Saturday, 30 January 2010


Dudeeee! I'm so freaking sleepy nowww. Everyday except for weekends, I have to wake up at 6am. RAWRRRR! Ok lah, maybe not exactly 6am lah, more like 6.10am? Then I have to get ready before 6.30am which is when I have to get my arse up the van. During the journey to school, I sleep. It's quite comfy actually and you feel more secure? Or something along those lines..


finally right?


Tomorrow I am FORCED to not go tuition and go Sunway Lagoon. I dunno if I should go 'YAYYYY!' or 'Oh poooh'. I confirm gonna go 'Ehehehehehe.' to my tuition when I go tuition on Monday. Eh, I had to go because my cousins are going and it's like a reunion thingy for us. Lol.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

How was camp?

Just got back from out school's Leadership camp. I thought it was cool, I never actually 'camped' before though. This 'camp' isn't much of a camp, we slept on double deckers and not in tents. The funnest activity in my opinion was the jungle trekking, we walked on trails and climbed around the whole place. I would say I fell.. 1 time? I can't remember.

I have to admit the toilets were scary though. 0_0 I was scared at the first time I used the toilet when we got there. Only me and Farah [she teman me.] went there and I entered the cubicle and guess what? A LIZARD crawled out of it! I screamed when I saw it the laughed. =.= Well, sorry lah. It was scary! Only 2 girls in the toilet and in the FOREST! How can it not be creepy to some extend??
Then at night, we had to EVENTUALLY bath right? Four of us [Me, Farah, Li yen and Jiem] went to the toilet next to the guys room. The one below our room was open air and kind of cramped so we went there. [The toilet there was cleaner and more spacious. :D] All of us were confused whether it was unisex because there was no.. guys potty thingys? Anyways, the guys said they wouldn't go into the toilet until we were done, how nice of them. :D In the toilet, I pulled the flush.. and guessed what happened? The cover fell to the floor! I screamed, again. Lol. I didn't anticipated that to happen lah! Never happened to me in my whole life. After that, I showered and saw moths flying around the toilet. 0__0 How creepy. I was the first one to finish because I bagged the biggest toilet. *smiles*

Might be continued- [Look forward to Chia yee's experience but no pictures though. Poooh.]

Chia yee's reaction when she sees hot guys on tv. - *Sakai mode* 'Omg! He so hot lahhh!!'
Chia yee's reaction when she sees hot guy on street. - *Thinks* 'That guy not bad, got potential.' *walks off*

Moral of the story? Remember your position when you're in public, you can't go sakai mode every single time lah. Lol. I laugh like a maniac but that has nothing to do with being sakai, I laugh easily when given proper antics. ;p

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Lazy lahs

Mosquitoes shouldn't have been created. The flippin' mosquito bit me. =.= I command you to dieeeee! *Mosquito gets heart attack and dies* I'm so powerful. :DD

Why young people all try to act mature and old, while Adults try to act cute and young? I think it has to do with psychology lah, you want to be something you aren't?

Shiitee, I should be doing my homework but... lazy lah. Lol.

Ps, my cousins are back in Malaysia. Wooohaaaa.

Sunday, 17 January 2010


I was as lost as a tomato in a potato sack. Just now. No wonder, I classify myself as anti-social. I really am, unless I go high and am all daring and mighty. I tend to do that when I'm fatigued lah. I go on HEHEHE-mode when I high.

Just now, went for dani's birthday surprise party. It was cool, I was freaking lost, can't even act normal, AT ALL. I think that tends to happen a lot lah, honestly. You go to some where unfamiliar and of course you'll be slightly lost. Thank god, Jiem, Trent and Ian were there! Or else, I'll be the loner~ You people seem nice and cool, hope to see more of you. :D

I wonder who reads my blog. I know not a lot of people lah. Lol.

What is this called?

Ice-cream mustache.

