Friday, 28 May 2010

I'm so bored that I can melt.

I was bored so I recorded these two vlogs! :0

It has better quality than the 1st lah. I wanted to use the blogger video but it was so slow, I really couldn't take it. =_______=

Ramblings of an Ahma.

Oh my Geeeeeeeee.
Gee. You know, Girl's Generation? :D

I got my first Youtube e-mail! Hooohaaaahhhh.

Btw, that stuffed dog toy has been with me since I was 9 years old? Yes, I have cartoon insects curtain when I'm so sensitive to insects. That's kind of ironic actually.. :0

Guys can apparently 'sense' hot girls. I mean like really 'sense' like a mile away! The non pretentious, pretty and intelligent ones lah. So, girls. You don't need to dress up nicer or laugh at stupid jokes from boys you like. They can 'sense' you. =0

I was watching tv and sharks can detect electromagnetic fields! WHOAHHHHHHH! The tv channel was damn draggy though. It was going on about some secret and powerful sense that sharks have. Until the end only it talked abut it. =_____=

Don't EVER pee in the sea. It attracts sharks. Or make any sounds. Or eat any sardine.

Or this might come after you.

Btw, Anyone going for the relay for life

Thursday, 27 May 2010


So, on a nice saturday afternoon. My family were supposed to go to Bahau but it was so late that we decided to go to Melaka. Bahau is in Negeri Sembilan.

We reached Melaka around 5pm? Yeah... and we went back at 10pm. It was a 5 hour trip. Melaka's really nice. It smells of history! :D
I like history lah just not the ones from our text book. Horribly boring. World history isn't bad though.

None of the pictures were edited and were taken by my oh-so humble camera. So don't laugh lah! LOLL.

Along the river!

Nyonya shop lots.

Uberly cool bench I found! :D

I feel.... the wind!

Art on most of the shop lots.

I do believe it's a phoenix

We were walking towards Jonker street.

That's so 'Little Nyonya'!

We sell coconuts. ;D

Where can you find a well?

In a temple!

Temple dragon :)

We decided to take a river boat trip.

Sooo bright :)

Why travel out of the country when we can visit such a cute area?
Melaka is full of culture, history and shopping? I persevered and didn't at all shop, the most I got was biscuits. There's a nice shop called 'Jonker Gallery' though.

We actually wanted to go to the Baba Nyonya exhibition house thing but it was closed when we got there so we went to Jonker street.
I didn't know it was Jonker street until I went home and was looking at the biscuit packet. ==

Will definitely go to Melaka more often since it's so close to KL. It's only 2 hours ride away. Not like most countries where you have to use planes or drive your car for a few days just to get to another state. Malaysia might be small but it's just so lovely. Hell, we have good food. :)

I do suggest you have a local show you around Malaysia though. Let you experience the true culture?
It's a nice place to travel around in, very thrifty and our shoppings are quite 'cheap' compared to other places.

I dunno about the food in Melaka though.. Kuala Lumpur and Penang definitely are top food choices for locals. I heard that Sabah has AWESOME seafood. Will try one day. :)

Ps, I saw a lot of Mamee advertisements in Melaka. I wonder why.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Short quickie.

On saturday, I went to Melaka. We were supposed to go to Bahau but it was too late so we made a detour to Melaka. And Damn, I wanna go back there.

Btw, I felt so cheated over the famous 'Chicken Rice Ball'.

If you're wondering what it is, let me explain.

It's basically like chicken rice just that the rice is in the shape of balls. 

I felt so cheated when I ate it. == I thought it was literally 'chicken rice ball'. Like fish balls just that it has rice in it or something. What is there to eat in Melaka lah? 
Hell, I'm going there for the atmosphere, history and baba nyonya lah. 


Ps, I just came back from the 'West side musical' at the Istana Budaya.

