Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Gonna stop now.

It's not that I lost interest in blogging, it's just that..

I dunno, exams are coming up and I need to actually FOCUS on my exams. 

I do have a very strong interest of privatizing this blog and opening a separate account though. All wells, I'll think about my options after SPM. Which is the most important exam in my secondary life. Yep, it's that important. :0 

Good luck to all you SPM-ers. Shall blog after my examinations ;)

Monday, 4 July 2011

Transformers 3 : Dark of the moon

To all the haters, I beg to differ. I thought Transformers : Dark of the Moon was absolutely AMAZING.

I give it a 8/10. :) 

The trailer. 

I'm a movie junkie so I basically watch any genre of movies. 
I watch drama, Chinese war flicks [SO GOOD.] , comedy. Basically anything that is watchable. I can't tolerate certain movies though. nothing comes to mind at at moment.. except for knocked up. 

The graphics is absolutely MIND-BLOWING. They really did pay attention to the details, it's very evident. From how the aliens moved to how the city would look like in it's doomsday. So NICE. The movie plot wasn't bad in my opinion, it was very focused on showing fear and humanity.

I for one, thought that the acting wasn't bad. Shia was screaming, crying and... he was just basically showing tons of emotion. PLUS, Shia LaBeouf and Rosie Hungtington-Whiteley had good chemistry together. :) Oh yeah, she replaces Megan Fox well. :D She gives off this sort of smart vibe and mg, SHE'S SO PRETTY and she ran the whole way in heels! Who does that?! 

Basically, don't attempt to over-analyse this movie. It's a blockbuster, just go with the flow and enjoy. Blockbusters are meant to be visually pleasing not thought provoking. If you wanted something thought provoking, you should have went and watch something else.

Watching the movie because of the graphics? Totally understandable because it was awesome. :D

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Something cute

Comeeee, I shall now show you something uber cute.

If you're a girl, you shall fall for their charms. Most definitely. Haha. Aren't the cutest rookie group ever? B1A4!

I used to fancy Gongchan but now it's sanduel and Baro. :)

OH yeah, I'm currently being a plank and dancing for our school's performance thingy. It's our last year so why not right? HAHA. I do annoy the other dancers with my incompetence with dancing and I get constantly scolded kayu. =______=

Wish me luck that I won't trip and fall to death.


Sunday, 12 June 2011

holidays are over now.

I've been MIA for so long. Honestly, I havent been doing anything productive at all. I was thinking like 'I'm gonna study and what nots' but as always, I dunno how I procrastinated. 2 weeks passed by me without any realisation. That's just scary.

Anyways, 5 months left. Everyone's doubting that I'm gonna do well. My parents, teachers, people and myself. I've seen my grades and that's when you'll start thinking.. what am I gonna do with such grades?

I'm those type of people who knows that everything takes effort. We're just rather lazy to do anything that takes effort. I know our faces are slap worthy. Haha. I should really do something before its too late though. :o if others understand something before you do, don't get frustrated.. just try again. :) I do feel like an idiot when I'm talking with my friends sometimes. Yesh, they're damn smart. =________=

My dad's starting to fuss me though. Telling me to enjoy life after SPM. Maybe I should do just that. :)

Anyways, Good luck to every 2011 SPM takers. :) Do our year proud! :D

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Monday, 23 May 2011


I have a confession to make.

I sometimes have the very urge to abandon my blog since there's not much reading value in it. I persevere though since I like blogging but sometimes I really don't know what to blog about? 

What should I blog about? 


Dilemma. Dilemma. Dilemma. 

Haha. Thought about what I what I should blog about now. :)

EVERYONE knows that 2AM came to Malaysia right? Guess what? 

I gotten free tickets but couldn't go!
My parents wouldn't let their blur child trudge on to some random showcase alone, especially alone. Haha. I have 2 conversations to type out now. 

HC : CHIA YEE! I have a ticket to the showcase! You want?!
HC : Erm, 1 only. I gave the other to my friend. 
CY : *Heart sunk* Oh.... like that ah, I don't think I can go. My parents wouldn't let. 
HC : You sure? I'm gonna give it to others already. Ask your parents lah.
CY : Yeah yeah. Sure sure. T_________T

In the end, I couldn't take it and I told my friend I would ask my parents first. It was like this, if her friend couldn't go I would take the ticket if my parents let me. 

