Wednesday, 31 December 2008

happy new year!

Wow. I'm utterly speechless at the fact that it's already end of the year. Wow. Time flies so quickly...

had been an intriguing year for me I suppose. I regretted some stuff, proud of some stuff, happy about stuff and depressed about some stuff. You know my drift. Lol. I'm sorry to who ever I had offended this year and I hope we can have a clean start, you know like turning over a new leaf. I loveee the people who were there for me when I was messed up and stuff. LOVE YOU PEOPLE! =D

I just noticed something depressing, I can be such a BIATCH. Seriously, some times I get this sudden burst of anger at people who have done nothing wrong to me what so ever. This behavior of mine is flipping annoying, it gets me off my good mood and I be mean to people for no reason!=[ 1 of my new year resolutions is to get rid of it. =[

God.. I. love. this. manga! It's so screwed up [kinda] and that's why I love it! Maddy introduced me to it. Yuuki is so gonna choose Kaname than Zero.. or maybe not.. Both Yuuki and Kaname are siblings and their both pure blood which means their parents were also siblings! [Maddy spoilt it for me. lol.] Anyway, it's a pretty cool manga about vampires. Go read it. I lovee Kaname when he was a kid! He looked so adorable! =DDD

Oh yeah, I'm back in Malaysia. It's so humid here. Lol. I never really noticed that. Both my hands were dried up before our flight but now it's ok. I'm fat.. That's depressing you know. Lol. I'm gonna miss all the bonding time we had! I shall post a picture.. only if I'm nice. Lol. You know [ no you don't], I really wanted this Hurley jacket that was revers able but it only had xs! Noooo! It was nice if you are wondering. Lol.

Anyways, currently battling off the urge to sleep until midnight by reading Vampire Knight. =D I have to walk my dogs tomorrow. Now I really want to go to 'that' school. Sighs.

I hope you readers have an awesome year ahead!

Friday, 26 December 2008

my trip..?

Hey everyone, it has been 16 days since I last updated. Ahahaha. I know you missed me, don't lie! [That sounded really perasan, anyway proceeding..] I'm as you know, officially 14 years old. Yes Yes.. I know.. I'm older now, but I seriously think I'm more mature though. Lol. Thank you every one who came on that day to celebrate it with me. I really really did appreciate it and it meant a lot to me that you guys took the time to come and celebrate with/ wish me. I adore you guys! =DDD

As you also and might not know, I'm currently at Australia. I'm at Geelong, Victoria. It's a really nice place. It's now summer as you all know, lately only feel like summer I tell you! It was flipping cold last week, it felt very 'burrrrrrr' like that week. Now the weather is below 30 degree and it's nice and cold. =D and did I mention it's 11.06pm now? Lol. The shoppers here really value their looks, all of them wear really nicely..except..*cough*me*cough* What? Lol. I can't help it if I think baggy jeans are nice!

Anyways, we just had some western food, not that nice I suppose. I had steak just now and they gave me a very VERY well done steak. T.T. I hope I have a good tolerance for alcohol, I drank a SIP of cold beer and omg.. it was awesome.. Lol. and I went sleepy for a while. 0.0

I had a very very err.. 'Australian-y Christmas' this year and my first Christmas too! It was awesome, we pulled the confetti and stuff and the FOOD! AHHHHH! It was nice. =] I got mind teasers from my cousins, THANK YOUS! You are welcomed very very welcomed to give me your delayed x'mas presents to me. =D I don't mind! Jk. Lol. And I noticed something, there's a whole lot of Simpsons stuff here. I lovee the beach here! Seriously clear water and soft sands!!
It's just crazy!=D

Now to go depressed.. I'm so fat! I thought I would slim down here because I will be malu at taking other peoples food but nooo my cousins let me full excess to the kitchen! And my aunt is a gila good cook! You should try here chicken, you would fall in love with it too. My food lah, the people here also not that OBESE! Manda tried to comfort me by saying the people here are just good at hiding their fats, psht! They wear freaking short pants!

Anyways, we went boxing day shopping today! I was kinda disappointed though, I kinda expected like crazy shopaholics but not that much. Lol. AND do you have any flipping idea how much I tried to ignore my urges to but BREAKING DAWN?! It's hard let me tell you that, it's like calling : Come Chia yee, you know you want to buy me~ Why make yourself suffer so much? Lol. No joke. It's hard resisting temptation. I just decided to buy it when I get back. The stuff here is expensive. So why bother wasting excess money right?

Ok I have got to go bath, I really do. Lol. Tata!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


I will change my background music...eventually...BUT don't worry I will! It's getting incredibly boring. Isn't it..? Lol. Now I will just have to decide which to put up. Argh.. Lol. Oh yeah apparently I'm stress and I have to ecsercise, likely story. Lol. I'm very very lazy. Now a lot of people are wearing braces. Then my teacher was telling us some wives tale. If your upper teeth falls, join both your feet together *cannot be crooked* and throw your teeth over the roof. Then if your bottom teeth falls, join your feet together like I said before cannot be crooked and throw your teeth under the pillow. That all if I remembered, after that I think you can do anything with your teeth. Lol.

I'M TURNING 14 THIS SUNDAY! I love my birthday - I have no idea why so don't ask me. Come on lah, 14-12-xxxx the celebration of countless of lives that were brought to this world! Ok done with my energy.

Yesterday I was drawing this face and it looked ok lah. her neck is long now I must go and perfect her features but I dunno how lah. I think to see from a drawing to refer to it. Mine is half side angle.


Wednesday, 3 December 2008


I'm feeling wayyy better than I was yesterday. I was dizzy when I stood up and just felt like puking on the whole floor that lay under my two big feet. It was definitely not one of the greatest experience I had. I think it should be minor food poisoning from the cursed blue vegetable omelet I had for lunch or come to think of it maybe just dehydration really. Lol. It seems that my dad is sick too, unfortunately :( I wonder what he ate...

Oh yeah, I went to Penang on Saturday. We were suppose to go back on Sunday but my dad decided to go back on Monday which wasn't planned. I think I was the most 'prepared' because I brought two days clothing just in case of.. accidents like falling into the sea or something. So yeah, my mom was like I didn't planned for this! But in the end it all turned out good. We went to stay with an uncle, he used to a principal so I decided to keep my mouth shut in front of him. Lol. It was a nice trip overall. Amusing.