The start was boring [no offence], the middle was REALLY good but the end was abrupt.
I thought I was sophisticated but it turns out I'm not. =0 

There won't be pictures for the 'West Side Story' post, pictures were prohibited. =0

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

All girls look like nerds with their hair all pulled up.

I have a big nose lahhhh.

Pretty nerd. :D
We do, really. Unless, you have the short hair, awesome figure and all angst looking.
Then, it's another story. Ehhe.

Me and my gloriously wet hair. :D

Real Asian girls have pimples. We do. Especially ones that live in humid countries, like Malaysia. =0 Also considering the food we eat : curry puff, laksa, potato chips. Ok lah, maybe girls like me.

I have crap skin, I have pimples and blackheads. I don't care about what I eat, I just EAT.

So, this is the price I pay. I try to comfort myself by saying I was born in December so I got my puberty late. Lame excuse so no use lah.

I do think some girls can relate to me though. Imperfect skin and all. LOL.

Oh yeah, I gonna make a label on photography or something. I have a preview on some of the photos I will post on.

The picture above was edited by Photoscape. Was so hard, it didn't exactly deliver the effect I wanted. I should get Photoshop but it's so bloody expensive and complicated. == Photoscape too simple.
Soooo, Gahhhhh!

Then again, it's so much easier to erase off the pimples with Photoshop. I tried. :D

Ps, I just noticed I type EHHE and not TEEHEE.
It's basically the same thing just that you go EH-HE and not TEEHEEHEEHEEE.

I'm revolutionary, so what?

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Don't watch

One eyed monstaaa!

Wth. =_____=

Yo people. I wanted to make a video blog but I failed.

It's so awkward and weird and so painful to watch. But I want you guys to laugh!
Sooo, watch if you want. :D

Pictures during the whole thing. =0

BAHAHAHHAAAAAA. It's so weird and I have no idea why it's pink by the way, so odd.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Oh you crazy!

If ever I was a dude, I would never EVER get myself a psycho girlfriend. Even if it kills me.
Why would I wanna go through the trouble of having someone with mood swings terrorize me for no reason? WHYYY? After I become emotionally unstable then Hoooowww? =0

I stumbled on this video in Facebook and was laughing like siao.

Violent right? She looked like she had a lot of fun though. Maybe I should try that. :P
Beware! I shall come after your key board!

Anyways, this is even more terrifying. =0

If I were the boy friend, I would just cry. Seriously. Too late to save my PS3 anyways and it's so expensive. If the game was original even worse, around RM100+. If you broke my memory stick, I would have to play the game all over again. T________T

Uber not fun.

Then again, it's the boyfriend's fault not to pay attention to his girlfriend. Never mess with women, we may turn just about violent. :D

Now let's talk about crazy boyfriends!

Who the hell bites a chunk of meat out of his girlfriend's neck?!?

Are you a psycho? =0

Last but not least.

Oh Greg, you're such an arse.

PS, oh shite, I have biology and add maths exams this week.

PSS, I shall teach you the art of drinking 'mamak limau ais' without sucking up the seeds if you don't already know. Uber graceful I would think. :P

Is this the face of a future crazy girlfriend? :D

Monday, 10 May 2010

An emotional breakdown.

Will you look at the time? It's 11.35am! Woahhhh. 
According to Malaysian school hours, I should be in school now but I'm at home blogging. Hmmmmm, isn't that slightly suspicious? Yeah, I skipped school.

I do believe I had my first emotional breakdown yesterday. I dunno, I just felt so horribly sad throughout this whole week or something. Ok, I know you're gonna get bored with all this teenage rants and probably closed this page already but who knows maybe you'll learn something new. =0

Actually, I'm just ranting to make myself feel better since blogging has been proven to be therapeutic.

My dad was trying to comfort me and was being all philosophical. He was telling me that education was important and that I had to be more confident in my skin.