CY : Mommyyyy. 
MOM : Yeah? What? 
CY : Can I go to this concert this saturday? 
MOM : What? No. 

Why do Asian parents tend to crush their kids when it comes to fun stuff? :( Ok lah, I do admit it's very risky to go alone since I've never been to a showcase before. Plus, 2AM is popular! Imagine how a blur person like me could possibly survive! Kena stampede over was the first thought that came over me but then again IAMs might be nice to a newbie like me. 


Anyways, since I couldn't have fun on that day doesn't mean others can't right? Lazy to steal pictures so here's a nice link! :)

Don't play play ah. They sing, dance and can act. Plus, they were picked as one of the best vocal idol groups present. :)

ONE MORE THING THOUGH! I'm super dissatisfied with MAXIS! Y U NO bring Korean acts to Malaysia?!? WHYYYYYYYY?? You could really attract tons of teenagers to your network and plus you would make fans like us happier. DIGI is mean, if you want tickets you need to top up and stuff. 

Why couldn't you just sold the tickets temperately? T_______T

Ok, I'm done ranting. There's still BIG BANG! <3

Heheeeeeee. :D 

Follow me on tweettweet! :) 

Saturday, 14 May 2011

I tweet, I tweet

Yes, You have read it right. I now tweet tweet. 

I dunno what your thoughts are lah.

Some people are probably now going 'NOOOOOOO! DON'T GO OVER TO THE DARK SIDE!'
Most people probably go like 'Took you long enough!'

Either ways, my thoughts are.. Twitter's not bad eh? 

Truth be told, I was very hesitant to get it at the start since it looked so complicated with dunno what trend here, trend there. I was thinking wth is that?? Then I'm not that 'canggih' as well so I never did care about anything more modern than texting. LOLLLL. 

Till now, I still dunno what the # thing means though but a lot of factors have been influencing me to get it lah. 

Twitter gets all those breaking news first and the news industry have also acknowledge this fact.
For example : 
  • When Osama died. 
  • When Japan kena earthquake. 
During tuition, Hui chi was the one who went like, 'OMGGGGG!!!!JAPAN KENA EARTHQUAKE
 I only went like huh? I only knew the degree of seriousness when my parents came back from work and straight away headed for the tv with solemn expressions.. The way the earth moved was just insane. :( I wouldn't have known until the next morning when I read through the newspaper. 

Then about the end of April? I stated stalking twitter a bit. Not a lot, I just read some when I was free lah. I didn't stalk any random strangers, just friends. LOL.  

Plus, I can go follow all those k-pop craze twitters.  HEHEEEEEEEEEE. I'm not a full on k-pop fan though, since I don't make banners. :) I just listen to their songs and watch the videos! :D So far, I've only followed 

Anyways, follow me on twitter! :D I tweet random stuff and I can notify you guys when I have blogged. Save you the trouble right? :D 

You know you want to! *Winkwink*

I dunno why I like this picture and plus it's a bird! :D

Sunday, 8 May 2011


If you have noticed, I changed the profile pictureee.

Change is needed!

Since I have short hair now and my old picture looked very serious. :0

You know what? I have a weird nose, I used to think it looked parrot-ish. I won't lie that it doesn't bother me sometimes though. Who doesn't feel insecure? :0

That doesn't matter now though, as long as I can smell fresh air and... food. :) You know your taste buds and smell comes hand in hand right? Then again, now I understand why people say I look like a guy sometimes. :0 I feel so versatile? LOL.

Oh yeah, mid year exams. How are they coming along?
Just wonderful, HAHA. I died in every single paper and I'm not joking. Add maths especially because I never practice it. So, I stoned through out the paper while admiring others who knew what they were doing. Oh, me and Li yen kept exchanging sad glances since we didn't know how to do the paper. LOLLL.