Remember that people. Crap, my phone lagging already. T.T And this was going to be its 3rd or 4th year. Don't bail on me phone! I'm not much interested in phones, more in cameras. :D

Ps, happy birthday, GIRL! :D

Friday, 15 January 2010

Tag 2

Got this tag from fourfeetnine's blog. Since I like doing tags, I decided to do loh. ;p

1. Who was your FIRST prom date?
Errr, I've never been to a prom?

2. Do you still talk to your FIRST love?
Do I even have 1? 0.0

3. What was your FIRST job?
Let me think about. I think it was like screwing things... I mean like, put the nuts and screws together and I got stationary in the end! ;D

4. What was your FIRST car?
I still underage lah..

5. Who was the FIRST person to text you today?

6. Who is the FIRST person you thought of this morning?
Myself. ;p

7. Who was your FIRST grade teacher?
Shite. Er.. 黄老师? Yeah. I think it's her, if I'm not mistaken she teach for like 2 years?

8. Where did you go on your FIRST ride on an airplane?
On the way tot Redang.

9. Who was your FIRST kiss?
What do you think? ;D

10. Where was your FIRST sleepover?
I think Jeanne's house.

11. Who was the FIRST person you talked to today?
Wati, she is the only other person who wakes up at 6am

12. Whose wedding were you in the FIRST time?

13. What was the FIRST thing you did this morning?
Snoozed my alarm.

14. What was the FIRST concert you ever went to?
At the moment.. none, Give me time lah!

15. FIRST tattoo?

16. First piercing?
None. My mom scared me on how mafan it is to keep them. Har Har.

17. First foreign country you’ve been to?

18. FIRST movie you remember seeing in the theater?
All I can remember at the moment is Tarzan. Lol. I bet I watched others lah, when I was a baby.

19. When was your FIRST detention?
Never had one. HAH.

20. What was the first state you lived in?

21. Who was your FIRST roommate?
I never had a roommate wor.. Can count my cousins ah? They always charge into my room when they come back to Malaysia. I remember all of us scattered around my room. Lol.

22. If you had one wish, what would it be?
To be thin. Thank you. It will HAPPEN!

23. What is something you would learn if you had the chance?
I wished I learned my ballet well. =.= I should have continued. Stupid me lah, always go sprained my ankles.

The end.

Gosh, Must find more TAGS! I find they fun for some reason. :D

Thursday, 14 January 2010

My beliefs

Relationships isn't just based on love lah. If you think about it logically, you have to plan everything out, especially if you're going to marry. As if you want to be financially unsecured right? Sure, if you did get love and happy and all hehehe. What happens when both of you end up on the streets and starve?? All in one, get a secure job before you marry. End of story.

I forgot about the other stuff, all I remembered was the financial part. They had a column on relationships. Can't remember.

I can't find where that bag comes from. The other day I watched E news? They did a segment on an Asian designer? I think American Asian lah. Then her messenger bags look so niceee. I forgot her name. =.= I think her bags were used in 500 days of summer. All I know is she has a daughter. T.T

A basket of straws?

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

How to survive form 4?

I still have about 100 words left to write for my karangan for it to reach the 350 goal. Teacher says 500 words 'cuma cukup makan.'
Chia yee [wth. 350 sudah beh tong already now 500 words like taking my life away.]

How am I gonna survive form 4? *Shakes head* Form 3 was FAR more easier and this is only the 2nd week! I can't help but laugh at myself. Gosh, I haven't even started studying yet. 0__0 They say if you fail the 1st monthly test, you're going to art stream. SPM is next year. HAHAHA. Help me.

No wonder they say this is not Honey moon year anymore. :( But I still in holiday mood wor. It doesn't feel as if you're actually studying. Like in sejarah, teacher was like 'FAHAM?' *Staring at me* Chia yee [Yes or no also shake your head to be safe lah. They were talking about Egypt. Lol.]

I decided that I will get into a local university, so wish me luck everyone! Preferably, government? uni. Hooohah. Have to study my ass off already, especially my Bm. Oh meee goshhhieee.

Monday, 11 January 2010


Why I so lame?
Because I was born lame.

Why you so lame?
Because your lame enough to ask someone why you so lame.