He also told me to smile more often, to make my face friendlier because we have some sort of arrogant quality. When we're quiet, we just naturally look very arrogant or something. He was talking about 气质 lah.
I think it's the slanted eyes or something. :P

Go under the cut if you want to read!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Dear mommy.


Today is Mother's Day and I just wanted to say that I love you. 

Thank you for being so influential and telling me about all your life's experience. Caring for me in the most oddest ways possible. Everyone has their own way of caring for their children and I do deem yours as sort of unique. :P

Thank you for supporting me financially so that I have a plate of food on my table for every meal in a day. Thank you for supporting throughout my life and guiding me towards all futures in my life.
You once said that you would trade your life if it were to allow my sister to hear and that is proof on how much you love us.

Thank you for putting up with my tantrum but normally I get KO-ed.
[She makes me stare at the mirror as a punishment to make me feel bad about myself.] 
My mom takes no crap from anyone. =0

You are so utterly awesome in ways that one cannot comprehend. You carried me around for 9 months without complain. A mother's love is truly incomparable.

Thank you for loving your eldest daughter even though she's so utterly useless sometimes. LOL.

My mommy lah!♥

Jiem : Chia yee, I think you'll be a protective mother next time.
CY : Why ah? I don't really like children wor.
Jiem : Because you won't let your kid near stupid people.


Saturday, 8 May 2010

Ip man 2

The other day, me and my dad went to watch Ip man 2. I do believe it was last Sunday?
We had a choice of either watching Ip man 2 or Iron man 2.


In the end, we choose Ip man 2. It was already a loosing battle for Iron Man 2 lah, I've been waiting for Ip Man 2 since my last post about it. Click!

Ok, too be fair, I choose it because everyone was raving about how good it was and how AWESOME the fights were. Then the Star News paper gave it a four star so I naturally choose it.


Too be fair, I thought the movie was quite good and the fights were indescribable. Indescribable in a good way though! Lol. The fights were good, when they did the fist fight, all you see is a blur. They are THAT fast and some more, both are 40 to 50-ish. =0 

I think the trailer gave out a bit too much information about the whole movie. Trailers are suppose to spark your interest and raise your curiosity. That's why, I don't read much reviews, I look at the ratings and that's all. I want to find out what happens in the movie myself.

Down below is the screen shots from the movie, DON'T watch it if you don't want SPOILERS!

I thought it was easier than finding all the pictures from the movie.

I noticed they filmed a lot of parts on Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明).
*Psshhh!* He models for Gucci too.

I do think you should watch, not because it's a good martial arts movie because it has a lot of values too. My dad said the first one was better though, the fight scenes were blurry in this one.

Btw, they portrayed 'The Twister' in such an awful manner. They treated him with respect but he just spat in their face and disrespected them. Stupid rude hairy person. ==

Friday, 7 May 2010

Impersonate me.

As quoted by Chia yee.
"Impersonators are merely shadows of the great artists."

Nowadays, people don't believe when I say I do wear dresses. I used to be an tomboy when I was younger, heck, I had the coconut head and wore boys clothes! That was when I was 10 years old ah? When I have time, I shall scout out that picture.

How is coconut head even manly? LOL.


 I'm so rosey. 

 Effing fat. =0

I cannot bring myself to comprehend why people hate wearing skirts lah. It is sooooo much simpler than a pair of pants lah. SERIOUSLY. You just pull up the skirt and your done but pants on the other hand... You have to zip up and if the material is too 'soft' , it sticks to your flesh. =___= I think flowwy skirts are figure complimenting though. :)

Unless you have a nice figure, then pants or skirts won't be an issue for you. :) 

Then, there's the flaws of pants. When the wind comes..... and if it's too strong..... The cloth confirm fly up. =__= Then if you fall... and if there's a lot of people around you. Gee, I'll be really embarrassed.

I love pants and skirts in general. They have their own purposes and they are both so incredible hot. :)

God, can you please give me nice skin, long thin legs and a flat tummy? LOL. 

