Thursday, 27 November 2008


I feel sleepy. I have a very bad sleeping schedule now since it's the holidays. So yeah. I think I'm suffering from insomnia because I feel like sleeping but I just can't sleep. It's either insomnia or I slept too much. You know when they say like if you sleep too much you will feel sleepy for the whole day or something. Lol. I sleep at 4 something every SINGLE day and wake up at 12pm if I have the will power lah or else I would shut the alarm and wake up at 1 or 2 pm. :DDD I'm so "healthy". Lol. I think the only healthy thing is drinking the pumpkin blended juice thing. It taste good so I didn't mind. :DDD

You know when you get all those junk chain mails and stuff. Some of us would just go and delete rite? and others would and might panic at the sight of it and read and forward yes? Whatever. I USED to be the ones that panic and forward off, don't blame me lah I was just gullible and young! Anyway, nowadays when I read those chain mails are for fun lah or some times just plain delete it. I find it funny when I read those chain mails that go like : if you don't sent this off to blah blah people, you won't get a date for 5 years or something like that. Frankly, I don't really care if I won't get a date or any sort because studies more important mah, RIGHT? See see see, you guys get to witness how guai I am. 'YOU'-you should know who you are, not addressing everyone here. should follow my lead! Lol. Be like me pure model student! Lol. Man, that was just pure perasan.

Thank you thank you for nothing. That was seriously random! Lol.

WAIT! I must first thak my family and god for providing me food every single living day. I am REALLY grateful because I'm so spoilt that I can't live without food for a day. Ok lah, I would live because you will only die if you don't eat for 7 days right? I almost forgotten how lucky I was until I read the e-mail Danielle sent me. Thank you. It was incrediberly sad and painful to look at the children suffering from dehydration and hunger. If I'm free I will post the picture. T_T

Now I'm going out to makan. Thank you thank you. Ciao!

Monday, 24 November 2008


Last saturday I went to a wedding. My cousin's wedding : Su Jin and Andrew, Su Jin's my cousin. Erm, apparently Andrew proposed to Su Jin on Valentine's day in her office with her colleagues and customers were all there. Brave soul he is, and I guess it was sweeet. Lol. I was nice enough to wear a skirt and a PUFFY sleeve shirt! See I can be so nice when I want to be. Lol. Anyway the reason I was nice was because I lived with them before and such. Man, I was so unlady-like! Haha! I don't think you wanna know. xDD

Chia yee: Hoooi Chingg! Loook! Magic! [holding a fork with a big mushroom and stuffs it into her mouth]
Hooi ching: [Looking not amused continues eating her fried mee]
Chia yee: Fine..[shift off to other people]

Anyway, I concluded that it was a pretty awesome wedding and hopes that the newly weds have a nice life together :DDD

Oh yeah, yesterday me and Hooi ching went to watch Madagascar 2. I thought it was an awesome movie. :D Our supposed plan was to watch A1 racing but we changed it. So yeah and we ate bak kut teh with her friends :D

Friday, 21 November 2008


Hmmm, I'm feeling a wee bit tired now. I was planning to watch Naruto but I figured I should blog something. Lol.

Anyways I don't really adore the fact that it's raining practically every single day! The rain makes my dogs wet but thank god they have the double layer water resistant fur on them [Golden Retrievers] and my slippers keep getting wet.=.= Best slippers man, orthopedic slippers, awesomely comfy and they support your arches!:D

I went with my mom to get her phone today. Her phone has problems so she decided to buy from another guy and thinks the place she normally gets her phone from did something to her phone. As you know it was still raining, even under shield of an umbrella and protection of a jacket I was still soaked. Lol. Anyways my mom new phone is G900, you know James Bond phone the advertisement and all you eventually see it. I hope my mom can adjust well to this phone, I still love mine but I should have got a cover for it..

Ahhhh, I CAN'T believe it's already end of the year! AHHHH! It just felt like it was yesterday, it's like just a fast forward button to the future or something. Anyways it was an awesome year and my new year resolutions are! We'll talk abt it during the new year :D Anyways one of them get good grades. To achieve that..I just have to study like mad. Lol. Well.sorryy if I'm not a geniues. You people know who you are!

And that my friends is a terrible mixture of boredom and tantrum. I was having one but I decided to put it on paper than running around the house screaming and throwing pillows on the ground. Lol. The only thing I liked abt it is that I managed to draw my name in it but it's still pretty sucky and the right side was incomplete, I decided to stop out of boredom and creative juices. Lol. Well forgive me all amazing artistes like Michangelo [Did you know that he doesn't bath? and if he took of his boots, his skin would peel of right away?]*Don't blame me if I got the information wrong* and such for being not talented drawing. Lol!