Kinda sad about it?
A bit lah but I had it coming for not practicing it through out Form 4 and now. =_____=

I have 1 more week of exams. Dot. Dot. Dot.


K-popped yet?

Sometimes, I feel as if I've been living under a rock. :0

You know K-pop has lots and lots of groups right?? So, I just stick with the veterans. You know, BIG BANG, SNSD, SHINee and others because I dunno what new group to listen to. 

You know lah since I'm not that tech savvy either and all those new groups keep pouring in, I don't even know who is who. Plus, they might not even sound that good. -__________-

Just got hooked onto -

Youtube recommended it to me. LOLLLLLL. It's not bad and mg, did you see their figures?!?!
Very the freakishly the nice! :0

Which let to me listening to A pink because Hui Chi recommended me them.

I like the song it's so well balance. I guess it's true when they Cube Entertainment has awesome producers. :D
Honestly speaking though, the mv might have been better if they acted more natural and stop with the forced cuteness. I mean those hand gestures and stuff since they're already look nice what!

Then, there was..

You know why B1A4 anot? They're going by blood type and there's 1 blood type B and 4 blood type A. :0

I think they have potentiaaaaaaaaal <3 I like the part where they go 'I love youuuuuuu~'

I find it weird that all the groups always first start with bright and cheery then to mature and dark a bit.
-_______- But this group is a over with the degree of cuteness. Beh tahan [Can't take it.] They have a very good package though. Good looking plus talented. :)

If they tone down a bit, I might go crazy. Then again, if they don't I might get used to them. LOLL.

Gongchan!!!!! HEHEEEEEE. Don't believe me? Go to their Facebook page and you'll be amazed how photogenic they are.

Seriously. 0____0

Saturday, 30 April 2011

organically made.

Remember how I saying I was rushing for my organic farm project? Where here's the end product!

I shy shy, only show you guys the cover. :P Haha. Now you know why I never post pictures of my art works. Have never been artistically inclined in any way. :o

But you've got to admit, my flower looks cute right? Can you see the 'immaculate' detail on the shading?! Definitely an art by Da Vinci's protege.


OK LAH, since you guys managed to read so far... I shall snap a picture of the contents.

You should see my classmates though, damn nice! Amazing how they managed to beautify their project with such limited time. :o too bad I couldn't snap a picture of it to show you guys. :/

I have mid years in 3 days time but guess what? Been stoning the whole day. Wish me luck lah, doubt I can pass any subject this time.

Ps, I dunno why but the colors of the page reminds me of wonder woman. LOL.
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Monday, 25 April 2011

I'm sho sleeeeepy~

Life has been ok for me but kinda sleep deprived through out most of my day.

Most of the time, I feel like some sort of mummified zombie who trips over her toilet paper wrappings. 


I'm serious that it's that BAD. 
You'll normally see me dying on my desk and trying to regain back whatever ounce of energy I originally had. 

Guess what? I finished copying all my moral essays so I don't need to look at it any longer. HEHE. 

Currently google-ing about organic farming for my school project. It's worth 20% and due this Friday. What the fudge right? I wonder how I'm gonna finish it all by Thursday but my major problem now is only printing out the photos for it. I don't have any photo paper. =____________= 

Should seriously consider investing in a better printer, much easier when faced with dead lines. :D 

Failed nerd mode. HEHEEEE. :D

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Hate this love song

This is totally random and late but..

Big Bang is forever awesomeeeee! :D

I think they look sooooooooo good in tux and in black and white. It's just very classy you know? :D

Plenty of apologizes for not updating lately since school has been providing a bloody amount of homework and have been rushing my moral project. I shall blog soon though!

Ps, I changed my blog layout since there was problems with its layout? This one's cute no? :D

Big question : Should I get Twitter?

Monday, 4 April 2011


Sometimes, we just need to have that moment where we just cry like there's no tomorrow. Not to care how others view us and just sob like a spoilt brat.

Nah, of course I didn't cry over a relationship or those sort of stuff! My sister made me cry, end of story. It's just stress from responsibility you know? Some times, I REALLY do want to be nice but she just cries and whines and I get stress too.


