Sunday, 13 December 2009

Ip man

I was bored in the afternoon, so I decided to watch Ip man. I've been wanting to watch it for quite some time already but was far too lazy to find the dvd. As you all know, it's a 2008 movie. I'm slightly far behind. Nevertheless, I will blog about it because it was so bloooddddy AWESOME!

It's been such awhile since I watched good fight scenes. War flicks are awesome, especially the Chinese movies. They are so good at those kind of things. War flicks are cool but actual wars suck. Keep that in mind, come, say 'PEACEEE!' with me! Lol.

My rating is 8/10!

I just adore the movie till I want to watch again. And and AND good news! Ip man 2 is coming out May 2010! The movie is gonna focus more on Ip man teaching his students and of course got Bruce Lee lah!

This fight was kinda cruel. The Japanese dude is cool, quite good at Judo.

Isn't the wife just so pretty? :DDD Even though she was a nag in the movie but so pretty lah. China has so many pretty ladies, like every movie, the girls are all jaw-droopingly-beautiful. Men are so lucky they have so many choices to choose from lah.

As everyone knows, Bruce Lee is his most celebrated student. I was curious so I went to youtube a fight scene from Bruce Lee. Ok only lah, anyone has his movies? I never watch before. 0_0

Too bad he died young though. R.I.P :(

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