Sunday, 25 July 2010

Scary lady.

You know what?
I think Lady Gaga is scary old woman now. :0

On Friday, a group of us were talking then we suddenly got to her and I didn't even know she's anti-christ! :0 I'm so slow lah but who cares? Then they were talking about how the world was gonna end in fire. =_____= Mgee, I'm not anticipating that at ALL!

In my believe one shouldn't be anti-anything lah. I mean you can anti bad stuff but you don't need to do anything that insulting to any religion. Even if you sokong 'he who must not be named', you don't do stupid irresponsible acts lahhh.

This video is so sick..

Anyways, before I knew that apparently all her videos had negative meanings in them. I would have just thought that she was a weird creative woman with super catchy songs. =_______= I also quite liked her extravagant outfits lah, I thought they were interesting. I dunno lah, I always have associated 'those' stuff with negativity.

Maybe I'm just gullible and naive.

One thing's for sure though, nothings gonna stop Lady Gaga from being bigger. Her songs are just so catchy.
I was damn scared when I read that article on her because I was alone then. =___________=

If you're wondering, I just typed 'Is Lady Gaga evil?' and TONS of post came out. =_______= Shite, I'm kinda scared now as well. Lolll. I'm so lameeeee.

Anyways, Kpop is so much better! They only sing about nice songs and their dancing is awesome!

Despite it's title -
-Lucifer has always been a sign of temptation, recklessness and darkness.
-The song was titled it this way, to show how said terms apply to a woman.
-Simply put, how dangerous she is. It's a metaphor.

I just copied from the comment. SEEE! Their only saying how dangerous a woman can be to their heart!!!

Now, to a song that isn't freaky at all.

YoSeob and GaYoon make a good combo. They both have very sweet voices.
The lyric is so cute though! I went to find the English subbed version because I couldn't understand what they were singing about. =______=

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Onemanga's going down.



Do you guys know that Onemanga is officially going down? :( We won't be able to read manga on Onemanga anymore. :( How uberly sad is that? 

Onemanga is absolutely ancient [In a good way], it was on since I was in primary school! Now it's going down while I'm in secondary school. Where am I gonna get my manga fix now? I know there's Mangafox but this is more based on a loyalty issue lah. 

I kinda go between Onemanga and Mangafox lah. 

Onemanga - Loads faster but doesn't have much manga. Updates faster sometimes. Can use key pad to go through pages.
Mangafox - Loads slowly but has more manga to choose from. 

CLICK on the picture!

I hope this is the wise one's way of protecting me. I'm getting too attached to my laptop and neglecting my homework and such. Eye sight deteriorating lagi. :(

Onemanga, you have been an awesome companion to me through all these years but I guess good things do have to end eventually..  You made me go 'awwwww' with all your sweet mangas and it was an eye opener since some writers are just-too-creative! I hope you'll come back soon and not just leave your page as a forum. Why are you people so niceee? What's gonna happen to us readers now ehh? :( Manga is too expensive to be bought lah...
I'm such an otaku now. :X

Worst case scenario :

No more manga websites?
I'll just go become a super fan girl lah.
I loveee listening to Kpop but I usually forget the members names. LOL.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Stolen, borrowed, given

If I had a guy, he'll be hot for the both of us. :D

If I had a guy, he'll be a genius. 

If I had a guy, he'll be one helluva nice fella. 

If I had a guy, he'll blush by now. :P

Yes, I have an 'imaginary' guy since everyone is so busy with theirs. No, his name is NOT Bob. =________=

I think Kyuhyun is pretty cute. :)

Oh shite, I think I sprained my wrist. My parents think I slept on it or I accidentally twisted it somehow. 
OH SHITTEEEE, I have so much homework in Form 4 now. 

Dear wise one, why didn't I go to Australia again? :(

Editing failure. :(

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Light bulb mode

I feel like a light bulb. :0

I wonder how many people are feeling this way like myself lohh.

I feel very embarrassed when I'm in the way of couples. =____= I dunno why, I just look away and wait until their done with their loving moments. Then, they look at me weirdly because I look awkward. =_____= That's why I always run the other direction when I see couples. It's not paranoia or anything lahhh!

I just noticed I sound like those people with commitment troubles. LOLLL. That's so queer!

Yeeeeeee, because they aren't in my currently situation mahh. I need more SINGLE friends! You don't need a man/woman to be happy so let us rejoice in our freedom. LOL. I sound so absolutely lame.

Are you gonna stay single forever?
Of course not!
I want kids lahh...