Old feelings come and go at such a typical rate but no, I really have no interest in reliving them on and off. They say there's potential but I just really don't want to. At this age, I get infatuated oh so easily. I just.found new love and he's a bundle of loveliness. :D

We got him just yesterday and bloody hard to get him house broken. ¦ he was seating between my legs when I was crying,.so cute rite?! :D

Friday, 1 April 2011

New phone

Alright, just before tug of war, I just noticed something.. "WHERE'S MY PHONE?!?!"

It was exactly before that and I was searching around blindly for my old trusty durable phone. I dunno how many times it fell but hell, still can use! Well, it did have some problems because it would randomly shut off but still pretty good.

You see, I left it in my friend bag because I thought it was safer and we left it in the pondok and went on with our activities. My phone isn't very 'in' since it was released in April 2006 and there was so many other phones there. Ironically, my phone was stolen even though it's key pad paint all peeled off and looks crappy. No offence, phone. :(

Don't play play ah, we were aiming for our 4th year anniversary. :( I had it since around the end of Form 1?

When I found out it was lost.. I was damn calm. I was just lah "Eh? Where's my phone and who wants to steal such an old phone?!?!" At some point, I thought it rolled into the drain and told someone to see if there was a floating white object. =_____= Then realization hit me, how can it float?


Moral of the story is, even old phone people also want to steal so beware of your belonging. My other friend's phone was stolen as well and just what? His wallet was next to it and no one touched it at all!

We were guessing that the people just wanted to use my line since you couldn't sell it off at it's condition. LOL.

As quoted by Jiemin : 'God sent you a message to change your phone.'

Anyways, cut the line and got a sim card replacement on the same day. My mommy is fast like that! :D My dad wasn't really mad but more like surprised... My mom said maybe he likes white antique phones. -__-

I wanted to use our family's back up phone but guess what? It was missing too.. So, I wanted to get an Iphone but fate had other plans and I got myself a....


Unless you're a phone junkie, it's HTC Incredible S

Ok, maybe in some way, it feels like an iPhone in your hands. Initially, I was thinking 'it's a copy of iPhone!' but now it just feels like an android. I don't know how I lived my years without a smart phone but I feel so outdated.

Did you know that picture on the box and the phone is exactly the same size? So chun! :)

Ok lah... This photo's motive is to show my Velcro fringe holder! It's quite awesome and keeps your hair away from you face. I didn't know that some people still don't know about it..  My mom hates it though, says it looks like an ugly plaster. LOLLLL.

You shouldn't get this phone if you want to cam whore though, since it doesn't have the side camera button. you have to press the screen button. Camera quality isn't awesome either but not bad lahhh. :)

At first, I was thinking of getting a iPhone 5. By the time I get it, it'll probably be the middle of next year. So, not a bad time to change my phone. Next target shall be iPhone 7 then! :D

PS, I love my phone, it's super canggih compared to my old phoneee! I'm looking forward to our long long relationship. :) Thank you mommy daddy! :D

Last Sports

This week has been strangely tiring for me. I just automatically shut off at about 11pm and not bother about my homework at ALL.

Since it's a Friday, I decided to bloggg! :)

Last Saturday was Sports day! I know right? My last year running on the pot holed danger field but you've gotta miss that though. I was doing 100m, 4 x100m and tarik tali [Tug of war]! I'm a proud proud yellow house member alright? :D

Oh yes, the results are


Tug of war was the most most horrible experience EVER! I did the first round and decided to swap the 2nd round. Didn't think I was strong enough and decided to swap. The third round was absolutely scary. We were against green house and they had more weight when compared to us lah...

Apparently we thought we won but the teacher didn't whistle and they let go of the rope. Green house just kept on pulling and everyone from yellow just let go and fell on the ground. The rope was running pass their body and they were just so tired to even move. The anchor, Joel was literally dragged forward and the dude in front of him was squished in the middle some how.

Anyways, our friend fainted and Joel apparently saw god. =____= Our friend couldn't wake up and was sent to the hospital. A lot of people fainted on that day and were injured. :( It wasn't really anyone's fault.. More of less the person in charge who's a bit too old to be alert of his surroundings. All the parents helped us pull back the rope and we were all screaming 'STOP!!'