Tuesday, 11 November 2008


I have been having a running nose for at least a week..and it's still there! So I probably sound pretty weird now and my nose keeps feeling stuck. Duh. Lol. And here I am, eating very fattening ice cream which taste sooo goooddd. [I sungguh flabby if you are wondering.unfortunately]

Oh yeah, This morning [1 something am] , two dogs came to our house! They were such darlings, very sociable doggies. I guess they just wanted to go for a walk or something or find Teena-my small dog. I don't think their owners even knew they ran out of their houses.

I think room raiders is a pretty amusing show, I mean like you look through peoples stuff to get to know their personality. Even a ghost cartooned boxer means you have a good sense of humour! Oh yeah, I still remembered that there was one episode where the guy dressed up-he put on fake crocked teeth,etc..overall he looked very different than his real self. Anyway, after he picked the girl he wanted to date, the other two girls were like "thank god he didn't picked me!" and such. So after both of them left, he went to remove the makeup and such in another room that is. And he came back into the room looking wayyy better. Very jaw dropping experience for the other two girls. Lol.

Sunday, 9 November 2008


Today I went to watch Quantum Of Solace,I love all the action scenes! It was majorly cool for me!Apparently, James Bond has some sort of charm towards girls or something. I didn't really get what the story line was going because I never watched Casino Royale-shame. Oh yeah,to those people who wanna watch the movie i suggest you sit wayyy back, because I was sitting at the second front sit and it was quite hard to take in all the action scenes. They were quite fast.
Now I'm reading Gossip Girl, I quite hooked to it and I'm just reading the second book. lol. I noticed they changed lots of the scenes and characteristics of the characters. Like..Nate! He is suppose to be blond I think but from the series he's hair is..brown..and Jenny is suppose to be a very short girl but she's very tall. But I liked that not all of them don't smoke but from the book all of them do!Don't smoke! It isn't good for you and you will have..yellow teeth and..bad complexion! HAH! Any how, the book isn't very suitable for little kids who are not quite to the mature state of mind. But I'm surprise that no one sued GG yet, I mean like she practically stalked all the characters!

And. Yes. Yes. My blog is pretty boring. It lacks lots of stuff which I'm too lazy to add. Hmmm, maybe I should hire someone to help me blog.FOR FREE that is. lol. I want to watch the new Naruto Shipuuden:bonds movie. Seems pretty nice!

Who do think is cuter?15 year old Naruto or the 12 year old Naruto? Lol. Definitely the 12 year old one right? But the 15 year old Naruto is more mature lah. And more determined! But they have a strange story line but who cares! Kakashi died =( Why must all my favourite characters die so young?! Don't give me the 'he died honourably' crap. He died..but I won't mourn for him. I wonder if he will come visit Naruto at night like the fourth hokage did? Lol.

Sunday, 2 November 2008


Well.Hullo fellow humans on this planet which we call earth!Yes yes Earth!lol.

I was looking at the html and my face had the dumbstruck,lol.Well,it's not my fault I suck at this sort of stuff!lol.Well to make this simpler I am a so-called 'Technology Idiot':D

I was in Bali a few days ago,it was my dad's company trip.Bali in my opinion is a pretty nice place.The beach,scenery and yes the shopping.I learned bargaining from there :D It was a pretty interesting trip.I really liked the culture because there's this temple there,our tour guide said something like 'it doesn't matter what religion,culture or race you are,very one is the same and we all believe in God':D We proceeded to to the holy water,all you have to do is-
  • Drink the water
  • wash your face,hands,ears,etc.
  • Or to make matters easier,just go straight into the water :D
  • Oh yeah,you can also fill in the water.

Can you see it bubbling by any chance?It has been bubbling holy water for many hundreds/thousands of years.:D

And now we shall talk about Anna Wintour!For some of you people who don't know her,she is the editor in chief of Vogue magazine.Oh I just knew about her from an aunty which visited and we talk talk talk until we reached her.She was like 'Chia Yee,you know who she is anot?'.Me being me i shake my heah and said 'Who is she?'.Anyways,she explained who she was to me lah.Then told me to go google her out,which i didn'

Following week..
The aunty came and gave me a feng sui book.Ironically,a feng sui book has something about some one notable in the fashion was quite intriguing for me think i shall continue this topic in my next post but you guys can just google her out,while I wikipedied,you are not allowed to look her in the eyes,or else you are fired,on the