I just started reading Twilight and I love it. =D I was done with it like yesterday because I didn't bring it to the trip with me. On Sunday, we went to Plaza Gurney to walk around and stuff lah. Then my parents kicked me off while they were having a nice chat with an uncle so naturally I went to the book store. I went to both Popular and MPH but I couldn't find New Moon at all! You readers are so cruel at least leave one for me lah. I should be younger than you guys right?? I'm still 13+ turning 14 on 14 Dec. :D Wait! I'm turning older! Aaaaaaahhh! I kinda pity Robert Pattison actually, I mean Edward Cullen is like 'waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh' and it is impossible to find a guy to match his ridiculous description. Come on lah, impossibly beautiful, etc.. go wikipedia him out ;) But it nice to imagine him lah, i guess. :P

I hope I get to read the books, some how. Lol. Now I must plot to ambush some one to bring me to watch the movie. I already have an idea who to bring me and I guess she would since she is nice and all and we would be bored after the tuition. But we'll see. Lol. Ok now to my attempt studying, wish me luck! =D

Thursday, 27 November 2008


I feel sleepy. I have a very bad sleeping schedule now since it's the holidays. So yeah. I think I'm suffering from insomnia because I feel like sleeping but I just can't sleep. It's either insomnia or I slept too much. You know when they say like if you sleep too much you will feel sleepy for the whole day or something. Lol. I sleep at 4 something every SINGLE day and wake up at 12pm if I have the will power lah or else I would shut the alarm and wake up at 1 or 2 pm. :DDD I'm so "healthy". Lol. I think the only healthy thing is drinking the pumpkin blended juice thing. It taste good so I didn't mind. :DDD

You know when you get all those junk chain mails and stuff. Some of us would just go and delete rite? and others would and might panic at the sight of it and read and forward yes? Whatever. I USED to be the ones that panic and forward off, don't blame me lah I was just gullible and young! Anyway, nowadays when I read those chain mails are for fun lah or some times just plain delete it. I find it funny when I read those chain mails that go like : if you don't sent this off to blah blah people, you won't get a date for 5 years or something like that. Frankly, I don't really care if I won't get a date or any sort because studies more important mah, RIGHT? See see see, you guys get to witness how guai I am. 'YOU'-you should know who you are, not addressing everyone here. should follow my lead! Lol. Be like me pure model student! Lol. Man, that was just pure perasan.

Thank you thank you for nothing. That was seriously random! Lol.

WAIT! I must first thak my family and god for providing me food every single living day. I am REALLY grateful because I'm so spoilt that I can't live without food for a day. Ok lah, I would live because you will only die if you don't eat for 7 days right? I almost forgotten how lucky I was until I read the e-mail Danielle sent me. Thank you. It was incrediberly sad and painful to look at the children suffering from dehydration and hunger. If I'm free I will post the picture. T_T

Now I'm going out to makan. Thank you thank you. Ciao!

Monday, 24 November 2008


Last saturday I went to a wedding. My cousin's wedding : Su Jin and Andrew, Su Jin's my cousin. Erm, apparently Andrew proposed to Su Jin on Valentine's day in her office with her colleagues and customers were all there. Brave soul he is, and I guess it was sweeet. Lol. I was nice enough to wear a skirt and a PUFFY sleeve shirt! See I can be so nice when I want to be. Lol. Anyway the reason I was nice was because I lived with them before and such. Man, I was so unlady-like! Haha! I don't think you wanna know. xDD

Chia yee: Hoooi Chingg! Loook! Magic! [holding a fork with a big mushroom and stuffs it into her mouth]
Hooi ching: [Looking not amused continues eating her fried mee]
Chia yee: Fine..[shift off to other people]

Anyway, I concluded that it was a pretty awesome wedding and hopes that the newly weds have a nice life together :DDD

Oh yeah, yesterday me and Hooi ching went to watch Madagascar 2. I thought it was an awesome movie. :D Our supposed plan was to watch A1 racing but we changed it. So yeah and we ate bak kut teh with her friends :D

Friday, 21 November 2008


Hmmm, I'm feeling a wee bit tired now. I was planning to watch Naruto but I figured I should blog something. Lol.

Anyways I don't really adore the fact that it's raining practically every single day! The rain makes my dogs wet but thank god they have the double layer water resistant fur on them [Golden Retrievers] and my slippers keep getting wet.=.= Best slippers man, orthopedic slippers, awesomely comfy and they support your arches!:D

I went with my mom to get her phone today. Her phone has problems so she decided to buy from another guy and thinks the place she normally gets her phone from did something to her phone. As you know it was still raining, even under shield of an umbrella and protection of a jacket I was still soaked. Lol. Anyways my mom new phone is G900, you know James Bond phone the advertisement and all you eventually see it. I hope my mom can adjust well to this phone, I still love mine but I should have got a cover for it..

Ahhhh, I CAN'T believe it's already end of the year! AHHHH! It just felt like it was yesterday, it's like just a fast forward button to the future or something. Anyways it was an awesome year and my new year resolutions are! We'll talk abt it during the new year :D Anyways one of them get good grades. To achieve that..I just have to study like mad. Lol. Well.sorryy if I'm not a geniues. You people know who you are!

And that my friends is a terrible mixture of boredom and tantrum. I was having one but I decided to put it on paper than running around the house screaming and throwing pillows on the ground. Lol. The only thing I liked abt it is that I managed to draw my name in it but it's still pretty sucky and the right side was incomplete, I decided to stop out of boredom and creative juices. Lol. Well forgive me all amazing artistes like Michangelo [Did you know that he doesn't bath? and if he took of his boots, his skin would peel of right away?]*Don't blame me if I got the information wrong* and such for being not talented drawing. Lol!


Tuesday, 11 November 2008


I have been having a running nose for at least a week..and it's still there! So I probably sound pretty weird now and my nose keeps feeling stuck. Duh. Lol. And here I am, eating very fattening ice cream which taste sooo goooddd. [I sungguh flabby if you are wondering.unfortunately]

Oh yeah, This morning [1 something am] , two dogs came to our house! They were such darlings, very sociable doggies. I guess they just wanted to go for a walk or something or find Teena-my small dog. I don't think their owners even knew they ran out of their houses.

