Wednesday, 23 July 2008

dentist experience

it has been a long long time since i last plucked my teeth.a very very long time.well not really,maybe 1-3 years already lah.all well,the sad thing is my teeth won't grow anymore!!it outgrew already.
reason why i went to the dentist?
unfortunately i'm not born with 'beautiful ' teeth like some people lah.
  • my teeth weren't perfect.they were crooked so i need braces.
  • the tooth that got plucked was tiny and disturbed the other teeth
  • i apparently needed separates because my teeth didn't have any place to put the braces thingy?

it was quite a painless experience duh.i put the medicine that make my gum numb.for 4 those who forgot the doesn't really hurt outside the gum but inside the gum will hurt a bit[stingy feeling]and ur lips will feel puffy,really puffy but it doesn't look much different just a bit bigger only.

and i was such a genius to accidentally get my separator out.0.0.have to go put another 1 again soon..and my teeth have hooks on them!so they are harder to fall compared to normal straight down ones.and i can't eat hot food have to let them cool down first.and and my nose is



and a post to jiemin.belated 1.

on a bright cheerful day there came a sweet "innocent" child called jiemin.bright yet blur,faithful yet evil deep in her heart so she isn't so sweet don't let her looks deceive you!!i think danielle chuuunnn explained enough abt little jiemin.i can't really call her little since what,she older than me?lol.don't hit me!ok overall thank you jiemin.for just every thing you are now.

education is a process of getting knowledge that has yet to be gained.i forgot what we wrote but it was something like that!=]

ok ciaoooooo ppl!