Sunday, 29 March 2009

short, brief and boring. xP

AHAHAHA. I haven't blogged for a really loongg time! =D

If your wondering what I was doing during the school holidays.. I was actually trying to catch up to the manga 'Gakuen Alice' which is also being made to an anime. =D Even though I think the manga is wayy better, nicer scenes mah. DID you know in the manga the characters kissed, but in the anime they didn't? They were trying to make it as erm.. child friendly as possible I think. Lol. Anyways, my favourite character is.. NATSUME! [ Like duh lah. Lol.] Btw, have you ever noticed they always make the genius and dumb one together? Lol.

Anyways, after I read finish Gakuen Alice, I decided to go after Ouran High School Host club. :D It's pretty good but the anime is better, isn't that boring lah. My favourite characters is.. Kaoru Hitachii! I think he's cool, I'm so touched for his sacrifice for his brother [ well, not really a sacrifice lah but still. lol.] Tamaki is actually is quite smart, has IQ but completely no EQ. :D

Anyway.. yesterday was..
in my school.. not fun at all. I participate but didn't win anything.. Lol. All I can say is, the new comers are really fit and have lots of stamina in them. But, I had fun. :D But! Yellow House won!!! Finally we overthrown Blue House.. unless they change it.. == AND St. John won the marching event! How awesome is that?! Anyways, everyone was awesome yesterday and hope everyone had fun! :DD

today, I woke up at 6.45am.. I changed in a pink top and LONG black pants. At 7.30am, I accompanied 3 adults [ my parents and uncle] to the cemetry [ kinda like a mini-forest? It was muddy and damp.] in Taiping. It was really jam. Lol. And I was bloody 'lucky'. Lol. While we were waiting for the guy to finish cutting the grass. My right leg felt itchy and i lifted my pants. Guess what I found? :)


Lol. Erm. I panicked when I saw it because it was my first time and I never expected leeches.. I was kinda expecting erm.. mosquitoes? Lol. I forgot how i reacted, but my mom or dad took the thing off and threw it on the floor. Lol. Then I got another one on my right leg.. Lol. Then I went really paranoid and lifted my pants any time I could. Lol. [I'm a sissy. Lol.]

After an hour or so..
We were done and decided to go eat the famous keoy teow soup. While we were waiting.. I felt something cold and slimy on my right leg.. Lol. And yes I did freak out. Lol.
Me: Mommy.. my leg...
mom: Lift your pants.
Wheee! Another leeche! Lol. Then my mom tore the blood sucker off and tried to burn it but it wouldn't die. Lol. So my uncle.. erm.. stepped on it.. Yeah.. AND apparently I was the only one who got bitten by leeches.. no one else got and they said I represented them. Lol.

I'm just glad it doesn't hurt when they bite. =p