Moral of the story, winning isn't everything and it's your friends that's most important.

Ps, government school people make me envious of their fitness. They had long muscular legs. 0____0 They came to our school for a friendly match and we got last. =_______= My blog lacks picturesssss!!! :(

Thursday, 24 March 2011


Hello Heellllooooo!

To last year's SPM takers, I hope you receive the results you were hoping for! It's a breath of fresh air eh? I mean after a torturous 24 hours of waiting.

This year is gonna be MY turn and it's quite scary. Confirm I'm gonna chicken out and wait until someone tells me whether it's good, bad or ok lah. I do the peeking thing since it's an important exam!

My school's highest achiever got 5A+ and apparently that's bad compared to other schools?

Study mood on? Maybe?

Ps, Now only I know that scholarships don't count A-. T________T

Sunday, 20 March 2011


Rango made me feel like a bimbo.


Call me simple minded but hell, I like my cartoons nice and warmmmm! :) Rango doesn't give me that enjoyment and fuzzy warmness. Anime on the other hand makes me cry and what not. Yes, I also like Pixar/ Disney movies very very much as well. How would I have pass my childhood without them? :0

All I can say is Rango isn't a children's film. It leans more towards adult humour, it's witty and not like Simpsons and Family guy. They're quite sick aren't they? Lol. My sister was wiggling in her seat and I almost fell asleep. Then again, it really does depend on the person. The dude who sad next to me laughed like MAD! Rotten tomatoes also gave it such a high review. :0 SO, it really does depend on you.

I think it's graphic is pretty good, it's very very sharp and clear. Honestly, I didn't like 1 of the characters design though - Beans with her beady looking eyes. SO FREAKY and no offence but I would never buy her dolly. Rango's ok though.

When I first saw her, I remembered that the voice actor was someone pretty. I kept trying to remember who but eventually gave up. So, the answer is...

Isla Fisher!

Anyways, I advice is, don't expect kids to enjoy this movie. Kids like lots of comical movements of characters but this one leans more towards jokes lah.

PS, STUDIO GHIBLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Friday, 18 March 2011

Gastric ouch

Someone I know is hurting from gastric at the moment. Pretty serious, to the point where she's crouching and drinking ginger water.

So kids, don't be lazy when it comes to preparing your meal. Don't skip meals and enjoy food. The pain's not worth it. :)

Guess where's this from? :P

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Sports whaaaat?

Gonna have sports practice tomorrow but I don't even know if I can go. My dad's been really tired lately so I don't even know if he has the energy to even drive me to school. 

Why do I need to go?

I have to go do some discus throwing which frankly.. I feel quite ridiculous at the moment. Our house lack of members and we need to fill in all the spots so they just randomly put your name in anything. So, I got put into discus! T______T

Never tried flinging that piece of wood off the ground before. It always rest weirdly on my wrist so I never bothered to love the sport but I do admire the sportsmen though. Short put's funner. :) 

Worst bet my house ever made, period. 

So, I shall have to ask my daddy soon... Once he wakes up. :0

Let's all be fishermeeeeeeen! :)

I've always wondered how other people viewed my pictures as.. Is it too dark? Since our screen brightness are different so would it even make a difference? Just minor difference right?

Japan. Please stay strong, everyone's here supporting you the best as we can. Spiritually, physically or financially, we're here and you can count on that. :)

Monday, 14 March 2011

127 Hours


The story to how I came to watch this movies was when I was hanging out with my mom's friends and we wanted to watch a good movie. Initial choices were The King's speech and you know lah, all those oscar glorified movies. 

The only reason why I gave it a 7 out of 10 was purely because I'm not used to gory movies. It just weirds me out with the bloody-ness BUT exceptions are towards Chinese war flicks which are so-the-awesomeee! 

I think James Franco did some A-level acting in here, Alex Pettyfer take note. It was basically a one man show, the whole way! He really demonstrated some pure human nature. When he was scared, I felt scared. Well... he was delusional and half crazy, tends to happen when you're hungry, dehydrated and frustrated over a rock. He was thinking about his past and future and some blonde girl. 