I think room raiders is a pretty amusing show, I mean like you look through peoples stuff to get to know their personality. Even a ghost cartooned boxer means you have a good sense of humour! Oh yeah, I still remembered that there was one episode where the guy dressed up-he put on fake crocked teeth,etc..overall he looked very different than his real self. Anyway, after he picked the girl he wanted to date, the other two girls were like "thank god he didn't picked me!" and such. So after both of them left, he went to remove the makeup and such in another room that is. And he came back into the room looking wayyy better. Very jaw dropping experience for the other two girls. Lol.

Sunday, 9 November 2008


Today I went to watch Quantum Of Solace,I love all the action scenes! It was majorly cool for me!Apparently, James Bond has some sort of charm towards girls or something. I didn't really get what the story line was going because I never watched Casino Royale-shame. Oh yeah,to those people who wanna watch the movie i suggest you sit wayyy back, because I was sitting at the second front sit and it was quite hard to take in all the action scenes. They were quite fast.
Now I'm reading Gossip Girl, I quite hooked to it and I'm just reading the second book. lol. I noticed they changed lots of the scenes and characteristics of the characters. Like..Nate! He is suppose to be blond I think but from the series he's hair is..brown..and Jenny is suppose to be a very short girl but she's very tall. But I liked that not all of them don't smoke but from the book all of them do!Don't smoke! It isn't good for you and you will have..yellow teeth and..bad complexion! HAH! Any how, the book isn't very suitable for little kids who are not quite to the mature state of mind. But I'm surprise that no one sued GG yet, I mean like she practically stalked all the characters!

And. Yes. Yes. My blog is pretty boring. It lacks lots of stuff which I'm too lazy to add. Hmmm, maybe I should hire someone to help me blog.FOR FREE that is. lol. I want to watch the new Naruto Shipuuden:bonds movie. Seems pretty nice!

Who do think is cuter?15 year old Naruto or the 12 year old Naruto? Lol. Definitely the 12 year old one right? But the 15 year old Naruto is more mature lah. And more determined! But they have a strange story line but who cares! Kakashi died =( Why must all my favourite characters die so young?! Don't give me the 'he died honourably' crap. He died..but I won't mourn for him. I wonder if he will come visit Naruto at night like the fourth hokage did? Lol.

Sunday, 2 November 2008


Well.Hullo fellow humans on this planet which we call earth!Yes yes Earth!lol.

I was looking at the html and my face had the dumbstruck,lol.Well,it's not my fault I suck at this sort of stuff!lol.Well to make this simpler I am a so-called 'Technology Idiot':D

I was in Bali a few days ago,it was my dad's company trip.Bali in my opinion is a pretty nice place.The beach,scenery and yes the shopping.I learned bargaining from there :D It was a pretty interesting trip.I really liked the culture because there's this temple there,our tour guide said something like 'it doesn't matter what religion,culture or race you are,very one is the same and we all believe in God':D We proceeded to to the holy water,all you have to do is-
  • Drink the water
  • wash your face,hands,ears,etc.
  • Or to make matters easier,just go straight into the water :D
  • Oh yeah,you can also fill in the water.

Can you see it bubbling by any chance?It has been bubbling holy water for many hundreds/thousands of years.:D

And now we shall talk about Anna Wintour!For some of you people who don't know her,she is the editor in chief of Vogue magazine.Oh I just knew about her from an aunty which visited and we talk talk talk until we reached her.She was like 'Chia Yee,you know who she is anot?'.Me being me i shake my heah and said 'Who is she?'.Anyways,she explained who she was to me lah.Then told me to go google her out,which i didn'

Following week..
The aunty came and gave me a feng sui book.Ironically,a feng sui book has something about some one notable in the fashion was quite intriguing for me think i shall continue this topic in my next post but you guys can just google her out,while I wikipedied,you are not allowed to look her in the eyes,or else you are fired,on the

Friday, 3 October 2008



i have been thinking about that word 'responsibility' and i have came to a conclusion,i don't think i'm cut out for it with completely no experience.that's why i failed terribly at it as a monitor last year because of numerous confrontation problems which i undoubtedly possessed in a new school.i am now pretty glad that alvin passed me greatly!'s just great he's wayyy better than me.but i guess i could be a good monitors if i saw how people ran first.all well.all i just want is a bright future..i still have no goal nor ambitions in life[currently] which result to 1 word..SHIT.

hmmm.i wonder what i would be good in,i guess i'm surrounded by geniuses but i'm not 1 of them.sadly i still dunno what i would be good at.ahhhh..prodigys are every where,if you see this kid 'geram' at doing something in particular watch that kid grow,you never know how they will turn out like -*p
you know there's a lot of attention seeking kids out there some even from childhood to adulthood.some thrive so much i mean A LOT until they would do anything for it.aiya the not serious 1s are the naughty kids.heh.all well.

oh yeah,as some of you guys know i have been hooked on once again on watching the shipuuden series,or maybe the correct term reading the manga yeah.they have gotten pretty strong,i think that sasuke leaving konoha was good after all,if not naruto and sakura wouldn't be as determined to get yeah conclusion?
competition isn't all bad,it's actually quite good =D

i'm pretty much screwed humans reading my blog.haha because i HAVEN'T studied a freaking subject and exams are pretty close so yeah wish me luck.and my sentences may be wrong and such forgive me.haha.and the stuff i wrote here are pretty much 'dumb' so yeah.hoped you enjoyed it!

Monday, 15 September 2008


I got a new hair cut yesterday,just a little trim here and there. Not much difference really just cut off all the dry endings part/spilt ends?=.0*quizzical look* She didn't ask for my opinion and just continued cutting,lol. Hmm,I seem to like my hair all MESSED up than neat and straight.[messy hair don't restrict your creative juices?]

err. I don't have any thing much to blog on. Oh wait i do! I have been having fantasies that i will wake up at 6.00am in the morning for just a you know. Nice little jog and such. But if i could wake up it would be an AMAZING accomplishment for me since I'm lazy etc etc.

