

Sometimes, I feel as if I've been living under a rock. :0

You know K-pop has lots and lots of groups right?? So, I just stick with the veterans. You know, BIG BANG, SNSD, SHINee and others because I dunno what new group to listen to. 

You know lah since I'm not that tech savvy either and all those new groups keep pouring in, I don't even know who is who. Plus, they might not even sound that good. -__________-

Just got hooked onto -

Youtube recommended it to me. LOLLLLLL. It's not bad and mg, did you see their figures?!?!
Very the freakishly the nice! :0

Which let to me listening to A pink because Hui Chi recommended me them.

I like the song it's so well balance. I guess it's true when they Cube Entertainment has awesome producers. :D
Honestly speaking though, the mv might have been better if they acted more natural and stop with the forced cuteness. I mean those hand gestures and stuff since they're already look nice what!

Then, there was..

You know why B1A4 anot? They're going by blood type and there's 1 blood type B and 4 blood type A. :0

I think they have potentiaaaaaaaaal <3 I like the part where they go 'I love youuuuuuu~'

I find it weird that all the groups always first start with bright and cheery then to mature and dark a bit.
-_______- But this group is a over with the degree of cuteness. Beh tahan [Can't take it.] They have a very good package though. Good looking plus talented. :)

If they tone down a bit, I might go crazy. Then again, if they don't I might get used to them. LOLL.

Gongchan!!!!! HEHEEEEEE. Don't believe me? Go to their Facebook page and you'll be amazed how photogenic they are.

Seriously. 0____0