I'm so lame. Oh, just shoot me. I don't like my homework. They're a bore. ;p

Sunday, 10 January 2010


Yesterday some weird fella come and talked to me on msn. I don't really deal with these kind of stuff so I was kinda having fun with it? Lol. This is only a partial of the convo. Have fun reading? Lol. I'm quizzical look btw.

ying hao says:
hi who are you

.quizzical look. says:
chia yee?

ying hao says:
i don't you

.quizzical look. says:
me neither

ying hao says:
i don'tknow

.quizzical look. says:
i don't think i added u though

ying hao says:
but we can make us friend

.quizzical look. says:
how old are u?

ying hao says:

.quizzical look. says:
r u some1's sibling or something?

ying hao says:
no i'm not i looking for a friendship

.quizzical look. says:
errrr. i dunno u?

ying hao says:
do you want to make friend with me

.quizzical look. says:
did u add me?

ying hao says:

.quizzical look. says:
how did u get my email?

ying hao says:
i just open my messenger than i saw it

She or he then video called me but I ignored it. ;p

quizzical look. says:
sorry but if u're really 11. u shouldn't simply video call people
[My reply damn wtf lah. Lol.]

.quizzical look. says:
r u a girl or something?

ying hao says:

.quizzical look. says:

ying hao says:
than you

.quizzical look. says:
do u randomly add strangers?

ying hao says:
sometime but i just want to make friend

.quizzical look. says:
can make frens face to face lah. on9 very dangerous
omg. i sound so naggy

ying hao says:
[i just want to fun,,ok i undenderstood thanks

ying hao says:
a u malay,chinese or indian?

.quizzical look. says:
what do u think i am?

ying hao says:

.quizzical look. says:
r u a malaysian?

ying hao says:

My conclusion is this fella is either really a 11 year old or a weird old perverted uncle. 0.0 He come chat with me again. I shall post part 2 if it's funny. Lol.

Brand new eyes

I just got my new glasses! Ring the bells and say hoorah! :D I just love em'. They are so nice and ACTUALLY kinda make me look intelligent. I think black frames just naturally make you look smarter lah, honestly. I look at people with black frames and they look nice.

The push up look.

God, my nose is HUGE. Lol.
[Damn you people with nice small noses]

Can't you see what I see?

With my hair tied up.

The first time I got my glasses, I had a 'hmm-ish' feeling about the lenses. They weren't very sharp? I mean the first time you wear glasses, they are so sharp until you go blur right? When I wore them, I was like 'Huh? Why like a bit blur one?'

Anyways, currently need time to adjust to them.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Kiss to my prince.

This woman isn't human lah, all her artwork is ridiculously nice. 0__0 I see also feel very the jealous liao. Author and artist is Kim Hee Eun. Last time, I really didn't like Korean manwha, gross until I beh tahan. Now ok lah, this one artwork so nice, how to refuse? I lovvve her front page artworks.

Kiss to my prince.

I prefer violin [concertos?], some one buy me a violin album? :D

Thursday, 7 January 2010


Guess what? I found my ancient family cam recorder back! I called it ancient because only 1.7 Mega Pixels, even my phone got more than it. It's recording quality is quite good though, I was playing back to watch the videos and so reminiscent. Maybe it isn't ancient lah, just.. old? I haven't tried it on the tv though.

The video camera.
Ooooh. I look fat.
I just happened to randomly take that pic.
My ultra long fingers! :D
Flash back to o5' - I was 11 years old then

If you happened to click my pictures, you'll noticed that all the pictures 'broke', because it has low mega pixels. I still want a camera lah.

Chinese new year is coming! Kesian lah, it's on the same day as Valentine's day! 0__0 Will you stay for love or go for money? Stay in Kl and have a romantic day or go balik kampung and get all your $$$? The economy is bad now, so don't get your hopes up for super large amount of money. Lol. I can't wait for my cousins to come back! It's gonna be crazzzy! I wonder if they'll take my room like last time.

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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

2nd day

Bloody hell lah. It's only the second day of school and I'm already DYING. School is getting so omg-ly boring. My internal clock is still mighty blur.

You know what they did to us? They took away the lockers! And left none for us! The privileged is only for Form 5s. Fair enough lah, since they have SPM this year but why take the lockers away from the Form 4s too! I have Chem, Physics, Maths and Add maths tomorrow. Oh pooh. We using Success reference books, ridiculously thick but not as useless as text books.

Haha, I was resting before Sejarah started. Then the teacher came in, I was still resting. I looked like I was sleeping lah, then the teacher was explaining about the Form 4 stuff, she kept looking at me and Jiem. 0_0 Something says I should watch out, she reacts like those friendly teacher though.