I wanted to take my doggies for a walk but the sky was crying so i couldn't :( Bummer. I loveee Daisy,she's such a great companion to hug not much to the saliva part but still she's a darling. Danny is nicer to hug-more fur,bigger size but you never know what runs through his mind 0.0 well I dunno what dogs think but still you never know if they are actually thinking of a diabolical plan to destroy us all!ahhhhhhhh.[i don't think that would happen though but never]

I READ FINISH ALL THE PRINCESS DIARIES BOOK!J.P is so nice to Mia. sweet kid :D now I'm just waiting for the 10th book,in the mean time i shall read the 'shopaholic & sister'! I kinda kesian Luke,poor guy,his wife is extremely unreasonable while buying stuff-no self control lah. Still Becky is very the lucky to find herself a rich husband who could help pay off her bills while she's currently jobless. Next book shall be the hobbit! I haven't read finish my Narnia series yet though-malu.

wow. My blog is boring! All well,live with

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

don't have no right.

it can be absolutely annoying sometimes when you already thought of what story to type but you forgot what to type about![maybe old age is starting to catch up with me.who knows?lol.]

ish.damn.i'm getting so-called 'pressure' in disguise.yeah lah yeah lah i know my sister is you know a genius who just doesn't wanna talk and such but i might be a genius too!you never know,i might create some thing that would destroy all human beings on earth!bwahahaha.of course i wouldn't create one even if i could.all i want is WORLD PEACE ,good grades,be a genius and money!whatever.too much to in school people kena bully teruk by other people so yeah settle small to big.yay![this sounds er..dumb?][i'm no genius.i must]
*i still dunno what career i wanna go in.i better decide SOON!or else mati lah.heh.or go ever is a better option.

oh yeah.the topic that i'm gonna 'type' about tittle is the tittle!overall,agar-agar telling you parents rented out our old apartment to this bloody fella.well this fella said he was gonna stay alone or something but it turns out 10 PEOPLE were living there!they trashed the place a bit and left a very nice amount of bills.=.=.overall he wasn't a really nice person to rent to lah[my parents kena tipu by his ok-ish face]so my parents took back the apartment.the most annoying part is that he took ALL our STUFF!stove,lamps,gas and even a frigging LIGHT BULB!!
**the moral of the story is don't kena tipu by a innocent face!it may cost you and don't simply rent your old home to people.

oh is too precious to give up,you go to hell btw.don't give it up for some dumb reason.if you have to show the person how much you adore him/her by suicidal attempts,well all i can say that person is not worth you!you have wasted valuable time on the person for no reason!so just move on,it might be painful but at least you showed that person you are strong and you will find someone who will appreciate you :DD*i know everyone knows about this stuff but i was bored!lol.sugar rush by the roti tisu with massive amounts of sugar!*

Sunday, 7 September 2008

paper kite.

thanks for introducing me to the world of anime.sweet cousin of mine.=]

I'm have been addicted to the princess diaries lately.I for one think it's a nice/humourous book.She is so obsessed over Michael,which is kind of the reason why it's funny.heh.Oh yeah.I'm been swearing again lately,not really good lah.Blame the book!shopaholics series.there's a lot of f and bloody,but no worries!I will try to stop swearing.It's possible.=D I'm going back to the word sheeeep.

This morning,when I was washing my hand,I suddenly remembered this kiddy story about a dog,snake and a family.It agar agar goes like this[not mordern,it's kampung version life style]-this family adopted this dog to jaga their house and stuff.One day,both the parents went out or something so they left the dog with their baby.Eventually,this snake went to the house,then the dog murdered it.After a while,they both came back for the shock of their lifes.The dog had snake blood over his mouth[but they didn't know,they thought it was the baby's],so the dad killed the dog and the mom rushed in to see if the baby was alive and such.In the end,they were depressed because they just killed an innocent dog for absoultely no REASON!
moral of the story-don't accused innocent animals/humans for something they didn't do.Find out the truth first.[excuse me from my bad sentences and such=D]

I fell on the stairs yesterday and had a tiny wound on my shin.heh.funny.I was at Ikano.After i fell ,i was like.'ahhh.bloody!'how dumb am i to fall down from a 2 step staircase?Appartently,

Sunday, 31 August 2008


so yeah happy merdeka-ing everyone!malaysia boleh right?i think it will be easier to transform malaysia to the expected '2020' era thing,cause this country isn't really huge lah,but whatever let's move on to other subjects.malaysia is actually a really nice place to live.we have a nice weather[sigh,too bad no winter],GREAT food,great beachers,etc..btw,i didn't know that wikipedia had about manglish/bahasa rojak!lol.

today i went to sri hartamas.reasons?my sister is absolutely crazy over the kids playground,play like a maniac,good lah that she's interacting with other kids.i went to the book sales,my goal was to find princess diaries books[kena hook-up dengan teruk]it's a nice book in my opinion lah.i already had the first till third+eighth[just bought] now all i need is the others except the ones i just listed yeah i bought some books,good books hops]efully.

we[consist of me and my parents]were walking around to find a place to eat while my sister was playing and i saw these pair of gorgeous puppies/dog[kinda looked like the normal pincher dog]they were up for adoption[i hope they go to good families:D].ish,i am a total sucker over their eyes. had our dinner at some japanese/chinese resturant,it was good[how blessed am i?:D]

ciao everyone!and happpyyy meeerrddeekkaa!

Thursday, 21 August 2008

make my day =]

random acts of chia yee.

[thanks aunty carol,jeanne for inviting me to lunch :D]

let me think..I'm thinking..I'm thinking..none that i can think

ahhh,why do people have to exercise and eat healthy to become healthy and fit?!if not we could just lay back and whatever.that was

erm.yesterday 4 girls went to sunway.don't worry!there was no harm done to anything yeah.they just ate.walk.and have fun =]

er.what did we do you may ask.we humans ate at the jusco food court!faya and dani were starving,ahh those strong souls =] we walked we walked and walked.

then we[me and jiem,they went to makan with family/relatives] went ice skating!i was a serious noob gosh if u were a skating pro u would laugh fell 3 times on the on my shin and knee.not that bad,i was having fun torturing[teaching] me and i was freaking paranoid if people touched me or was like 1cm close to me.hehe.oh yeah it was really wet,the ice melted a bit.then jiem went to the middle to skate.i was still figuring out how to skate at the side.

then she came back."i hate that kid with the red shirt he splashed water at me!"
then after her second attempt."i hate that hockey guy!he splashed water on me too!"
i was like "i wished i could skate as well as he could!ah.jiem hold my hand!"*waving hand wildly,almost fell*

oh yeah when i was barely skating i fell and spin ed on the rink floor!what fun! guess that's all.lesson learn,bring a person who know what they are doing if you yourself don't :D

[I think stairs have something against me..i swear!i fall at stairs i never walked before!]

