Monday, 25 May 2009

dum dum.

Ish, curse it. I only have one hour left to do my geo project, I'm so freaking screwed. Gahh! I'm officially joining my school's study camp tomorrow. It's like school but we just revise form 1 stuff for PMR *eeps* So screwed, still fooling around. Btw, the study camp ain't cheap, cost like RM40 for 4 days and did you know on Thursday, we have MATHS! For the whole day! Don't play play weih, from 8:15 till 3 of pure MATHS!
'Love is blind'
I believe that everyone has a soul mate, I mean that special someone is someone you will spent you life with, regardless of looks and brains lah. Soul mates are just people that you are naturally compatible with. It should be like a blessing or something if you could meet your soul mate right? But I have been thinking, if you knew that you could never be with him/her, would you still want to meet them? To save yourself from all the heart ache or be willing to let your heart get ripped and flung to the floor? I'm still wondering about that question but not to much though. Lol. It'll just tempt me to read lots of shoujo manga or something like that. Lol. And again I ask, would you rather love or to be loved?

Ps, I have to do something with my attitude and my mouth. It's never gonna give me a nice future and I want a good future? Lol. When I get pissed off, my personality is merely reflecting on yours when you get mad. SO don't get pissed for no reason, it'll bring you no good. =.= My words of wisdom? Lol.

Pps, I watch movies to get rid of my depressions. Care to share yours? =D

Ppps, I want my bikey now. T.T It's a really nice feeling going down hill. The wind in your hair and junk like that, I dunno.. you just feel free? I suppose. Lol

Pppps, credits to the awesome awesome heart picture goes to frenchtoastgirl! =D

Saturday, 23 May 2009


I am currently TRYING to improve my Chinese now through *duh*


It seriously helps! I swear! Now I'm reading my mom's old manga. It's quite famous, it's called
Candy Candy. It's pretty good, poor Anthony, he died from a fox hunt. Sighs.

Oh yeah! I bought Naruto shippuden 2: bonds today. I got to admit it's pretty good. I think the worst one is the 3th movie. Naruto is not a bad influence! It is very ber-moral, they always talk like never give up and stuff like that. Lol. I have soooo many mangas/dramas/animes to catch up to after pmr. Yay! =D

It's a good picture. We all look so sesat by the way it's very candid. Lol. (L to R) Maddy>Alex>Chia Yee :D Our car broke down and we were waiting for people to rescue us. Lol.

Monday, 18 May 2009


My sis amazes me sometimes. You know that I suck at computer stuff but I wonder why she likes to make my life so complicated.. doing weird weird stuff to the laptop. Like suddenly appearing out of no where with a wet tissue and claims to want to 'innocently' clean the screen and blog my view! Gahhh! Lol. Oh yeah, she screws the laptop some times, like now I forgot where to find the clock to put back.. Lol.

Si Monyet

Oh yeah, good news! I passed my MORAL and MATHS! Awesome right?! =D Now I'm just waiting for my doom... Kh, Chinese and Geo. Who would have thought so many people would fail KH and Geo? 0.0 Well.. I didn't. Lol.

Ok, now I'm off to do some indices - well I think it's indices..I'm not sure, it's from E.nopi. Shut up, I know I'm still doing E.nopi, got problem ah? Lol. Oh yeah, I'm the self-appointed tutor of indices to Ben Sen. Wait til you see him with marvelous grades for indices, then you know. *perasan* Lol.

I have learnt that the only way you can get good grades for a certain subject is by befriending/to love it. Let's see how it goes. *winks. Lol. Now time to get myself nerd-tified.

Friday, 15 May 2009


THE CHIA YEE is not very AMUSED.
I might t-o-t-a-l-l-y FLUNK several subjects like..

Kemahiran Hidup, Geografi, Bahasa Melayu and... Chinese. *cough.

Ahh, the problem now is how the *toootie- toot* am I gonna get 7As in my PMR? T.T I'm completely not serious and I treat exams as if it's a.. game? Lol. I'm so not sure.. Lol. And I'm freaking not done/start my geo and sej projects. I dunno how to start lah.. It's not like I don't want to.. Lol.

Oh yeah, today was the last time of the exams. The exams we had today weren't really important, just moral and arts. Let me tell you this, I died at the subjective part. BULL lah, I always thought moral was supposed to be simple. Lol. Art was ok lah, hope I get an A, didn't exactly had time to make it very very detailed. My hand not that firm goyang like what one. Lol.

Yayyy, tomorrow me and my dad are gonna have our usual movie weekend! =D
Economy sucks now so ultimate goal is to save as much money as I can, by not waste electricity or water. Lol.

*Takishima Kei* sighsss. :D
Today was a proud achievement, I'm done reading the manga 'Special A'. It's kinda yay and nay, yay to the fact I knew what happened in the end and nay because I have nothing much to look forward too. I didn't like the ending though because it left me hanging. Sighs. I HAD high expectations that Kei would do something romantic for Hikari or something like that but noooo~ they left it hanging. D:
Anyway I like the manga, probably it's because of hormones or something. Lol. Well, it is a 'shoujo manga'! It has lots of ' sweet and awwww-y' parts in the manga and quite funny. :D

PS, I hate the anime Kei, I prefer the manga Kei more. I think there's a difference, the manga Kei looks nicer. And is he blonde or light brown haired? 0.0 I still don't know. Lol.