I didn't know how they did the blood clot in his eyes though. Anyways, point being that he went all out and wasn't afraid to be erm... less glamorous. 

And yes, I missed the most glorious part of the scene - The amputation scene.

Sorry lah, it was just so @#$% scary! The sound effect and the bloody-ness and gurrrrrrrrrrhhhhh! Initially, I just closed my ears then I closed my eyes as well lah. The dude was amputating his hand in some deserted place! It was very gory and some people even left the cinema when it reached that part. 

Ok lah, I was peeking here and there and my friend was going like 'Waaaaaaaaaaah!' palms on the side of his chin. Men. *Shakes head*

Anyways... I think Aron Ralston is a truly brave man. He had such clear perseverance and will to live. He did all he could just to go on thinking about how to escape his situation. He drank pee, ate his contacts and just about anything! If it was me.. knowing me... I probably would have starved to death already. He tried to cut off his hand at the start but you know, bone. So, he broke it off and amputated off his hand. :0 

I salute thee! 

It's a movie about survival and a true story, so yeah. Not bad. :) 

Monday, 7 March 2011

I've been online for far too longg!

When I should doing something much more beneficial right?? I dunno what I've been doing but my eyes kinda hurt now so probably will sleep soon. :)

I always have this internal conflict thing going on inside my head. Last week, I got back my Bahasa Malayu test paper and it was pretty suck-ish. 65 marks when everyone else got an A. Yeah, I have pretty smart classmates. :) Still, Oh the joy moment for me. :(

My objectives for maths and history were pretty bad. So, I really dunno what to expect anymore..

I'm used to bracing for the worst so yeahhh....

Boo to open burning! :(

Oh, I've done something productive today! Sync my songs to my ipod for my school's cross country this Friday! They're making us run right after exams. :0 Ridiculous? I know.

Confirm you'll see me dying halfway. My strategy is gonna be walk-run-walk-run-BREATH.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Walking zombiee

Exams are hard on the skin, soul and brain.

For the past week and 3 days, I've been staring at test papers and thinking
'Why CHIA YEE, WHYYYYYY??!??!?!'

All I could do was stare helplessly at my paper and rely on my common sense. Not the best combo for exams.

Had the most terrible experience while napping. Some times, I would be so determined to study but end up sleeping an hour. Then, I sleep around 11-ish / 12 and wake up at 5am. It's not bad but I ended up being a walking zombie! People who sleep 5 hours daily are absolutely mad! I felt like fainting whenever I saw a nice cool floor. =______=

Anyways, I didn't know how I went through the whole ordeal, was pretty gruesome. Mentally I'm fine but physically... my skin took some beating.

1st week.

2nd week.

Pictures were 100% un-psed/edited. Gosh, I look terrible. =_____=

Can see the pimples, crap skin colour and eye bags righhhttt?!?

My nose has enlarged. I was the only one who was sniffing and coughing the whole time in class. I just noticed my nose enlarges when I'm sick but my nose memang big so yeahh... LOLLL. I've always thought it was weird for an Asian to have such a big wide nose...

Moral of the story - don't procrastinate!
It's super the hard to remember EVERYTHING being sleep deprived. Lol. I never learn and always get crap results. So, I honestly do respect and admire those who study EVERY-day without fail.

Cake, I adore thee. 
You were my only pillar of energy, yet so shiny.  :) 

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Beastly. (Nuffnang)

As everyone might or might not know.. There's a new movie to be premiered soon!

Seventeen year old Kyle (Alex Pettyfer) is the spoiled, shallow and incredibly popular prince of his high school kingdom. Entirely captivated and empowered by his own physical appearance, Kyle foolishly chooses Kendra (Mary-Kate Olsen), a witch masquerading as a high school student, as his latest target for humiliation. Unfazed by his cruel behavior, Kendra decides to teach him a lesson – she transforms him into someone as unattractive on the outside as he is on the inside. Now he has one year to find someone who can see past the surface and love him, or he will remain “Beastly” forever. His only hope, a quiet classmate he never noticed named Lindy (Vanessa Hudgens), may be his best chance to prove that love is never ugly.