Tuesday, 19 August 2008


i'm starting to go back to my 'old' blogging i even have blogging ways?!lol.

awww.lee chong wei lost to lin dan in the badminton men's single yesterday.darn.but whatever.lee tried his best even though he was in a whole lot of pressure[darn u pressure!],and he brought us back a silver so yeah we should really give him a big round of applause for going so far for our country and beating so many fine badminton players from all over the world.=]

"i'm not scared!just..cautiously aware of my surrondings."i thought that was funny but all

Friday, 15 August 2008

blue sky white cloulds.pretty and priceless =]

sup ladies and gents,sorry for not you know..not blogging!i love blogs they have just interesting stories,but sorry for being the 'worst blogger on earth'!lol.dunno lah lately just very very lazy with doing nothing at ALL!lol.ok done with all those i'll type what happened in my life!

what happened today you ask?

*dang dang dang*

my school had CANTEEN DAY !

-and our motto was 'towards a caring society'[all the money is going to charity],yeah our canteen day is like any normal canteen day in any school-games,food,lucky draw?oh yeah and contests,we had this contest called 'sedayan idol'and dani and faya had to jaga the vote boxes.honestly,very very boring to jaga them weih!so conclusion,f&d quite strong minded people when it comes to duty.=]and and my class store was called oreolicious?basically our store sell Oreo milkshakes and now i kinda sick of them was very lousy at the store complain a bit[forgive me!!]my job was taking orders and peeling off the cream so they could blend the biscuits,keeping an eye on mh because he wanted to steal the coupons,and spraying whip cream.but i had a good job,alvin was damn rajin keep making the milkshakes.and some ppl kena milkshakes on their shirt,i think they didn't cover it when they blended it or something.i kena sprayed accidentally with whipped cream but it's all good![i almost tripped and slam my face on the stair case 2 times today 0.0]interesting rite? was an interesting day,i wanna congratulate all the students that put in all their time and effort to make today a memorable day=]you guys rock!

-ahhh,my grades are so bad.but i pass only which isn't good because monthly test are suppose to be easy rite?and not hard at all and i get grades like this?!but i'm not too upset because i totally deserved it though.i didn't really study so yeah i obviously will get grades like this.i didn't panic much when the exams were coming,lame excuse i forgot how it felt like to have a test.hehe?hoho?bleh bleh?KIWI!lol.random acts of pleasure :DDD

i sound so spoilt :( bad cy BAD cy!lol.[GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!!=]spread no blood on,it's not worth it at ALL!so yeah try not to fight =]and and HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!:DDDD

Monday, 4 August 2008

the long waited tag post

I was tagged by danielle

Name: chia yee..remember that name=]i shall b famour 1 day![hah!dreamer]

Sisters: 1

Brothers: None (I wish I had an older brother though)

Shoe size: i dunno..6 or 7?

Height: i dunno.taller than dani 4 the time being =]

Where do you live: why should i tell u?..stalker..

Favourite drinks: good drinks.

Favourite breakfast: i dunno.anything that's eatable is good

Have you ever been on a plane : Yes.

Swam in the ocean: Yes.

Fallen asleep in school: er..i don't think so?

Broken someone's heart: oh please lah of course not!

Fell off your chair: I think so.. I can't remember.

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call:nope.none.

Saved e-mails: there's a lot of unread chain

What is your room like: er..let's see..poster,computer,cozy bed,etc.why do u need to noe?!lol.

What is the last thing you ate: chicken.rice.soup.

Ever had Chicken pox: Yup.

Sore throat: Of course.

Stitches: Nope.not planing to get them

What's right beside you: bottle

Do you believe in love at first sight: who knows?

Like picnics: I would think so.

Who was the last person you danced with: dunno.

Last made you smile: i

You last yelled at : i dunno.

Talk to someone you like: love lah.of

Kiss anyone: nope

Get sick: Nope.

Talk to an ex:i haven't even started dating?

Miss someone: Yeah.

Eat: me without food?HAH!funny thought.

Best feeling in the world: Plenty.

Do you sleep with stuffed animals: i still

What's under your bed: another bed

Who do you really hate : none.hopefully no one

What time is it now: 7:47pm


Q: Is there a person who is on your mind right now: Of course.

Q: Do you have any siblings: Yes, and I love her very much.

Q: Do you want children : i guess so?

Q: Do you smile often :mayb i do mayb i don't.

Q: Do you like your hand-writing: well as long as you can understand is good enough rite?

Q: Are your toenails painted: Nope.

Q: Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: my bed is cozy enough=]

Q: What colour shirt are you wearing: blackkk

Q: What were you doing at 7:00pm yesterday: eating at raku zen

Q: I can't wait till: I become rich=]

Q: When did you cry last: yesterday?

Q: Are you a friendly person: do you think i'm a friendly person?lol

Q: Do you have any pets: Fish & Dogs

Q: Where is the person you have feelings for right now?: There are lots of people I have feelings for. Please refer to Question 1 under "Today did you..."

Q: Did the last person you held hands with mean anything to you now?: Not in that way.

Have you ever crawled through a window?: I don't know! I wish I could remember.

Can you handle the truth?: I guess so.the truth hurts..

Are you too forgiving?: I i forgiving?lol

Are you closer to your mother or father?: both lah.

Who was the last person you cried in front of?: i have cried in worthless situations

How many people can you say you've really loved?: many.why retrict yourself to only loving 1?

Do you eat healthy?: nope.but remember 'kids' junk food=junk brain =]

Do you still have pictures of you & your ex?: i don't have anyone

Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you?: Of course.

How often do you go to church?: i'm buddhist..

If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to?: humans.close people.

Are you loud or quiet most of the time?: er.i tell me!!