 Ciao people.♥

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Oh my potato

Oh my potatooooooooo.

You cannot comprehend on how full I feel. 
I have a love hate relationship with food, more to love of course. Food is heaven but hell too lah if you over consume. =.= I tend to do that a lot but the only benefit of this whole eating spree is I never get gastric. =_______= 


I honestly don't think I've gotten gastric before, the most I get is a warm rumbling feeling in my tummy and instantly... 'My stomach is very hungry.' I normally say it in Hokkien since it sounds cuter. Wth, I know. No lah, I'm not so superficial, I 'try' to practice Hokkien as much I can. After I say that, I normally go scavenge for food. 

I succeed but get fatter as an end result. 

Note to self,
 "Never come between a woman and her food, or she shall turn vicious."
Anyone care to disagree with me? I thought not. :)

If you must know, I had dinner at home. Had prawn paired with wasabi, sotong something and vegetables. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures. Then after, I had potato sugar water or 糖水 . Crazy filling, I tell you. =0

As quoted from my mom,
'Poor people in the past had very nice figures, because they always ran to the bathroom.'
Get it, get it?
Poor people's only main source of diet was the potato and potatoes are quite fibre-ish. Too also add to account, they did a lot of labor. So hence, exercise creates bowel movement. In conclusion, potato makes you poo.

Potato Love

Ps, I am blessed to have food laid out on my dining table every day and I hope everyone has this honour as well. 

Cheers! ♥

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Have you ever thought?

Do you think that everything happens for a reason?

I was thinking that maybe just maybe that the end of the world would probably come. =0 If you look at it, the probability is HUGE. There's been so many natural disaster happening lately and probably Mother Nature is trying to cleanse herself.

Who knows lah. They say the earth will end on the 21th of December 2012. If it's the 12th of December then I'll cry, because my birthday is only 2 days away. T____T

Then, I had this weird thought, maybe our world does 'self destruct' every now and then. Like what happened to the Dinosaurs. Maybe this is like a repetitive cycle, when the world can't take how polluted it is, it'll just cleanse itself. I don't think it cares about the buildings honestly. Lol. Our flesh will just become fertilizers, how sick is that? =___=

Then our souls will be constantly used, again and again. Like reincarnation lah, maybe for the evil people. Since reincarnation is consider a punishment for sinners but frankly I don't think heaven is so vast to fit us all lah. Maybe souls that were in heaven did something wrong then, were forced to live life again. Consider the possibilities!

God knows, I could have been a toy maker in my past life or a..... a.... cat! Then I keep on reincarnating till now, I'm a girl. =0
The next generation which probably will be 2000 years later, will find my watch and go like, 'What is this contraption?' My watch will be buried under dunno how many kilometers of soil.
They say, this perfect world will appear once we all die. How enlightening. =______=

SO, my conclusion is. The world probably self destructs continuously and we don't know since there's no prove. EH, if something self destructs, it leaves no testable evidence right?! Then we keep living the same lives, we keep on reincarnating. Like I was a cat and my next life, I'll be a cat again. How sad is that? T___T I want to be an actress or something lah.

If you read till this part, I'm quite impress. =0 Since, I crapped the whole way. AHHA. :)

Our past and our future.

Ps, If the end really comes, I think some really famous singer should have a concert. Maybe name it 'It's the end' or something along those lines. It'll be even cooler if you had it on the exact date! =0 But then... if you were to die, wouldn't you want to be with your family? T___T


Magic by Secret.

Pretty hot dance right? I was blown away weihh, I bet the stage is pretty slippery but they can dance like that with POINTY HEELS! That's why I admire all those girl group. =0

I heard that the blonde girl with the bangs is quite erm... Duh. LOL. She's good at singing and dancing but she kinda sucks at maths? Lol.
True anot? Can someone clarify this matter to me?

Ps, exams in one week's time and wth, I'm looking at videos. =.= I'm so not ready lah. Sighs.