I dunno about you but it looks preeetty good right? ;) I have been waiting for it since last year, there was buzz about it and I was so-the-curious!

So, now to my entry! :D

If I were a Beast given ONE chance to prove that I am worthy to be human again, I would like to photograph people who don't believe how beautiful they are. I think everyone's beautiful lah, on the inside and the outside. We've just gotten so materialized by our generation that we lose sight to what's most important. Hence, annoying attitudes were developed.

So, I would like to photograph people or things to brighten someone's day up or give them a confidence boost since they look so flippin' awesomeeee in print! Sometimes, we just want someone to give us that lil' extra boost of confidence by praise. So, I would like to be that person. :)

You have to admit we sometimes feel waaaay nicer about ourselves after someone says you look nice right? :P

Kids are so pure-hearted!

Date: 2 March 2011 (Wednesday)
Time: 9.30pm
Venue: Cathay Cineplex, e@Curve

By the way they have a best-dressed competition for attending bloggers! Prizes?
- Cathay Cineplex e@Curve Platinum Movie Pass X2 pairs
- Limited Edition Baret worth RM300 X5
- Limited Edition Couple T-shirts worth RM550 X5
- Limited Edition Tote Bag worth RM300 X5

Dear Nuffies, you guys would definitely make my day if I could get the tickets! It's the last day of my exams and it's add maths papers and Physics paper 3! T______T

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Bunny New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!


It's yet again a new year. So, new beginnings right? Hold on to you goals and you shall succeed! Sounds philosophical no? ;)

Oh yes, Monkey's apparently the luckiest zodiac!

Anyways, I wanted to share some pictures but apparently I accidentally deleted the whole thing. T______T Luckily there were just few but my perfect Maple leaf picture is gone as well. T_______T Picasa and memory cards don't mix, do they? I'm now eternally saddened. :(

Note to self. Stop being an idiot. =_________=

OK OK, my CNY present!

Ang ang! *Cue to maple leaf throwing*

Unproductive but...


I know right? I'm probably the most unproductive blogger EVER. Haven't blogged in AGES but I've my reasons. :)

Ok, fineeeee! I was watching Korean dramas.

I started off with My Princess!
Aiyerrrr, how is possible to have such ridiculously good looking people?

I watched until the most latest episode and was very much awwwwwww-ed by it. I shall never be the spoiler. :P

I've watched up till episode 7 and all I can say it's brutally violent yet so sad..

KIM TAE HEE! So preeeeetty!

*Runs around, pulls Jeanne, both jump like siao po*

When it comes to T.O.P, anything is possible I tell you. 0_______0 

Upon seeing this post, you're probably thinking... Hmmmm... Chia Yee likes Kim Tae hee a lot. 0__0 
Ok lah, maybe slight Kim Tae Hee fever. :) Sounds creepy. 0_____0

Last but not least, DREAM HIGH.
Aren't they so photogenic?

Kim Soo Hyeon and TaecYeon, Enough said.

Dunno what to watch now. I've only watched a couple of episodes off Dream High from KBS world. It seems interesting so I'm tore between two!

Ok, if this keeps up, confirm I'm gonna become a spinster. =____=

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Let's go homeee

You remembered when you were a kid? Like how you'll get all pissed and
: RAWWWWWWWWWW, I wanna run away from home!

Oh, believe me, I TRIED.

I was tearfully packing up all my ESSENTIALS : Toys. I don't even remember packing food or money!
I lived on RM2 allowance a day, damn Malaysian right? :D Then, my school's curry mee only cost RM0.50 and only had 1 break so it was pretty good. :)

Anyways, I didn't leave home to fend for myself. Was too small and incapable then. In a way, I was being pretty smart.

You see ah, when you runaway from home. No one to care about your well being and god knows what would happen to you! No food, home or bathroom. :0

So, kids especially lil' girls don't leave home with some random dude you met online. He's probably some rapist pedophile who might do weird things to you. It's not love, it's just some form of infatuation.

Moral of the story is 别 离家出走!(Don't run away from home!) :D

Teena is such a glutton.