Are you confident?: heck

4 ppl I tag :-

anyone who wants to do the tag is welcomed :DDD

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

dentist experience

it has been a long long time since i last plucked my teeth.a very very long time.well not really,maybe 1-3 years already lah.all well,the sad thing is my teeth won't grow anymore!!it outgrew already.
reason why i went to the dentist?
unfortunately i'm not born with 'beautiful ' teeth like some people lah.
  • my teeth weren't perfect.they were crooked so i need braces.
  • the tooth that got plucked was tiny and disturbed the other teeth
  • i apparently needed separates because my teeth didn't have any place to put the braces thingy?

it was quite a painless experience duh.i put the medicine that make my gum numb.for 4 those who forgot the doesn't really hurt outside the gum but inside the gum will hurt a bit[stingy feeling]and ur lips will feel puffy,really puffy but it doesn't look much different just a bit bigger only.

and i was such a genius to accidentally get my separator out.0.0.have to go put another 1 again soon..and my teeth have hooks on them!so they are harder to fall compared to normal straight down ones.and i can't eat hot food have to let them cool down first.and and my nose is



and a post to jiemin.belated 1.

on a bright cheerful day there came a sweet "innocent" child called jiemin.bright yet blur,faithful yet evil deep in her heart so she isn't so sweet don't let her looks deceive you!!i think danielle chuuunnn explained enough abt little jiemin.i can't really call her little since what,she older than me?lol.don't hit me!ok overall thank you jiemin.for just every thing you are now.

education is a process of getting knowledge that has yet to be gained.i forgot what we wrote but it was something like that!=]

ok ciaoooooo ppl!

Saturday, 14 June 2008


er.i haven't been blogging yeah.stuff happened.etc etc.but 4 me is still kinda same old same old.
i went to rome/paris!last weeeeekkk!gosh i miss those 2 country a lot!except the toilets and prices.1 euro = RM5 something.expensive expensive.tsk
we had a oral speaking on friday,either show and tell or talked abt ur 2 weeks holiday.i talked abt rome and i gementar like crazy and did a horrible job?ahah?lesson learned ppl,ALWAYS prepare for something important b4 u do it.

when in rome do as the romans do.i did 1 and that is sleep!at 9-10 something!u have to admit lah they do sleep u noe.[a wee bit idiotic/weirdo-ish?well we can't b all gems rite?lol.xP]

oh yeah me and jiem went shopping today.buying present lah.and we send quite a lot.i guess,well overall the story was that we buy a present rite and don't but so much 4 ourselves rite.but it kinda when the opposite and we were like y did we buy these things?y?depressed etc etc.then got over it.and it turns out the person we were buying 4 was information lah.then we went paranoid a day

Wednesday, 28 May 2008


err,what should i post today?hmmm.thinking thinking thinking.ahha!
have u noticed we have a lot of good movies this month like ironman.prince caspian and indiana jones?now i'm waiting to watch kung fu panda!and and wall.e,so cute lah the
anyways i gotta dash now and the trip is on FRIDAY!!sooo good nite every1 and happy hols!i might blog tomorrow.i have to pack later.=]

Saturday, 10 May 2008


hey I'm backk!i bet u ppl miss my posts!jk jk.*perasan-ing*xPP
according to the last post i haven't blog for a month and a few days?
what happened in my life 4 the month?
-in April we had a school trip to the national science centre.we had a hunt or something.they give us some question papers and we go find the information loh.then we went to the children's section i forgot the name lah.then we were like riding the lil' kids bicycle and almost all of us end up hitting our leg(we cycled to make the lil' trains move.=D)oh yeah we rode the bicycle that's above the water in the play ground.ah such can ride the bicycle back.
-some ppl don't have tolerance lah.they keep teasing and prank like mean pranks on mean.tolerance means accepting who r different than u rite?[buku moral]think abt it if EVERYONE in the world was the same.wouldn't b really boring?o.o
-as u can see from my title,u can see that i'm having exams now in my school.i had moral and sivics today,wasn't really hard but i dunno the peri bahasa.0.0.i hope i pass all my subjects!! bc is very very char 1.ahahahhaa.and i have to study form 1 form 1 questions.0.0.overall.all i can say is gd luck every1 and i have to study.o.o.ciao~

Sunday, 13 April 2008

i am me genuine as i already am

hey ppl i noe u guys miss my posts!*not* forgot all the ideas i wanted to type in this post..*bubble face on* gahhhh!lol..btw does my title makes sense to u?
-hmm k..erm i shall tell u stuff that happen in my life 4 the past few days~i watched L :change the world..L says to near 'who is a mathematical genius mind u' 'no matter how TALENTED u r u cannot change the world' i do agree wif that..even though I'm not naturally talented yadah yadah..the most WORST idea is killing's should never b taken away..but u noe life..haih..innocent lifes get taken away so easily.. :((((and ppl just whine whine and WHINE! abt how horrid their lifes r me![whining is not a good thing][remember that*]
-and faith say i'm dead cuz i lost my phantom of the opera workbook..and dunno where to buy and i keep getting teh LOOK! from the english teacher lol..i dunno y also lol!and i do not like the LOOK!mind u..xDDD
-i was gonna talk abt imperfection=perfection but then not enough spaces..all well

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

i got tagged by dang dang danggg!!'Jeanne!'=DDDD
Real Name: Ong Chia Yee
Nickname: chia yee, cy, charlie[not used much[preferably not xDD], sleepy head, girl
Married: oh look there's no ring on my fourth finger!
Male/Female: Female
High school: Sekolah Sri Sedaya
College: not yet lah..aussie 1 mayb?
Are You A Healthy Freak?: stupid question!look how healthy i am lah..[ans-nahhh]
Do You Have A Crush On Someone?: nahhh..
Do You Like Yourself: i guess so?0.0

Surgery: erm..nooo?none that i can think of..
Person You See In The Morning: maid
Award: erm..sports and grammar[consolation]?
Sport You Join: high jump[i did it like only 2 times?],badminton and running
Vacation: some where in m'sia :D
Drinking: shandy
I'm About To: homework..SLEEP!!

Your future..
Want Kids: no more than 2..please!!
Want To Get Married: yessh?xDDD
Careers In Mind: I dunno..let faith decide for me..=D[hope it has good pay xDDD]

Which is better?

Lips Or Eyes?: eyes?
Hugs Or Kisses?: hugs!!
Shorter Or Taller?: Taller!!!=DD
Romantic Or Spontaneous?:both mayb?i dunno lol
Sensitive Or Loud?: Sensitive?
Troublemaker Or Hesitant?: Troublemaker!lol xDDD

Have you ever..
Kissed A Stranger?: nahhh..and neverrr!!
Drank Bubbles: [i think xD]
Lost Glasses / Contacts: contacts also..glasses niah..
Ran Away From Home: nahh.not interested..too troublesome also =X
Liked Someone Younger: not really..
Liked someone older: yeshhh!
Broke someone's heart: err..nooo..of course no lah!
Been arrested: nopee
Cried when someone died: i think so..