I sound like such a dumb chia yee.

Blahhh, creative failure. :(

Absolutely love this catchy song! :D It's kinda old but still, it's pretty good. :D

Monday, 12 July 2010

Poor Paul.

Spain won! 

It's Yay and everything for the fans lah but Boo to all those who were betting because they only shot the ball during extra time. I noticed a lot of people lost TONS of money this year since all the 'underdogs' were winning? Or so they say lah. 

The girls are contend since there's so many hot guys running around the field or when they strip themselves after the match. =___________= 

NAHHHH, They wanna see men like :

Cesc Fabregas.
 He looks bored. LOL. 

David Villa.

Unfortunately, I think Asian guys look pretty cute now. BUTTT, girls go crazy over them footballers. Those two are fine examples lahh. I just noticed they look quite similar. :0


Anyways, I really kesian Paul the octopus lah! Everyone's making all those scary threats to him like : 

"Since the World Cup is almost over, those chefs of mine should get ready to prepare for My favorite Chinese meal:
Stir fried octopus in garlic, hot pepper, and black bean sauce"
- some football fan.

How scary can they be? I would be terrified lah.. since everyone wants a piece of me. :0


Then again, I don't think those people are serious about eating him and stuff lah.. He's just an aquatic creature used to educate people visiting the aquarium? Then again, I think his trainers or care-takers were trying to save him because he ALWAYS go for the right side. So, they probably put the flag at the right side or something. 

You know, if the footballers never read the newspaper on how great is Paul at predicting the 'future'. They could have more confidence in their game? Since, this whole thing is all psychological. :0

Nooo, I don't follow football so you can't hold any misinformation on my part and bully me? LOLL.

Tae yang 


Sunday, 11 July 2010


As, you all might or might not know. 'Million mind intensive' program [Trade marked!] was brought into Malaysia for 3 whole days. It started from Friday till Sunday. YES, 3-whole-days-non-stop. Friday and Saturday was from 9am to 11pm. Sunday was from 8am till 6pm?  The seminar was held at the ballroom of The Gardens hotel, KL. [Awesome speakers!]

OBVIOUSLY, I didn't stay the whole day lah. I had to leave early on Friday since my school had 'Sedayan night' and saturday was mehh. I left at 10-ish since they were just talking about other programs they are offering. Since, MMI is just a small program from 'Peak potentials training' which was created by T. Har Eker who basically created the whole thing lah.

From my point of view, MMI is just an introduction to the whole package. This company basically has TONS of programs that teach you how to make your business and becoming rich. My speaker was Doug Nelson and his wife, they seemed like a really loving couple. :) Anyways, the programs ain't cheap, the cheapest is probably the RM3k. 

The speaker was REALLY hard on selling his programs. Sightly threatening lah but still, it got people to register for them right? Every time before the meal, he talks about an hour? about the programs their offering and he will sound disbelieve if the programs aren't fully booked. Something like 'I absolutely can't believe why you're letting go of such an AMAZING life changing experience?' 
Then all the kia su [fear of losing] people will RUN to the counter. =__________=

I thought the event staffs were pretty good since they ran around and was quite considerate about the attendees needs. Doug and Melanie aren't bad speakers as well. They seemed sooo comfortable in their skin and was confident. I feel quite jealous lahh. :P

Btw, why are people so energized about a seminar? After every break when we come back. They have this dance session to get us all hype lah. Everyone was dancing and I was like a wooden block. Just clapping my hands. =________=

So, that's basically it lah. I dunno if it was life changing lah but it wasn't bad. I learnt some stuff even though they gave VERY limited information. Still, I learnt. I shall blog about nice lines I learnt from MMI. :)

Read under the cut about  nonsensical stuff. :)


Today, I'm gonna blog about something educational.

The benefits of crying. 

I know, I know. You're probably staring at the screen and going 'BLAHH, only weaklings cry!' 
Truthfully, I used to be one of those people and still am lah, I'm just more open to ideas that makes sense to me. I do cry lah, when I get scolded by my parents. ==

And all you men there! Don't think you're all 'man' because you laugh pain in the face! Women handle pain better lah, just that some people go like 'AHHHHH! I have a paper cut!' *frown* *Teary* 
So, people can layan them. =__= 

I'm a sissy as well lah! I admit that. =____=

I googled about crying since I don't think anyone would research on such an 'unimportant' topic. STILL, you'll learn something from reading this. :D

Anyways, back to the topic. I just edited the article but here's the original I just took out quotes since you just want the main points right? :P

1. Tears Help Us See
The most basic function of tears is that they enable us to see. Literally. Tears not only lubricate our eyeballs and eyelids, they also prevent dehydration of our various mucous membranes. No lubrication, no eyesight. 

