Wednesday, 19 December 2007


ok..i'm gonna write happened in my life 4 the past *few*
i abandoned my blog lazy to write..wait..type!xD
erm..dunno when saturday was kenny's wedding dinner..some ppl got much beer..then they want to teach me kena marah by they were only joking lah..we had it on top of restoren taiping lang!!xD whee~
ok now to my birthday~
i woke up in the morning..eyes can only a little we went to fetch jeanne to our house..
when we went back ate mcD~and watch a movie..then!!!jeanne went to help me wif my elmo blog..=D...THANK Q!!we played uno when we were playing got the 'bad' number..weird.. we watch some tv..then..*drums roll*
it became night!!!!time flies doesn't it..haih..
when it was night we ate alot of good fondoe..slurpp..lala wif wasabi..nice!!chicken..the chicken season until all bbq 1 the foods..thenn...sparkling juice!!!!but kena spray my self a bit..hehe..i went high on my birthday..the sugar rush i have been keeping kua..xDthen the cake was soo creamy..but it was ok..then until like 11 like that we fetch jeanne late fetch ppl back..xD
ps#i lurve my presents!!!!
thank q!!!!

Saturday, 8 December 2007

jewel in the palace

i have been watching the ending part of the series this few days..the front part dics dunno where where they went have saw the series last time but re-watch it's nice 4 me!so nice lar the snow//i wanna touch snow!!!!so beautiful..snowy snowy snowy!!!

the story is about a girl called 'jang geum' who kena kick out as a chef cuz of some reason and comes back as a doctor for some reasons again and marries wif a guy in the palace 'i forgot the guys name' in the end and has a daughter who is like her when she was a kid..hmm 'adorable,smart,curious' i think sad she lost her parents when she was still a kid the jang geum..

Monday, 3 December 2007


i officially suxx at coms//so pai seh//tsk tsk//
tried to fit a cbox and in the end..failed//
i only managed to make jw tak ada breath//i think//T.T
i so lao yea[how to spell liao ah?]//aiyooooooooo~~~~
today went to office//
went over there manage to break 2 plastic stars in the process//hehe//xP
then kena kick inside//lol!
the job iS-
a person cut the star shape then another person folds the plastic//
famous amos famous amos cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ooi..this makes me think of donuts//
always failed to buy a sad//
so many ppl line up lar//until see the line wanna walk away//

my first post//

waaaa//what should i write leh?!?
my first post..hmmm..
sorry if not interesting ah//xD
today i went to PD///
it was nice//
the water was clear..I
but i still prefer Redang sooo so so much more than PD though//bwahahaha//lol
we went to this restaurant..the food was good//
the fish was fresh cuz they just bought it yesterday =D
curry curry curry~~fish fish fishy~~
okie that's all i guess//xP
i shall be back!!bwahahha//