Do you believe in..

Yourself?: ahaha..not really..=X
Miracles: Yesshh..
Santa Claus: hey if u believe in him then his alive lah..
Magic: yeshh?
Angels: they r everywhere..=DDD

Answer truthfully..

Is There Someone You Want To Be With Right Now?: erm..frens,cousin?
Do you believe in God?: Yes.

Tag 5 people:
erm..not enough ppl to tag so ppl who wanna do then do lah!:DDDD

Sunday, 23 March 2008

dang dang deaaaahh

status:typing my blog,duh
-lol..i like my title,but i don't get the last part but all don't bother about so ?have i mould any of u guys life??they say ppl mould bother ppls life!!so so did i??:D..influence u in any way?yes no maybe??lol..gosh i feel a wee bit sleepy yeah..xD..gosh and my hw haven't done yet xPPP

hmmm..what should i type today?i noe another addition of the facts about me & then other stuff!

  1. I am terribly shy..yes i am..==

  2. I have short attention span..yes i do..unfortunately..mayb that's 1 of the reasons 4 my grades??0.0

  3. I have stage FRIGHT!![is that how u spell it?]yes i do..gahh..i panic on stage..:(

  4. I'm not'm just not like naturally talented like 'some' ppl!lol..

  5. I'm not flexible..i like a tree or something not

  6. I'm bad at sports..xDD

  7. I like good food :D..yes i do :D

  8. I would like to go traveling..and visit other countries..etc..

  9. I dunno what to type that's all k?

i watch Sweeney Todd already..and it is very bloody..O.o..but it's not like really scary..even though i hide my face in some scenes?0.o..but their singing is good that's all i can say :]
ok..gtg already..ciao~!!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

merry had a little lamb~little lamb~

-now i'm typing a post cuz i slept in the afternoon..[in a very very uncomfortable position..i was watchin the tv then fell a sleep..][i was gahhh my neck!!my neck!!]lo
-this few days i'm normally seen wif a frown..[i guess/think??]..first 1 is my GRADES!especially mandarin my bad the marks..and i dunno blah blah blah reasons??and and HOMEWORKS!!y have to b so perfect lah the kh project..correction tape also cannot 0.0..and u have to make it in 1 STRAIGHT line!!the sentence lah..which is hard without a guiding line on a piece of blank paper!!

facts about me!!
i don't like bugs 'i hate them!!' [sorry ppl who likes bugs]
-i can b a such a retard sometimes..
-i'm weird!!!i admit!!lol's better being 'interesting' than being absolutely
boring rite??
-i like to mix colors,designs,language..blah blah blah..
-i'm not!

ahhh..i can't write any thing random today!so today's post not so!ps..

Saturday, 15 March 2008

i just got back from taiping/penang two days ago?yeah so i'm still pretty blur at the moment..i dun-no why was like pouring rain EVERY SINGLE day!!it was like!
-[i dunno if what i'm talking now has anything to do wif my tittle!]'s been quite a few days since i last posted i think 'busy' is the rite term yeah..u noe there is like soo much h/w i have to face up to this afternoon i can't really say tomorrow cuz it's already 1am!there's kh project & sejarah..0.0..they seriously scare me..not really by the difficulties 'sometimes' but the massive AMOUNT that's given by the not really lah but sejarah is a biggg YES!Teacher loves us to much i
-U noe that most of the nicest things come in very small packages?like a homemade card by ur closes frens that's sweet rite?rite?u have to agree on that :D and nice things don't really have to b expensive or really really fancy..i have been thinkin i'm very lucky compare to some unfortunate kids..fortunate can b explain in many ways like lucky,privileges,successful and blessed.'dictionary' then there comes very VERY fortunate 1s that can b such brats..[yeah so all u fortunate kids who view my blog b very grateful..cuz u have been really blessed to b in such a wonderful family environment and such and such..]=DDDD
-i saw this handbag in tv that has a glove attached to u can just literally whack the person!!and just either carry it like a normal purse or wear it like a glove!and u can whack ppl wif it don't forget!!xDD

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

supp~weird post xD

heyy ppl..looks like i didn't hold my words..i'm!!
have u noticed that geniuses die so much FASTER than normal ppl?i bet u guys did lahh..and that some geniuses r very modest?i can name a few i 'think'
ok today i had no far i 'haven't' peng san from any subs yet..and hopefully i will NEVER fail a sub..that's my dream.:D
seriously dunno what to type i just anything that pops out in my brain k?
ice-creams make most THINGS better:D..cuz that day when my cousin was crying..we went to waffle world's lurppssss'..wafflesss..yeahhh..ok back to the SUB..then we drank ice-cream shakes i think then she stopped crying and she cheered up again..i still think ice-creams makes most things better though..:DDD
tomorrow is maths and moral..ahhhh..why do we even have moral exams i don't get it!!!moral is kinda like a common sense kinda thing rite?weelll i think so!!
ok i shall stop over here~gtg liao..byyyeeee peeps~!!!ciaooo~!!

Thursday, 21 February 2008


let's start..happy belated valentine's day every1!!
as the exams r coming next week..i shall disappear from the face of the internet 'world'..
and i shall b back!after a couple of weeks or less than that..yeah i so have to cram 4 the exams..sadly..unfortunately..but i really wanna get really really good grades so i HAVE to study..wish me luck ppl!ps good luck to every1 who r going through the exams or gonna begin the exams..;0

ahhhh..and this year seriously got a lot more hw than last there r 3 form 1 class now-alpha,beta,gamma..cuz there were too many of sooo gonna die in geo and sejarah..especially geo..i don't understand that subject..just don't understand it..i dunno why..i'm not focusing at my studies this year so i mati liao loh..

so i have to go now ppl~ciao~* good luck every1!!!and yeah this blog is badly i mean typed..xDD cya in a week and days time!!;0