2. Tears Kill Bacteria
Tears contain lysozyme, a fluid that the germ-a-phobe dreams about in her sleep, because it can kill 90 to 95 percent of all bacteria in just five to ten minutes! This translates, I’m guessing, to three months’ worth of colds and stomach viruses.
3. Tears Remove Toxins
Emotional tears—those formed in distress or grief—contained more toxic byproducts than tears of irritation (think onion peeling). Are tears toxic then? No! They actually remove toxins from our body that build up courtesy of stress. They are like a natural therapy or massage session, but they cost a lot less!
4. Crying Can Elevate Mood
You will feel better if your manganese level is  lower because overexposure to manganese can cause bad stuff: anxiety, nervousness, irritability, fatigue, aggression, emotional disturbance, and the rest of the feelings that live inside your head. 
The act of crying can actually lower a person’s manganese level. And just like with the toxins. Emotional tears contain 24 percent higher albumin protein concentration—responsible for transporting small (toxic) molecules--than irritation tears.
5. Crying Lowers Stress
Tears really are like perspiration, in that exercising and crying both relieve stress. Tears remove some of the chemicals built up in the body from stress, like the endorphins leucine-enkaphalin and prolactin. The opposite is true too. Suppressing tears increases stress levels, and contributes to diseases aggravated by stress, such as high blood pressure, heart problems, and peptic ulcers.

6. Tears Build Community
In constituent to beatific fleshly health, glaring crapper also hold someone physique a community. Usually someone in tears after informing the difficulty in face of his/her  friends or someone who crapper wage support, and this crapper process the knowledge to transmit and socialize.
7. Tears Release Feelings
Even if you haven’t just been through something traumatic or are severely depressed, the average Joe goes through his day accumulating little conflicts and resentments. Sometimes they gather inside the limbic system of the brain and in certain corners of the heart. Crying is cathartic. It lets the devils out before they wreak all kind of havoc with the nervous and cardiovascular systems. All these feelings need to be felt. 

Isn't it interesting? Lol. Anyways, did you know men have the highest suicidal rate? :0

So, people, don't be ashame to cry when you need to. Let it ALL out. You'll just feel better. :) You have NOTHING to lose at all right? Just that your eyes will be a little swollen.

Don't cry over every small problem though, that just means you have some problem you need to go check on. =_______= Or so I read. People can't control the tears or something. LOL.


Friday, 9 July 2010


The conversation between me and my sejarah teacher.

I think I was resting on my table so I kinda messed up my already messed up hair. *Peace*

Chia yee, kenapa rambut kau begitu messy?
I dunno lah, was sleeping?
Pin up your hair lah!
Aiyaaaaah, I don't care how I look lah.
You don't have a boy friend in school is it?

Does everything about looking good generally goes back to whether a not you are in a relationship? I was caught off guard lah, since I did kinda just woke up.
FINEE, I was stoning in class because we weren't doing anything.

Hmmmmm, I should start doing something about my hair lah, or else I'll look TOO messy. Messy has a boundary as well lahh. :P

Shite, I have nothing to wear to school tomorrow night. SHITEEE.

Sunday, 4 July 2010


My moral teacher said I looked like a Shih Tzu dog.

EHH, Chia yee.
Kenapa you pergi potong your hair?
I dunnoo. *Laughs* Why ah?
You look like my shih Tzu.

Sorry lah, Football mad nation is still my all time favourite Football song. :) Btw, it's made by Malaysian bands, Pop Shuvit and Disagree. :D
It's an old song but it so wheeeeeee. :D

Thursday, 1 July 2010


I just watched the video and I'm quite Hmmm-ish about them lah.
Obviously they are good dancers lah but they dressed a bit slutty unfortunately. I think it's because they're wearing all those lace and everything. They're a bit bad at lip-syncing though. :0

The thing I quite like about this mv is that it's quite clear. I love the little detail at the start with the ballet and violins [I love ballet and I have a thing for violins]! They showed that they are flexible lah when they were stretching on the poles. :)

I'm quite curious on what new songs they're gonna make in the future. :D

Since I'm so niceeeee.
I let you see a ultra ultra HOT guy.
Tae yang lah, of course. :)

I honestly think he's a born performer since he has such a nice voice. Not many guys can go as high as his voice. He has crazy stamina lah since he can sing and dance so smoothly. :0