I see no bright side for Form 4 at the moment, still very blur. I do miss Form 3 though, like how when we were bored, we could just go sit on the stairs. We could go outside to breath some fresh air and how if we disappeared, no one would know. :) Those were the good times.

Btw, stay away from the pondok in the field! Me and Jiem kena major mosquito bites. I spotted two on my leg and was jumping around. =.= How mature Chia yee.

Monday, 4 January 2010

4th of Jan.

School just re-opened today. How did I feel? Ohhhh meee gosssshly ridiculous. The last i check, I was still reading mangas and it was the start of the holidays! It still feels like last year to me, I keep writing 09' than 10'. It was all done unconsciously.

I slept at 12 something and woke at 3 something when rain water splashed my face. =.= Then, I shut the windows and you know what? I was wide awake! Seriously couldn't sleep after that. I played with Teena instead. Wanted to let her sleep with me but decided not to, I was scared I would die from suffocation or something. Lol.

Today the van was packed! Like no more sits left kind of pack. And you know what? Apparently we still have to fit in some people. Lol. Li yen and all were debating who to sit on whose lap. =.= She was terrorizing the little boy. Damn high and crazy lah the van, but I wouldn't have it any other way. :D

Wish me luck in Form 4! I almost fell asleep in add maths. ;p

Sunday, 3 January 2010

School is starting morrow. How time flies. Next thing you know, you're telling your grand kids about your 'youth' and they go 'EEEEE, What's a computer?' You never know, maybe next time we won't be using computers, we'll be using some other machine. LOL.

I just went and made me self a new pair of glasses. I'm getting them next week. Hooorah! I finally got myself a new frame to go with my new lenses. The whole thing was bloody expensive. My dad calculated that I was using Rm0.60 a day if I wore the lenses for 2 years. The eyes are a worthy splurge my opinion, you need them to see. Never try to compromise on the eyes if you can help it. Bags, clothes and all those those don't need to be to expensive right? I saw this pair of Dior frames, they cost Rm1100++ I was like 'WAAA! Just for frames???' 0__0 They kinda looked ah lian-ish to me though. Eheh. Dior, I love your fashion shows! :D [Though I never watched them. =.=] Scratch that. Dior, I love your perfume! It smells awesomee! [I got it from my mom who got it from her sis.]

Ignore or agree. Ahha.
Period is a bitch, but which girl doesn't think that. Honestly lah? Lol. Guys, all I can tell you that YOU'RE all the lucky ones. You don't need to go pregnant and everything. Thank god, I don't get the cramps.

Saturday, 2 January 2010


Oh, boo on me for being so eye brown-less. I also don't know why I have so little eye brown lah, not my fault also. Lol.

Blahhh, me and my dark eye rings.

This is a weird pic.

Oh, me and my bloody imperfect face. Me and me being fat and me with my unclear skin.

I just came back from Sunway. Damn sad lah, walk from 3.30 till 9.40 and only bought 3 pairs of socks. I wanted to FINALLY get my pair of converse sneakers, but noooo, they didn't have size 6. =.= Maybe he was looking at Men sizes and not women. We ate at Shogun and they it.

Ps, I watched Old dogs. It was a seriously random movie. Funny but random. Like when their building up the momentum for a touching scene and suddenly BANG! A funny soon appears. It was a nice movie though, very funny. :)


Today, I had a ba guan session with my mother. I tell you how I feel now. I-feel-so-bloody-itchy. Why itchy? I tell you now.

My mom said my back had blood clot = poor blood circulation. Then she used a freakin' needle and poked my back. My head was going 'OMG, BLOODY HELL, NOOOOO!' *poke poke poke* If I said it out loud, god knows what my mom would do to me. =X One can only imagine. Lol.

Ba guan actually feels really niceee. I can't really explain, but it just feels soo nice. I'm not a masochist, don't misunderstand. Lol. Then after my mom poked me, she used the sucker? 0.0 sucked it up, and blood was ooozingg out of my skin. 0.0 Some more, my mom say I not enough blood! Probably true lah, so have to exercise more and eat more vegetables.

Next time I ba guan, I take picture and post. Lol. If got use needle, I tell my mom take picture for me. ;p

My new year resolution~
  1. Procrastinate less.
I think that's good. I wonder how today will beeee?