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

for the past few days~ tummy is so bloated..just ate steamboat!!haha!and u didn't have any!!lol..jk jk!!
ok my stories~

last Sunday we had a party 4 tim 4 his 21 birthday..which was suppose to be on the Saturday but he couldn't get a flight from Aussie to M'sia..i was in Taiping on Saturday and came home on Sunday 4 my dad's side family advance gathering dinner..the food at the restaurant was ok i guess..but was 'extremely' expensive though..
when i was at the party i saw tim whose voice changed A LOT from what i last i heard from him..about 2-3 years ago?and i saw jon jon..both of them were like 'u grew so big already..'and i almost forgot that i used to kick tim's shin when i was about 9-10?lol..ah..good memories..xPP..both of them changed..0.o and so did the others..damm..maddy is soo gonna be taller than me in a a few months time..T.T..the girl is about at my eyes..some where at that hight..tall little person..=.=..haha..and at the last of the party we were entertained by videos of my cuzzies when they were lil'..awwww were they cute then..nick had such straight hair...xDD..tim's were so cute..and manda was so adorable playing wif alex's face..and now alex is taller than me..NOOOOO!!!!!!!

and the boys went to sunway lagoon without us on now they all r in taiping already expect jon i dunno where he went to..and i am in my house typing this my post?hope u r..=D

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

my views on..

lalalallalallalalal~ahhhhhhhhhhh~sceaming..ok now let's begin..
-on black cat..i think they r lucky and not unlucky lah..cuz our office used to had a black cat and nothing horrid happened to me when i was near it..not whatever junk junks falling on me or something..they r beautifull!!!they seem lucky to me..=D
-clouds..they r really cool actually..haha..they make such interesting patterns sometimes..very interesting..
-nike..i dunno why but i m suddenly attracted to nike since last year..when i see's!!!!!ahhh!!then money..nvm lah..studying is the most important thing in my life now..yeah
-homework..i noe it's 4 ur own good and stuff and stuff but goshh must it be like a pile of huge books that 'may' and 'might' look like a mountain?!?!this year so many H/ws 4 whatttt??that will only makes us student 'lalalala' niah...mayb some ppl can handle..ppl who have a strong mind and stuff..'s quite important now..without money u can't survive..actually u can but see my points..with money u can buy shelter,food,WATER,clothes,etc..but without money u can't really get much at we must study harder and achieve greatness!!!!..where did i get that
-bags..they r lifesavers!!without them,it will be a hard job..have to carry so many items that r sometimes very important to phone..communication!!water..survival!! buy stuffs!!
lol..ok..i noe i wrote a lot of..useless stuff but enjoyed it..enjoy reading..wait if u read this part it's like u finished the whole thing u enjoyed reading..xD..LOL!

Sunday, 20 January 2008


spare me...i'm not my hair is now a bit longer than pic..i don't really have the chinsese eyes a bit droopy..oh well..they function..and that's really good..=D


i have been tagged by...drums role.....jw!!!whoo~!
ok ok..
  1. link your tagger and post these rules
  2. list 8 random facts about yourself and tag 8 people
  3. add a black and white picture
8 random facts about me:
  1. i have brown hair
  2. i'm quite a random person
  3. i'm a dreamaholic my dreams r u noe dreams~;)
  4. i'm neither too super girly nor too tomboy..i'm righttt in that middle line there
  5. i lurve my family,cousins,my true frens,anddd..last but not least god
  6. some ppl always say my name chinese name wrong..T.T
  7. i wanna touch snow so badly!!if i don't get to doesn't really matter lah..i just wanna see the white fluffies..
  8. don't kill endangered animals fool!!i support fake furs..if it's between real and sad those animals have to die cuz we want their fur..T.T
i will put my black & white pic in another post..xD..anyways ...i tag Danielle Chun!!ahha!


i have been tagged by...drums role.....jw!!!whoo~!
ok ok..
  1. link your tagger and post these rules
  2. list 8 random facts about yourself and tag 8 people
  3. add a black and white picture
8 random facts about me:
  1. i have brown hair
  2. i'm quite a random person
  3. i'm a dreamaholic my dreams are you know dreams~;)
  4. i'm neither too super girly nor too tomboy..i'm righttt in that middle. i think.
  5. i lurve my family,cousins,my true frens,anddd..last but not least god
  6. some ppl always say my name chinese name wrong..T.T
  7. i wanna touch snow so badly!!if i don't get to doesn't really matter lah..i just wanna see the white fluffies..
  8. don't kill endangered animals fool!!i support fake furs..if it's between real and sad those animals have to die cuz we want their fur..T.T

jello ppl!!aussie!!

Hullo dearies!!!xD
ahahaha..there's a lot stuff going on in my life this few day..i think..
like..manda they all came on friday' they r my cousins if any1 is wondering'..and my name is..'drums roll'..chiayeeatron!!! transformers//click click//transformers//clicky click//
manda named me that..and she is mandatron..xP

ok skool stuff..
like why do all our young teachers keep leaving us..ahhhh..and leaving us wif "experience teacher"eh?it's not fun lahhh..and..p.e 4 like 40 mins?!?it's like wat?!?!all well..and other skool stuff is happening...just that i dunno and!!my geo sucks!!!i like..suck so bad st that sub..0.0..phantom of the opera book looks interesting..but did that case really happened?it's still a mystery..0.0

i would not be here writing my blog if i had done finish my homework..i would be outside having yeah it's kinda like detention at hommeee~0.0..i wanna goooo out!!!damn it!!they already left anyway...T.T..look at the time!i have to do my homework..ciao ppl!!don't miss me too much..;) "perasan" i sound high?'s a mystery..'i still dunno myself..i'm still picking the pieces of myself..i'm incomplete..' nice quote or what..?=D..die homeworks!!!die!!!!!ur skins shall have my writings on u!!!!;3

Saturday, 5 January 2008


Hey !!so long didn't type long have i didn't type?few weeks?a month or so..?
//curiosity killed the cat but the cat knew what happened b4 it died//
ok let's start what happened a few weeks or a month or so ago..
~i went to watch the movie the much killing..but when they did the dead body part was nice..war is meaningless..u just take a person's/ppl's life..and it's stupid and so idiotic..and u will have this unimaginable guilt inside of urself when u think again what u did..and i didn't kill any1 if any1 is the movie was interesting..and the japenese name guy look so cute when he said 'big brother is rite'
~and skool started..there's 2 sets=set 1 and set 2...set 1 is the better 1 in that subject and set 2 isn't..
~i watched national treasure's nice..the setting is nice..=D...LOL...type so little..sorry...